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Unger Window Cleaning Equipment

Unger Window Cleaning Equipment

Unger Window Cleaning Equipment


Get Sparkling Windows With Unger Quick Cleaning Systems

Just like any other surfaces of the residential or commercial establishment, windows accumulate dirt over time. The rate increases since they are constantly exposed to the environment outside. Take dust for instance. It gradually forms layers on the glass surface, affecting issues like how much light gets into the interior space, the energy efficiency of the window, all through to whether or not you can be able to look out and enjoy the elegant view outside your property. Is the building located near a busy street? Then there’s the exhaust fumes from vehicles wheezing by to consider. The particles end up on the windows, which also occurs when there are persons smoking cigarettes on the premises. You don’t want your living or working space being dampened by soiled windows. With Unger glass squeegees such as the ErgoTec® Ninja Squeegee, that enables superb pressure distribution due to the Lightweight and stable Extrude Aircraft Aluminium T6 channel construction, and a flexible rubber positioning, you will be able to ensure you get a thorough wash and get to have a clear, unobstructed view of the outdoors.


Pets- and kids too- enjoy pressing their faces against the window. Perhaps it’s as they are playing, or they simply hear footsteps approach the door from outside and rush to check whether it’s you returning home from work. However, it results in grime being left behind on the window. Take those cute faces for instance. As the noses, and at times mouths, are pressed against the window, mucous and saliva is transferred to the surface. This is in turn a dirt magnet, resulting in more dust particles being trapped by the surface. When it comes to the hands and paws, gunk that is on the palms of the kids’ hands or on the fur of your pet’s paws also winds up on the windows. This can range from soiling picked up outside as they were playing, to oils and other natural body secretions. There are also those kids that decide to display their artistic skills by drawling all over the window with marker pens. This can be frustrating, and is also the case with ruffians leaving graffiti on the windows of your business premises. Getting these drawings removed is vital to bring back the beauty to your window installation. The jets of water delivered by the Unger nLite HiMod kits, coupled with the scrubbing action with the nLite Brushes, you will be able to tackle this soiling and restore the sparkle to your windows.

Birds and insects have a renowned notoriety when it comes to dirtying windows. From the creepy crawlers that leave behind streaks of body waste on the window, to the occasional bird resting on the sill mid-flight, they can deposit faecal residue. These spots are hard to miss. In fact, they’ll be screaming for the attention of anyone simply glancing at the windows. The accumulation of this dirt and grime, including debris, puts the functionality of the window at risk. Aspects like its smooth closing and opening are affected. Then there are those cases in commercial establishments where advertisements and other posters are glued to the windows. When times comes to remove them, the adhesive used, plus bits and pieces of paper, stubbornly adhere to the glass and refuse to come off. This also occurs at home with events like throwing a birthday party for your kids, or celebrating an anniversary, where stickers and labels are put up on the windows. Those patches of paper left certainly can’t be allowed to remain on the windows. These need more than just water, and can be scraped off using Unger window cleaning equipment like the ErgoTec® Ninja Scraper System, with its adjustable 0-30and dual-sided, rust-resistant blades, or the compact Unger ProTrim 10 that easily fits into the pocket.

Windows are also affected by steam and grease. These are the likes of kitchen windows, and those which facing the backyard where you’re hosting a barbeque grill. The splatters and aerosolised particles can end up on the glass windows, soiling them further.

When it rains, things quickly deteriorate. On the surface, it appears that this shouldn’t be the case. After all, shouldn’t rain water clean the windows as it rolls down the glass? The reality on the ground is that the rain actually contributes to the window becoming drabby. How? It disturbs the layers of dust and grime that are on the glass surface. Initially they are smooth coats that simply dull the windows, but as the rain drops cascade down the glass, they form paths on the layers, making the windows unsightly. Then there’s the soiling that is picked up as the rain water goes down the walls and ends up on the windows. Consequently, after some showers or a heavy storm, the windows can end up appearing dirtier than they were before the rain came pouring down. Sometimes the rain itself is acidic- especially for urban areas and buildings that are located close to industrial zones. The acid rain may have even been carried in the clouds from regions that are miles away. The acidity is as a result of sulphur and nitrogen emissions from the industries reacting with the water molecules, forming compounds that come down with the rain. These chemicals on the glass can etch it to form unsightly spots, taking away its elegance. Have you installed protective screens for your windows? They are beneficial in keeping dirt and debris from reaching the glass. However, the rain passing through the screen grabs this gunk and slams it against the window, further soiling it. Hence, it’s critical to have the screens worked on as you clean the rest of the window. The Unger nLite brushes come in handy here too, scrubbing away at the grime that has been accumulated.

Do you have a sprinkler on the yard near the window? Some of the water droplets can end up on it. This has the same effect as rain water. In case the mains supply delivers hard water, then there will also be mineral salt deposits on the glass after it dries. Then there are those cases where recent construction works were carried out. It can be on the building itself where it’s a new construction or there were refurbishment works being carried out. You may also be close to construction projects like heavy road works just outside the building. Issues like mortar particles, chalk dust, all through to accidental paint can end up on the window. This is not your everyday grime. For instance, cement on the windows can’t be simply wiped off. Intensive window cleaning measures are needed to be carried out, to get rid of the dirt without affecting the structural integrity of the underlying glass. The workload can be lightened by using scrapers with Unger Premium Glass Scraper Blades, that are honed to set a precise edge, and have the strength to scrape off the stubborn gunk that is latching onto the glass surface.

Unger Window Cleaning Equipment – Mistakes To Watch Out For When Cleaning Your Windows

Getting your windows clean is not just a matter of hosing down the glass and watching the dirt get washed off. There are numerous oversights made that can result in harm, which should be avoided. These include:

• Applying too much pressure for the cleaning – Unger Window Cleaning Equipment
Glass is brittle. Too much pressure will shatter it. This is a particular concern when using equipment like power washers. It may appear convenient- just pointing the nozzle to the windows and blasting away the grime, but the forces involved are detrimental to the installation. The amount of pressure used when washing the dirt off your driveways, rooftops, parking lots, patios and walls can’t simply just be applied on the windows. The seals can be damaged, and in case the glass breaks, there’s the immediate problem of flooding the interior space- from the furnishing to the floors, with water. Damaged seals cause issues like fogging in double- and triple-paned windows. In this case, air gets into the region between the glass panes, and the moisture in it condenses, settling on the glass. This dulls it, and it can’t be just washed off. In fact, the repair works needed to reverse this can end up costing you as much as getting a new window installed. You want systems that have been designed to work on windows, such as the Unger HiFlo nLite, that deliver the water at the required pressures, enough to get rid of the dirt, but without putting the structural integrity of the glass at risk.

• Cleaning the window using hard water – Unger Window Cleaning Equipment
Clear water from the mains supply is not as pure as it looks. Usually it carries between 200-500 parts per million of particle solids. These are mainly dissolved mineral salts. Should the water be used for drinking, it’s alright. In fact, it’s highly recommended since it adds to salts that your body needs. However, when it comes to window cleaning, it’s not ideal. This is because, as the water dries, the mineral salts will be left behind as deposits. The window will look clean after you’re done working on it, but just wait until when it has dried. You end up ben forced to redo the cleaning, consuming more of your time and resources. This can be avoided by using pure water, such as with the Unger HydroPower PureWater Kits.

• Using abrasive tools – Unger Window Cleaning Equipment
Those situations where you come across stubborn gunk on the window surface, that requires more scrubbing action, a common mistake is usually using the same brushes that are employed when working on other surfaces in the establishment- like floors and walls. Brushes that have hard bristles can end up creating scratches, that are unsightly and ruin the appeal of your window installation. With Unger, this is avoided by using brushes that have soft bristles and have been specially designed for use on glass. These are the likes of the patented HiFlo nLite Rectangular Brush, to the Unger nLite Solar Radius Brush.

Then there are those cases where acidic cleaners are used. These are intended to dissolve the grease and other substances on the window. After all, they are effective in removing similar stains on the countertops, walls and floors, so using them on the windows should yield the same results, right? Wrong. The acidic agents can end up etching the windows, and even corroding the seals and frames. This weakens the window and reduces its life.

Unger Window Cleaning Equipment – Benefits Of Investing In Unger Window Cleaning Equipment

1. Quality equipment – Unger Window Cleaning Equipment
The goal is to get rid of the dirt and grime riddling your windows, and Unger provides you with the tools needed to carry out a thorough job. Water is pumped up telescopic poles that have soft-bristled brushes at their top, scrubbing out the grime and agitating the soiling as it is washed off by the water. The water is pumped using a high flow rate, coming out in pressurised jets at the heads of the brush. The soft nature of the bristles of the brushes ensures that the gunk can be removed without scratching the glass surface. You get to choose between various sizes and models of the HiFlo nLite Brushes, which are all light and come with multiple jet connections. The brushes are specialised to different areas. For instance, the HiFlo nLite Rectangular Brush with green unsplit brushes are used for windows and surfaces, while the Solar Radius Brush comes with yellow unsplit bristles, and is designed to use on solar panels. The Unger nLite Boar’s Hair Brush is a natural bristled alternative, that is used for dealing with the tough dirt. For the hydrophobic glass windows, use fan jets to clean them, while for the hydrophilic glass use pencil jets.

There are also Unger T-Bars and sleeves, ranging from the ErgoTec® Ninja Washer that has an ergonomic swivel handle and microfibre scrubbing bristles that get rid of even those tiny dirt particles dotting the window, the Micro StripWasher® whose T-bar has patented water wells to increase water retention and reduce the number of times you’ll need to dip it in the bucket, to the Monsoon Plus StripWasher® which is ideal for working on larger windows.

You can also acquire hand tools for dealing with scenarios where closer and delicate attention is needed, like scraping gunk off the glass- perhaps there is gum on the window, glue residue from posters that have been pulled down, cement splashes and paint residue for windows where there were recent construction works being carried out, or insect gunk adhered to the glass, turn to products like the ErgoTec® Ninja Scraper that comes with its lightweight and ergonomic handle, or the Unger Trim 10 Scraper that is compatible ErgoTec® and Pro squeegees for when you’re landing with the telescopic poles. .

2. Pure water window cleaning technology – Unger Window Cleaning Equipment
The Unger HydroPower systems enables you to incorporate pure water for the window cleaning processes. This is because of its numerous advantages compared to ordinary tap water plus detergents. With the tap water, unsightly marks from the nitrates, calcium, potassium and phosphate salts left behind on the window take away its beauty. Detergents, on the other hand, bring on board the issue of residue. However, using pure water, you don’t have to worry about these scenarios. It’s taken through intensive filtration stages and also deionization, getting rid of the impurities in it in a cost effective way. The built-in TDS meter that comes with the Unger HydroPower systems allows you to quickly and easily check water quality. The purification enhances the cleaning attributes. For starters, the pure water is unstable. It naturally wants to revert back to its impure state, thus having an increased affinity for the dirt and grime on the windows. It basically pulls the dirt from the glass surface, reducing the amount of energy and resources needed for the task. Secondly, there will be no smears and spots left behind on the window after it dries. In fact, so pure is the water that you can let your windows to dry naturally without having to wipe it off.

3. Tools that work on any type of window – Unger Window Cleaning Equipment
Different windows have their unique needs, and the diverse Unger window cleaning equipment enables you to handle the various situations. From the HiFlo nLite® fully packed kits, coming with the extension poles, master poles, to the hose brush connections, you get to set up the system that will suit your window. These range from the HiFlo nLite HiMod – 55’ Kit and 33’ kits, the HiFlo nLite Hybrid Starter Kit – 22, to the HiFlo nLite Aluminium Kit – 20’ and HiFlo nLite Prolongation 5’ Kit. The ultra-light carbon fibre MultiLink Gooseneck enables you to achieve any working angle, while minimising weight making the set up ergonomic. Different adapters, such as the plastic angled MultiLink Adapter, the Euro thread to ErgoTec® Locking Cone adapter, plastic polymer MultiLink Thread Adapter that comes with a hole that leads out the hose out of the poles towards the brush, and the solid anodised aluminium HiFlo MultiLink Y-Adapter, you can expand the working scope of any Unger nLite pole to clean your windows both inside and out, at any time of the year. Whether you have double hung windows that have two sashes which slide vertically up and down the frame, opening at the top or bottom, single hung windows where only the bottom is operable and the top remains stationary, hopper windows typically installed in basements and bathrooms, casement windows which are opened and closed by turning a crank, are hinged either on the left or right, and are a suitable choice for installation above counters, cabinets and similar areas where they can easily be cranked outwards in order to open them, the awning alternatives which are hinged at the top and open outwards allowing in air into the building, and can even have been installed below stationary windows- that are usually installed in areas where one wants privacy but light and air are an important factor to consider too- like in bedrooms, picture windows where airflow is not important like walls and hallways, but rather the emphasis is on maximizing the amount of light getting into the interior space and enhancing your view of the outdoors, and the glass-slat jalousie windows that allow a great airflow while simultaneously providing reliable security in addition nice outdoor view. to the narrow transom windows which get mounted above windows or doors to let in more light, slider windows that glide along a track and are popular or both modern and contemporary architectural designs, the stationary windows that come in numerous angles or shapes depending on the customisation carried out, plus bay or bow windows that protrude from the siding’s exterior, increasing the amount of interior space available, Unger provides products that will enables you take care of your particular installation.

4. Boost your curb appeal – Unger Window Cleaning Equipment
Windows are a natural centrepiece of any building, and having them in top condition is crucial in setting the tone for the architectural aesthetics of the rest of the premises. When they are soiled and riddled with gunk, it can even make you feel ashamed of your residential space. What will you tell guests coming over? Answering those awkward questions about why the window is dirty can be mortifying. You keep worrying about how it’s reflecting on your personality. On the other hand, sparkling windows enable you to give your home a new look and feel. You beam with pride each time you come home from work and are greeted by an elegant exterior. You also won’t have to worry about a negative rapport in the neighbourhood caused by a ruined curb appeal. In fact, your social standing improves seeing that you’ll impress everyone, from the random passers-by to the neighbourhood watch. For business owners, an enhanced curb appeal goes a long way in cementing your image as an enterprise that adheres to professional standards. You get to imprint a positive impression on your customers, partners, suppliers and other parties when they access your premises. With clean windows, the ambience of the interior space is also improved, increasing your productivity at home or that of your employees at the workplace. Those looking to sell or rent out the premises, clean and pristine windows enhance the value of the property, especially since the buyer or tenant’s impression begins being formed when they initially see the building from the street. What’s more, those interested in the property also look for ways to save on money, and this includes having energy-efficient windows. On observing that the windows are well maintained, your chances of getting a good offer on it increase. In addition, with clean windows, more light gets into the rooms, making the space appear more spacious. Since the premises will feel open and bright, it also means that your ability to generate leads and seal deals increases. Make all this a reality with streak-free cleaning results obtained with the thorough washing and rinsing, then squeegeeing to leave the glass sparkling. Units such as the ErgoTec® Ninja Squeegee feature rubber edges that get every drop off your window surface, and the easy operation makes the process a breeze. The accompanying safety features ensure that the squeegees are firmly held in place as you use with the Unger’s telescopic poles. These are the likes of the Swivel and TriLoc safety function for secure channel hold.

5. Protect your windows – Unger Window Cleaning Equipment
It’s not all just about the beauty of your window installation. The dirt and grime on them can ruin your investment. The longer that mineral salts, sediments, acidic faecal residue from insects and other grime remain, the windows are at risk. This is in addition to gunk stuck at the hinges, sills and frames affecting the normal operation of the windows. Hence, more force is used to open or close the windows, and breakages can result. This is especially a problem in cases of emergencies. Windows are an exit point from the building, and you don’t want people being trapped in simply because the windows have refused to open. For those buildings which have been constructed using concrete, minerals like calcium in its structure slowly leach out over time and wind up on the glass, creating permanent streaks- this is what’s referred to as concrete leaching. Unger window cleaning equipment gives you enhanced cleaning power, getting rid of these substances and protecting your investment- from the effective HiFlo nLite Brushes, the powerful water jets delivered by the telescopic pole system, ErgoTec® Ninja Sleeve that comes with two abrasive pads for enhanced scrubbing power, to the Unger Micro StripWasher® Sleeve with its own scrub pad, As such, you get to eradicate the source of the problem, thus prolonging the life of your installation, and enabling you to avoid hefty repair and replacement costs that you would have incurred later on.

6. Eco-friendly – Unger Window Cleaning Equipment
We all have a duty to protect the planet for both our survival and that of future generations. This has seen increased emphasis on individuals and corporates embracing green methods for carrying out their activities. This ranges from how raw materials are sourced for industrial activities, the transport choices you make as you move around the city and countryside, all through to the bags you use to carry your items. This approach can also observed for your window cleaning operations. With Unger, you can get rid of the dirt and grime without putting Mother Nature at risk. For instance, the pure water employed by the Unger HydroPower systems poses no threat to the biodiversity in your establishment. There are no toxic fumes generated during the process. Even the run-off doesn’t harm your landscaping.

7. Clean safely – Unger Window Cleaning Equipment
When using a ladder to access those high windows in storied apartments and office complexes, there is plenty of risk. As you climb up and down the ladder, you’ll simultaneously be carrying the cleaning supplies and solutions needed. Balancing with a bucket of water, squeegees, and still reaching out to those far corners to scrub the grime can send you toppling over, resulting in injuries. They can range anywhere from minor and discomforting bruises, to fractures and concussions depending on the height from which one falls and how you land on the ground. In addition, the items carried up will also come crashing down, landing on the landscaping. Perhaps you had manicured bushes or potted plants under the window, which will get ruined by the falling ladder and other items. Why risk it? Using Unger’s revolutionary nLite Waterfed Poles, you get to avoid using dangerous ladders, and work from the safety of the ground. This is beneficial whether it’s for your home cleaning needs or you’re a contractor working on multiple windows for residential and commercial establishments. The extension poles come with red and yellow visual warnings, that enables you to prevent unintentional separation. Those upper floors are brought within reach, with the Master poles alone getting to height of up to 65’. As a welcome bonus, you get to maintain your client’s privacy especially for those bedrooms that are on the upper floors. The Unger HiFlo telescopic systems enable you to minimise the disruptions to your establishment, and also deliver quality results fast, thus allowing normalcy to resume as soon as possible. Even scrapers such as the Unger ErgoTec® Safety Scraper & Safety Scraper come with a unique locking system in order to prevent the blades from sliding out as you work, and a rubber grip to ensure that it doesn’t slip out of your hands. There’s also the ErgoTec® Ninja Scraper Holster that secures the handle in place, keeping it from falling out.

9. Affordable products – Unger Window Cleaning Equipment
You want quality window cleaning tools without having to drain the bank. The pricing of the Unger window cleaning equipment has been suitably structured to prevent you from straining your budget. What’s more they have a durable build, enabling them to handle the rigorous window cleaning operations in residential and commercial establishments without keeping on falling apart. From the strong carbon telescopic poles, hard anodized aluminium goose necks, to the Unger T-bars that have reinforced zigzag stitching to extend their life, the designs and structure that each unit you purchase gets to serve you for long, bringing you savings.


Unger Window Cleaning Equipment

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