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Window Cleaning Done Professionally

Window Cleaning Done Professionally

Get Your Windows Cleaned Professionally

Windows are literally the thinnest point between the interior and exterior of the building. While they are crucial for letting air and ventilation into the building, also allowing you to enjoy the views of the outdoors, they are constantly exposed to the elements. They also build up loads of dirt and grime that can lead to various effects on the glass. From the dust that gathers on the surface, gunk from insects and bird waste on the sills, the oxidation effect from the metal

frames, spots from acid rain, all through to issues like mortar particles getting stuck to the surface during construction work, and minerals in the concrete slowly leaching out onto the glass. Speaking of rain, in case you have screens, then it’s common for the gunk that has accumulated on them getting deposited onto the windows during heavy downpours. With all this dirt piling up, you want to ensure that your elegant window is protected. Whether you have the top-hinged awning windows that you open by tilting out the window from the bottom, casement windows that have one large sash that is operated by a lever or similar mechanism and swings out like a door, slider windows that move horizontally using bearings, single or double hung windows that are common in residential establishments and operate by moving one or both of the sashes respectively, skylights whose main role is to let light into the interior space, gable windows, jalousie and louvered windows or even the large picture windows that enable you to get the most out of that sprawling view outside your property, bow or bay windows that project out of the building and even give you a larger interior space, to specialised glass installations ranging from low-E glass to increase the energy efficiency of the building by regulating heat flow through it, to the impact resistance glass that can handle the stresses and strains that are witnessed when Mother Nature goes on the rampage with extreme conditions, window cleaning Dublin services will enable you to bring back the glamour to your installation.

Getting rid of the dirt and grime on your windows is not just about blasting them down with a jet of water from your garden hose. In fact, that can end up with messy results and hard water spots forming on the glass. Those cleaning chemicals used on the rest of the surfaces in the home, such as detergents and foamy solutions, can cause all sorts of trouble when used on the window, ranging from leaving behind residue films that attract dirt- thus the window gets resoiled faster, to corroding the frames and sills, plus the protective coating that’s a common feature in modern glass installations. For instance, an ammonia-based cleaner can damage leaded or stained glass, clouding up the windows and the only way to reverse that is simply pulling own the affected glass panes and replacing them. Going for power tools such as the pressure washer that you use while working on the walls of the building, patios, all out the driveway, and directing the same forces onto the window can result in breakages and huge losses. Safety concerns also factor in especially when working on the hard-to-reach windows. Climbing up and down a ladder, while carrying the cleaning supplies is a tricky job by itself. On top of that, you will be stretching out to work on the different parts of the window including the edges and tight corners, which increases your chances of losing balance. Falling cases are common with the DIY cleaning projects, with effects ranging from sprains to limb fractures. The items that you had carried up with your- the bucket, brushes squeegees and the like, also come crashing down onto your landscaping. In case you had delicate potted plants of flowers, they can end up being damaged. You go through all this while still risking winding up with results that are below par. Don’t strain yourself. Call in the professional Dublin window cleaners and get things done right each time.

Benefits Of Expert Dublin Window Cleaners

  1.  Pure water systems

Our window cleaning Dublin team uses laboratory-grade pure water when working on the windows. This is water that has been taken through various stages of filtration, from reverse osmosis all through to deionisation, to get rid of all the traces of solids and mineral elements in it. This is crucial for two reasons. Firstly, the water will want to revert to its natural impure state. This increases its cleaning efficacy as it washes down the glass, since it will go absorbing the

soiling and organic matter on it with ease. Hence, the windows get cleaned more thoroughly and faster. Secondly, impurities in the water are responsible for leaving behind spots on the window after it has been cleaned. These hard water spots are the result of the water evaporating and causing the sediments from the mineral salts to form on the glass surface. An intricate water fed pole system is used for the process. Pressurised water is forced up the telescopic

poles and sprayed onto the window in jets. The poles have brushes on their heads, which are used to scrub the window and agitate the soiling. The brushes themselves have unique features that enhance the efficacy of the process. They

are soft-bristled, meaning that you won’t have to worry about them scratching the glass. In addition, they don’t absorb the water or trap soiling in the fibres, meaning that it is all washed down. This system also removes the issue of streaks and smears that are left behind when detergents and soapy solutions are used. There is also no residue to act as a dirt magnet, meaning your windows get to remain cleaner for longer. The dirt and grime is washed off, with the temperature of the water even being raised when needed to tackle stubborn areas. The power and water used for the window cleaning Dublin processes are delivered in our truck-mounted systems, hence our crew has all it

needs for the job. This also enhances mobility, allowing them to access establishments in different localities and terrain conditions. After the rinsing, the pure water used is left to dry naturally. Using the water feed poles is also beneficial for the safety of our personnel, since they can reach the windows of the upper floors and other tricky areas in the establishment without having to leave the ground. This removes the risk of falls, plus damage to your property that would have been caused by ladders.

  1.  We aim to please

You want to get satisfied with the entire process, from the customer service to the final results on the windows. By turning to our window cleaning company, you’ll be getting a team that has both the required training to carry out the task, and the experience needed to ensure that they deliver quality and timely results. Having attended to both residential and commercial clients over the years, our Dublin window cleaners have worked on diverse types of installation, and know the precise measures to take your particular needs. What’s more, with a sharp eye for detail, they will notice issues in the building that pose a risk to the window, like malfunctioning seals, poor gaskets that lead to air leakage and condensation, wrongful placement of the window within the exterior wall that results in condensation on the metal frames because of thermal bridging, and even failure of structural elements that could lead to fogging of the insulated glass units, and breakages, allowing you to be able to have them fixed early enough to avoid calamities in future. The window cleaning Dublin personnel will arrive at your premises in the stipulated time, which means that you will be able to plan your day without fearing hitches cropping up. They will take care of the task expeditiously, minimising the disruption to your premises too.

  1.  You get to free yourself

After a busy week at the workplace, you want your free time filled with merry and cheer. Intense chores like window cleaning that end up taking hours plus lots of energy will prevent that from being a reality. That’s not how you want things to play out. There are plenty of things to do over the weekend, or on those days off from work- from engaging in physical fitness activities, like swimming, aerobics, brisk walking, practicing yoga, or trying out that new dance style

that’s all the rage in town, or even playing some sports with your neighbours, walking your dog, visiting the great outdoors for a picnic, leisure walk that allows you to connect with nature, going for a date whether it’s to your friends or family, or on a road trip with your buddies from work, checking out the new movie that has been advertised all over, taking free online classes in music, web development, entrepreneurship, business, data science, language and

arts to prop up your skills and resumé, locating your garage tools and arranging them so that you’ll be able to find items in future easily when the need arises, touring a brewery, winery or distillery, enjoying brain teasers, going on a date to bond with your partner, visiting a second hand mart and seeing whether you can score some good deals at reasonable prices, or even taking yourself for a treat to take the edge off after a hectic time at work or reward yourself for a recent accomplishment, all through to going shopping to restock your pantry, pulling out the weeds from your garden, checking out your pet’s shelter and finding out if it has actually been comfortable for the animal, visiting a charity in your neighbourhood and donating some clothing or do some volunteering, reading a book that can enable you identify ways of improving your career, or even doing some writing in case you have a blog or are working on a novel, learning a new skill whether it’s soap making or coming up with a perfume, picking up a new sport, or even learning a new recipe that you will surprise your significant other with on date night. You don’t want time that should have been spend rejuvenating and improving on your personal well being spent scrubbing at grime on the windows- especially since there are high chances of winding up with unsatisfactory results due to the unavailability of specialised window cleaning equipment plus the skills to operate it. Even in commercial establishments, you want your employees to focus

on the roles that they are qualified at. Taking them away from their workstations and positioning them outside the window with a bucket and squeegee in hand affects their productivity. The operations in your business slow down,

preventing adequate service delivery to the clients who have sought you out. There are also the risks that come when the staff are working on those high rise windows. You don’t want the inconveniences that come with sick days, or

lawsuits from injuries obtained. Let our professional Dublin window cleaners take care of the task for you, and leave your employees free to handle their core mandate in your business.

  1.  Covered for your protection

Our window cleaning Dublin team put in place stringent safety controls to protect both your property and themselves from any unfavourable incidents. However, in case of any accident, you’re still protected from liabilities. Our personnel and equipment, plus your property, are fully insured, providing comprehensive coverage in case anything is damaged in your establishment. This goes to further showcase the level of professionalism being employed in our service delivery.

  1.  Affordable services

In this day and age, every penny counts. You want to be able to get a quality job done without having to punch a hole through your wallet. Our affordable window cleaning services make that possible. Different issues are considered, like how many windows your establishment has, their type, size and height, as this determines the kind of equipment that is to be employed for the process, how dirty the glass panes are, what is the access to the windows like, screen and sill cleaning, and even cases where there are mineral deposits and stubborn stains to remove. This ensures that the final cost is unique to your particular situation, allowing you to make savings.

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