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Unger Unitec T Bar 450 MM

Unger Unitec T Bar 450 MM

Unger Unitec T Bar 450 MM

-top of the range professional t-bar from unger

-light, ergonomic and very durable (heavy duty)

-it will fit all types of 450 mm standard applictors

-compatible with all unger extendable poles

-recommended for commercial window cleaning

Unger Unitec T Bar 450 For Sparkling Windows

In the window cleaning industry, Unger is a legend. From when its founder, Henry Unger, decided to develop a better squeegee over half a century ago in a small Hamburg attic apartment, the company has attained global recognition, providing products to serve diverse window cleaning needs, in both residential and commercial establishments across the continents. The innovative and high quality tools have delivered sparkling results, and their popularity is testament to the trust consumers have with the brand. When it comes to T-Bars, the company keeps to its high standards, as is seen with the Unger Unitec T Bar 450. What does it bring on board?

High water retention
The window cleaning would go much faster with reduced bucket dips, right? The Unger Unitec T Bar 450 has been designed with this in mind. It comes with water wells, that increase the system’s water retention capacity, thus saving your time and speeding things along.

Lock-On connection
When it comes to fixing the Unger Unitec T Bar 450 to the desired pole, it uses a locking cone, which ensures a firm connection. This prevents issues like twisting or the T Bar getting pulled off the pole as you work.

You don`t want to expend loads of energy while washing the windows. In fact, your efforts should be directed at working away the dirt and grime on the glass, not shuttling around heavy gear. With the Unger Unitec T Bar 450, you won`t have to worry about that. Clocking just 120g, it is easy on the hands, and doesn’t add much bulk to the complete setup.

The Unger Unitec T Bar 450 is a quality product that`s also pocket-friendly. Its suitable pricing, coupled with its durability that enables it to be used for multiple window cleaning sessions, enables you to save on your establishments maintenance costs. Each standard package comes with 10 units, and you can also opt for the pallets that have a whopping 780 units, allowing you to meet the window cleaning needs of your establishment or cleaning company.

The Unger Unitec T Bar 450