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Window Cleaning – Domestic Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning – Domestic Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning – Domestic Window Cleaning

– Commercial Window Cleaning

You want well-planned, fast, and effective services. The dirt should be got off the windows without creating a fracas in your business premises, affecting normal operations. Confusion and injuries are not things you want in the middle of a busy day at work. The traffic flow of your customers, plus the safety of your employees and other persons on your business premises should be factored into the cleaning process. By hiring professionals for the task, you get to ensure that things run smoothly. Our personnel come fully equipped to take care of your commercial window cleaning needs. They will arrive at your business premises on schedule, and stick to the timeframe required. Safety measures are also put in place as the cleaning is carried out, to protect the persons on the premises. In addition, our services are insured, and we invest heavily in quality machinery to ensure that you get the quality results that you expect, enhancing the image of your commercial establishment.

– Domestic Window Cleaning

Regardless of the types of windows in your establishment, from bay windows which project from the building and are often include side windows which can be opened to increase airflow, slider windows that can also be used on basements and whose simplicity make them one of the least expensive types of windows, double hung windows where both sashes are opened about halfway through, and air gets in through the opening above and below each sash, plus the single-hung windows where only the bottom sash can be opened, and even awnings which are typically installed above other stationery windows to increase ventilation, to the side-hinged casement windows that let in ample light without it being interrupted by muntin bars, picture windows which take this a notch higher by occupying large portion of the wall- though they can’t open, and even the jalousie windows with their enhanced privacy, our domestic window cleaning crew will give them a thorough wash.

– Reach & Wash Window Cleaning

This approach has various benefits to the window cleaning process. Firstly, the pure water used is an aggressive cleaning agent. This is because the purification processes that it has been taken through, including reverse osmosis and deionisation, make it highly unstable, and in order to revert to its natural state, it will actively absorb the dirt on the surfaces it passes over- which in this case are the windows. Secondly, this water does not get contaminated before being used on the windows- unlike the traditional methods where the solutions in the buckets get soiled by the tools being regularly dipped in them. The constant supply of fresh and pure water onto the window optimises the process. Then there are the health and safety benefits. By removing the need for ladders, the risks of working at heights are done away with. Our personnel get to work on more windows within a shorter time frame, without risking sprains and broken limbs by falls from ladders. The property is also protected, since ladders are notorious for damaging gutters, and digging holes in the landscaping. Moreover, this is an eco-friendly cleaning process, especially due to the reduced reliance on chemicals for the process.

Window Cleaning – Domestic Window Cleaning

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