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Wood Floor Polish – Water Based Sealants

Wood Floor Polish – Water Based Sealants

Wood Floor Polish – Water Based Sealants

Wood floors never go out of fashion, a quality wood floor can look beautiful for many years. It is for this reason that wood floors are very popular so it is little wonder that people are searching the internet for floor care products and particularly wood floor polishes. Even if the wood floors are coming ready sealed from the factory, the seal will not last forever and sooner or later the floor will have to be polished. The varnish will eventually lose its natural shine due to continuous washing and wear. In most cases there is no need to re sand the whole floor to restore the natural look of your floor. A deep clean and special wood floor polish will do the trick in most cases.


What is a wood floor polish?

A wood floor polish is a protective coat over your existing floor. When you apply one coat of wood floor polish you will waterproof the floor and you will cover the existing floor finish with another coat of wood protector. This protective coat can be glossy or matte, the preferred finish is up to the customer. After the floor is sealed with a quality wood floor polish, it will be clean and have a shiny “wet” look. Spillages, moisture, foods etc. will not attach to the floor but instead these things which could potentially stain your wood floors will stay on the polish and the wood will not be affected. The quality of the wood floor polish can vary from brand to brand and country to country. A good wood floor polish should protect your floors for at least two years but the length of protection largely depends on traffic and polish quality.


How do I pick the right wood floor polish?

There are loads of wood floor polish brands on the market, when you plan to polish your wood floors you should not buy cheap stuff. A good wood floor polish will provide better quality and longer lasting results than a cheaper version. You can buy 1 litre of Tover Lux Wood Floor Polish for only 15€. 1 litre of Tover Lux W marood Floor Polish should be enough to apply 2 coats of wood floor polish on 50 square metres of floor. For only 15€ you can have beautiful fully protected wood floors. A wood floor polish is not as tough as a floor varnish but a quality wood floor polish can extend the life of your floor finish. The polish will go over the existing floor varnish and it will take all the traffic without your floor being damaged at all. Once in a while depending on traffic, you can strip off the old polish and apply a new coat. Job done and your floors will look beautiful.


Tover Lux Wood Floor Polish is an Italian wood floor polish that has been used with success for the last 120 years in Italy. Did ever wonder how Italians get those beautiful shiny floors in their fancy villas? They use Tover Lux Wood Floor Polish. This superb wood floor polish comes in satin only and responds very well to burnishing.

Another high quality wood floor polish sold by is Bona Wood Floor Polish. You can buy matte finish or gloss finish. Bona Wood Floor Polish is one of the most widely used wood floor polish in America and Canada.  Very popular in Europe as well and many Irish domestic and commercial customers are starting to enjoy its full protection. Bona Wood Floor Polish is a water based varnish that is guaranteed to create no fumes and to dry in less than 2 hours. Suitable to use on domestic and high traffic commercial floors. Bona Wood Floor Polish has become very popular in Ireland because it is very easy to use and it requires no specific training. People don’t have to pay mad money to floor cleaning companies to get their floors done. Bona Wood Floor Polish will finish your floor in a nice even coat without streaks.

There you are. Two of the most durable and beautiful wood floor polishes available. You don’t have to pay a fortune to have beautiful floors. Even better, if you need any advice about these two wood floor polishes there is a team of professionals in Cleanfast waiting for your call. We want you to know how to do it right from the first operation.


How do I apply my wood floor polish?

Tover Lux Wood Floor Polish and Bona Wood Floor Polish are two of the most widely used wood floor polishes in Ireland because they are easy to apply and are guaranteed to dry fast and streak free. You can apply the polish with a flat microfiber mop or a special polish applicator. Apply one thin coat of wood floor polish and allow time to dry. It should be fully dry within 2 hours but it all depends on ventilation and weather. Apply a second coat of wood floor polish and allow to dry another 2 hours before walking on it. The polish will attach to the floor and it will create that beautiful natural shine without looking artificial. There are other types of universal floor polishes that can be used on floors, but you will end up with clinical looking floors. Shiny as a mirror.


If you are too busy to drop around our office please order online and we will have it delivered to your home within 24 hours if you live in Co Dublin.

Wood Floor Polish – Water Based Sealants

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