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Winwash Cover 45 Cm

Winwash Cover 45 Cm

Winwash Cover 45 Cm

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-premium quality winwash cover recommended for commercial

-made from very absorbent and durable microfiber component

-it will fit all t-bar winwashes from all brands and all materials

-this professional winwash cover can be machine washed

-outstanding quality, outstanding durability & affordable costs

Winwash Cover 45 cm

When it comes to giving your dirty windows the ultimate clean, you want a product that doesn’t disappoint. Getting rid of the dust coating the surface is vital. Those microscopic allergens that are on the glass, germs and pollutants affecting your living and working conditions- they all need to be eliminated. While doing it, you don’t want it to be an arduous chore- one that keeps you spending hours on the windows while barely getting that sparkling and clear glass that you desire. Conventional methods, like using towels, wipes and sponges, can make the task take longer than you had anticipated. Issues range from the dirt being redeposited on the already cleaned areas as you wipe over them, time loss as you keep rising and wringing the towels and cloths during the process, all through to the particles that are left behind simply because the material swiped over them and couldn’t pick them up. Reduce your workload and enhance your efficacy by using the Winwash Cover 45 cm.

Reasons To Invest In The Winwash Cover 45 cm

  • Enhanced cleaning power

The sleeve brings on board the numerous benefits of microfiber cleaning. First, it easily picks up the dirt from the surfaces, including those microscopic allergens and pollutants that would have been left behind by conventional cleaning materials. This is attributed to Van der Waals forces. These are the physical forces that are a result of adsorption, where numerous electrostatic forces create an attraction which holds two surfaces together- the same effect that enables geckos to run around upside-down on the ceiling without falling off. There are millions of tiny threads in the Winwash Cover 45 cm which create attraction to those dust and dirt particles on the surface being cleaned, sucking them right up on contact, lodging them in the material. This also means that you won’t have to worry about the particles getting redeposited onto the next surface to be cleaned. The Winwash Cover 45 cm holds them firmly within its structure- and it has a high retention capacity, holding up to 6 times its own weight.

  • Machine washable

After the cleaning, the dirt particles are still in the sleeves. How do you get them out to prepare the Winwash Cover 45 cm for the next cleaning session? Washing them. They have been designed to be machine washable for up to a whopping 500 times, which is further testament to the high durability of the material. This gives you more usage out of every sleeve, cutting down on your establishment’s cleaning and maintenance costs. Note that you shouldn’t use bleach when washing the Winwash Cover 45 cm sleeves since it will cause the microfiber to deteriorate and reduce its life. Also avoid using fabric softener as it will cause the open spaces between the tiny fibres to clog up, hampering its effectiveness.

The Winwash Cover 45 cm also has welcome news for your wallet. As we’ve already seen, each sleeve will serve you for long. In addition to this, the Winwash Cover 45 cm packages have been affordably priced, bringing you savings right off the bat. With a pack of 10 sleeves, each unit purchase allows you to have the cleaning supplies you need while making you more savings in the long run. Check out our professional range of window cleaning t-bars, window cleaning scrapers, window cleaning detergent & other types of window cleaning stuff

Winwash Cover 45 cm