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12Ltr Deluxe Mop Bucket Review

12Ltr Deluxe Mop Bucket Review

12Ltr Deluxe Mop Bucket Review

Keeping your home or business premises clean is not a simple task. It’s a routine chore that needs to be carried out to maintain optimal health standards on the property, and protect the various surfaces and structures from deterioration. Getting the right cleaning tools will make the task easier. When it comes to the mop buckets, these are used for the daily cleaning all through to those surprise messes that are formed and require spot treatments. When getting one for your cleaning needs, different factors care considered. First is its construction. Does it have a wringer or will you have to squeeze out the water with your hands? Wringing out the mops with your hands can be messy- no one really looks forward to all that dirty mop water going through their fingers. It’s also a health hazard, given that the water will contain a wide range of pathogens and contaminants. Then there is the bucket itself. Here, focus is on the body- is it metal or plastic? For the plastic, they are more economical, and feature a lightweight build that makes hauling them around the building to take less effort. In addition, the chemical resistant nature of the plastic means that you won’t have to worry about rust. In fact, you can use them with a vast range of chemical reagents for the mopping process. When it comes to the metal wringers, these are durable and can clock longer lifespans. However, issues like susceptibility to corrosion factor in, especially due to reaction with the chemicals used during mopping. 

Capacity also weighs in. This depends largely on the amount of surface that is intended to be handled, and how fast the water in the bucket will get dirty before it needs to be changed. The larger the capacity of the mop bucket, the more the soapy water that can be used, diluting the dirt and grime. This makes larger capacity buckets ideal for the areas that handle high levels of foot traffic, since there will be more dirt, contaminants and messes to deal with. That way the cleaner can be able to work on a larger surface area before requiring a water change. On the other hand, for the smaller establishments, hauling around a bucket that is too large will be an unnecessary inconvenience- especially when there is less distance that needs to be travelled between the water sources. When it comes to colour coding, this looks at the set of equipment available, and categorises them to specific cleaning areas based on their colour. If you have such a cleaning system in place, will the bucket in question be compatible with it? Here’s a look at the 12Ltr Deluxe Mop Bucket, renowned for its quality and effectiveness in the mopping process.

Benefits Of The 12Ltr Deluxe Mop Bucket


  • Designed for efficiency


This unit features a raised cone wringer. Press out the excess water from the wet mop, that way the floor won’t end up being oversaturated with the cleaning solution, or becoming slippery. Keeping the excess water from the floor enables you to ensure that the environment is safe for your guests at home, or the customers and employees in your business premises. It’s also handy for cutting down the drying time of the surface that you’re working on.  The pouring lip of the 12Ltr Deluxe Mop Bucket comes in when getting rid of the contents of the bucket, preventing you from pouring them all over and making a mess. 

The 12Ltr Deluxe Mop Bucket is compatible with a wide range of mops, from socket mops, the RHP units with their high absorbency, the Optima 200-300g, plus all white mops.  The fixed handle makes it easy for you to lift and carry it as you move from one section to another. 


  • Accurately prepare your mopping solutions


Different floors come with their unique cleaning requirements. The chemical formulations used for the processes differ, and some will come concentrated. These will have their specific dilution ratios to follow. With the dilution markings on the 12Ltr Deluxe Mop Bucket, you get to ensure that you have properly prepared the solution that you intended to use, and proceed working on the floor space. 


  • Durable construction


This unit is built to last. It can be used with the wide range of disinfectants, cleaning agents, stain removers and other chemicals used during the mopping process. The durability of the 12Ltr Deluxe Mop Bucket allows it to last for multiple cleaning sessions, enabling you to avoid the costs that would have been incurred in making replacements. 

12Ltr Deluxe Mop Bucket Review

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