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Window Cleaning Microfiber Cloth 40 cm x 40 cm – Blue

Window Cleaning Microfiber Cloth 40 cm x 40 cm – Blue

Window Cleaning Microfiber Cloth 40 cm x 40 cm Blue

Windows, being the eyes into the building, will have a huge impact on the curb appeal of the premises. For business establishments, you want your windows to be sparkling, to portray a professional image to the customers who are coming over seeking your products and services. You also want to be able to enjoy the views out of the property, and let the maximum possible amount of light in. The dirt and grime that is coating the glass panes come in the way of this, casting shadows into the interior space. At home, you want to have elegant windows that brighten up the interior space, that way you can have a conducive environment to relax in. No one likes drawing the curtains in the morning and be greeted by smudges on the windows. Over time, dust and builds up on the glass, forming coats that reduce the amount of light getting into the rooms. Window cleaning is part of the routine building care and maintenance program. When left unattended, the grime will build up, reducing visibility, and even affecting the energy efficiency of the building. After all, when you find yourself being forced to rely on artificial lightened even in the middle of the day because of the gunk that is on the windows blocking out the natural sunlight, your energy bill ends up rising. What’s more, the dirt that piles up on the windows affects the flow of heat through them, which also affects the costs that are attributed to running the air conditioning system. Caring for your windows is vital to protect their structural integrity, and for this you want to ensure that you have the right tools in your arsenal. From home to business owners, working with quality window cleaning tools will enable you to protect your installation. For cleaning contractors, the very survival of their business is on the line, hence then need for quality gear to enhance operational efficiency. That’s where units like the Window Microfiber Wipe come in. 

The type of cloths used when cleaning windows is a key determinant in the effectiveness of the results. For instance, reaching for the paper towels is a sure way to make a mess. They are not suited for working on glass, due to the tiny paper fibres that will leave residue all over the surface. You don’t want to spend all that time working on your windows, only to end up with a mess of lint that ruins the quality of the results. Conventional rags that leave streaks, cotton cloths that lead to lots of water and chemical products being required to complement them to carry out a thorough clean- they each have their demerits. Optimise the process by turning to the Window Microfiber Wipe. Here is a review of what this product brings on board. 


Benefits Of The Window Microfiber Wipe


  • Highly absorbent


The material is made up of numerous tiny and really fine microfibers- with each being magnitudes of times smaller than the width of a strand of human hair. The microfibres themselves come with an asterisk-like structure. These further increase the surface area of the material, allowing it to soak up loads of water- even up to six times its own weight. What’s more, the Window Microfiber Wipe is not limited to liquids. It can pick up different particles, including dust and grease, and even germs. This unit will get rid of the grease that is on the glass surfaces, and those stubborn stains that are ruining its appeal.  The super absorbent nature of the Window Microfiber Wipe also ensures that there are no marks left on the window. The cloth acts like a magnet, pulling the particles into its structure. Dirt, debris, fingerprint marks- they are got rid of with the Window Microfiber Wipe, leaving behind a streak-free shine on the surfaces. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about spreading the dirt on the surfaces. It is trapped within the material, until when the cloth will be washed later on. This increases the efficiency of the task. When you’re done wiping the surfaces, simply rinse the cloth, wring it out, and hang it up to dry.  


  • Quick cleaning


With the Window Microfiber Wipe, the amount of time and resources that go into the cleaning process is reduced. For starters, you can use it without requiring any detergents. The cloth itself is powerful enough to remove the particles from the glass surfaces without additional solutions being incorporated into the process. Simply take it out and wipe the windows and mirrors clean. In fact, usually the only liquid that people use with the cloths is water. 


  • Versatile product


The Window Microfiber Wipe is not just limited to windows and mirrors. You can use it on other surfaces around the home or business premises that require a soft cloth for the cleaning. This ranges from chrome fixtures to vitroceramic hobs. It will remove the dirt and residue that is on these surfaces, restoring their sparkle. 


  • Super soft


When cleaning glass surface, smoothness of the product being used is critical. You don’t want scratches appearing all over your living room’s windows or bathroom mirrors. For cleaning contractors, you don’t want your domestic or commercial clients complaining of scratch marks that are left behind on their windows- that’ll cost you heftily. The Window Microfiber Wipe comes with a silky soft nature, that enables it to be effectively used for cleaning the surfaces without posing a risk to the glass itself. 


  • Machine washable 


The Window Microfiber Wipes can be laundered by machine- further reducing your workload. Simply toss them into the washing machine, where the highly durable nature of the material allows it to withstand temperatures as high as 90°C. This unit can withstand up to 300 washing cycles. Note that when washing the microfibre clothes, you shouldn’t use bleach or fabric softeners. 


  • Saves you money


Due to the reduced amount of cleaning products that are required, you get to make more savings in the long run. This, coupled with the affordable price of the Window Microfiber Wipe and the durability of the units where each gets to serve you for long, is beneficial to your establishment’s cleaning and maintenance budget. Every polybag comes with 5 of the Window Microfiber Wipes, and there are 200 units in each carton. You can also opt for the larger cartons that have 400 of the cloths. That way, you can purchase the amount that suits your particular cleaning needs. 

Window Cleaning Microfiber Cloth 40 cm x 40 cm Blue

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