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Unger’s Liquid 1L

Unger’s Liquid 1L
Using Unger’s Liquid To Give Your Windows A Quality Clean

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Windows are an essential piece of any building, and it`s vital to take proper care of them to ensure their longevity. However, just like every other structure, they build up dirt and grime over time. For starters, they are constantly exposed to the elements, so aspects like acid rain factor in. Then there are airborne contaminants, ranging from dust to pollutants like vehicle exhaust for the residential or commercial establishments located near busy roads. These contribute to the grime accumulating on the glass. Perhaps you hosed it down with water from the mains supply. This waster typically has dissolved minerals salts in it, and when it evaporates from the glass the salts are left on the window, creating hard water spots. Add this to steam and grease, be it on the interior sides of the kitchen window, or those that are close to where you were holding your backyard barbeque. The aerosolised particles from the cooking can wind up on the windows, contributing to the grime. Paw prints from your furry friend, those instances when dogs press their noses up against the windows to stare outside and transfer slobber onto the glass, fingerprint marks from the kids, the muck left behind by insects that were straddling across the glass panes- they all make the window unsightly and take away its appeal. These are not the conditions you want to live in or work in. A thorough cleaning is needed to restore the window to their elegance. That’s right up the alley of the Unger’s Liquid.

Streak- and grime-free windows offer you a lovely way to enjoy the views of outdoors, as well as provide an uninterrupted path for the suns light and warmth to enter into your interior space. As such, you end up spending less on your electricity bills, by making savings like relying on natural sunlight during the day, and toning down on the intensity with which you run your heating and air conditioning system. Sparkling windows also enhance the curb appeal of your premises. Whether you are looking to spruce up your home to increase its comfort, show off to the neighbours, preparing to host guests, or looking to impress customers coming to your business premises- giving the windows a thorough clean will enable you to brighten up the establishment. For this, you want a product that has been formulated to specifically work on windows without posing a risk to their structural integrity. Turn to the Unger’s Liquid.

What You Get From The Unger’s Liquid

1. Superior window cleaning power
The Unger’s Liquid lifts the dirt that’s adhered to windows, enabling it to be cleaned off with your squeegee. From the car exhaust, everyday dust, insect waste, streaks and smears- they are all got rid of with ease. Simply apply to the window, agitate, and wipe off the surface. The fast acting nature of the formulation ensures that you won`t be forced to spend hours labouring on the task. Soiling that has been building up for weeks, the greasy films that prevent one from looking through the window- the Unger’s Liquid removes them from the glass panes, restoring that sparkle to your installation. The smooth working also eases the glide of the squeegee as you move it across the glass surface. It has the slip needed to prevent cases like blade marks forming.

2. Concentrated liquid
Each Unger’s Liquid unit gets to take you for the long haul. It`s a concentrated product, and only minimal quantities are required for each window cleaning session. With a dilution ratio of 1:100, you get to work on more windows with every litre of Unger’s Liquid, cutting down your overall costs in the long run. What is more, you are assured of the quality of the formulation since Unger is a trusted brand, having been providing products for professional window cleaning for well over half a century now. You don`t get to survive and thrive for that long in such a competitive industry unless you are actually good at what you do, and are able to meet consumer demands. The support they have garnered spans across the globe, due to the company innovative solutions for diverse window cleaning situations. By opting for this unit, you will be joining homes and businesses from different countries that have been relying on Unger to meet their window cleaning needs.

3. Fast application
Using the Unger’s Liquid is a breeze. Simply add it to water and apply it onto the window. Some scrubbing can be carried out for the areas with stubborn soiling, in which case you should ensure that the brush used has soft bristles, or a washer scrubber that has been designed for use on windows. Then, using a squeegee, wipe of the contents from the window.

4. Safe to use
As you clean the windows, you don`t want to be exposed to toxic agents. With the Unger’s Liquid, you can go about the window cleaning task with the peace of mind that you and the persons on the premises are safe. There are no fumes generated, and it is also a skin-friendly product, that way you won`t end up with issues like irritation or rashes.

5. Eco-friendly
The push to protect Mother Nature cuts across the board, from the lifestyle choices we make, modes of transport we use, all through to cleaning operations in your establishment. Unger’s Liquid fits right into this scheme. It is a biodegradable product, that poses no risk to the environment around you. As such, you get to carry out the cleaning of your windows effectively, and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time. For business establishments, employing green products and systems goes to further bolster your efforts of embracing an eco-conscious culture in your operations, which no doubt appeals to a wider customer base.

6. Cost-effective
The 1L Unger’s Liquid retails at an affordable price, allowing you to meet the cleaning and maintenance needs of your home or business premises without distorting your finances. You can get it in bulk, as it’s also sold in pallets, which is beneficial if you’re a commercial establishment with heavy demand for window care, or you are a professional window cleaning company serving multiple clients on a daily basis.

Unger`s Liquid

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