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Unger UniTec™ 3 Sections

Unger UniTec™ 3 Sections

Unger UniTec™ 3 Sections


As you carry out your building cleaning and maintenance program, there will be those sections that are out-of-reach. These include the ceilings, high-rise windows, awnings, skylights, even the upper sections of the walls- in both the interior and exterior of the building. However, they cannot be ignored, since dirt still accumulates on them. Dust on pipework, cobwebs on ceiling corners, the grime that has built up on the windows- it all needs to be got rid of. Reaching for ladders puts you at risk of fall accidents and the resultant injuries. What’s more, dealing with them is cumbersome, from moving them around, to climbing up and down the rungs carrying the cleaning equipment. Other systems such as the rope and cradle approach take plenty of time to set up, and the high costs that come with platforms can put a strain on your budget. How do you access these high areas and efficiently carry out the cleaning, without putting yourself at risk or draining your wallet? Turn to telescopic poles, such as the UniTec™ 3 Sections. They can be used with multiple tools including:


  • Washers –  Unger UniTec™ 3 Sections


These are used for the initial stages of the window cleaning process, removing the grime that is on the glass surface. They are constructed with a T-Bar, to which the telescopic poles like the Unger UniTec™ 3 Sections are attached to, and have sleeves that come into contact with the glass surface and lift off the grime. Take the ErgoTec Ninja Washer for instance. Its T-bar has a 2-component polypropylene handle that reduces strain and gives you more control, and it also has a swivel function that comes in handy for the pole work. Water wells in its structure increase the water retention capacity. The sleeve is attached to the T-bar using a Velcro fastener. Two abrasive pads on each side of the sleeves, coupled with the built-in rows of scrubbing bristles loosen the dirt and grime for it to be easily dislodged from the surface. The fibres themselves are highly absorbent, trapping the dirt particles within their structure until the sleeve is laundered, and it can be machine-washed 500 times. There are also units like the Micro StripWasher® Sleeve, with its microfiber material plus hook and loop fastening, to the heavy-duty Monsoon Plus StripWasher® Sleeve where the woven fabric holds large amounts of water, and has enhanced durability due to the reinforced sewn ends. These work with the different T-bars available, and come in varying sizes for you to ensure you get compatible units. The Unger UniTec™ 3 Sections is then fixed onto the handle to extend your reach to the high-rise windows.


  • Scraping –  Unger UniTec™ 3 Sections


This is when you’re removing the stuck-on grime from the window surfaces- like decals, adhesive residue, stickers, all through to mortar particles, paint overspray and cement splashes like during post-construction clean-ups. With tools like the ErgoTec® Ninja Scraper, you get to carry this out fast and effectively. Its stainless steel glass blades have been specially designed for working on glass. There are also multi-surface scrapers, which use reversible carbon steel blades, effective for removing those heavy build-ups of soiling. These are the likes of the Brute Scraper and Maxi Scraper, also from Unger. The handles of these scrapers are compatible with the ErgoTec® Locking Cone adapter used with the Unger UniTec™ 3 Sections, meaning that even those sections that need scraping and are out of reach won’t be a problem any longer.

When carrying this out, ensure that the surface is suitable for scraper use. Plexiglass, solar glass, crown glass and safety glass are highly susceptible to scratches, hence shouldn’t be scraped. You can carry out a spot test on a small inconspicuous section before proceeding if you’re unsure. In addition, only scrape in one direction. Pulling back the scraper can trap debris under the blade, scratching the underlying surface.


  • Squeegees


These are used at the latter stages of the window cleaning, removing the solutions and water from the glass surface, in order to leave streak-free results. These are the likes of the ErgoTec® Ninja Squeegee, that is designed for enhanced efficiency, with an ergonomic handle, swivel function, channels of various lengths, and adjustable rubber tension. The anti-slip rubber grip makes it suitable for use in all weather conditions. There’s also the UniTec™ Lite Squeegee, which is ultra-light, and is intended for working on glass and other flat surfaces in the household. Like the other tools, the safety features like the ErgoTec Locking Cone that have been designed hold the squeegees firmly in place while using them with the Unger UniTec™ 3 Sections.


  • Dusting tools


From the walls, around pipework, the tops of shelves, around cabinets- dust gets everywhere. Unger has provided you with plenty of dusting tools, which work with the telescoping poles to enable you to get to the hard-to-reach areas. These range from the StarDuster® that can bend and retain its shape as it slides through the tight spaces; the disposable StarDuster® ProFlex and Proflat electrostatic sleeves that can last through 300 machine wash cycles; the StarDuster® Ceiling Fan Duster that is thick and comes with soft microfiber strands for enhanced absorbency, and can be used on all kinds of ceiling fan blades and also vents; StarDuster® Wall Brush whose material is heavy-duty galvanized wire combined with 49% horsehair bristles, allowing you to scrub away the cobwebs and dust from the walls; to the StarDuster® Pipe Brush made with its polypropylene heavy-duty bristles, effective for getting around the plumbing systems in the building and other round surfaces, and remove the dust that has accumulated over time. There’s even the Cobweb Duster Brush whose soft poly fibres enable effective dusting by generating electrostatic energy to attract and hold the dust and cobwebs from the surface without scratching it. The Unger UniTec™ 3 Sections extends your reach with these tools, working with the ErgoTec® Locking Cone adapter.


  • Bulb change


In this situation, you may want to change the floodlights or flat light bulbs from the safety of the ground. Tools like the Unger Flood Sucker Bulb Changer are used. It comes with suction cups which attach to the bulb and is fully insulated so you won’t have to worry about electrical shock. There’s also the Sticky Fingers Bulb Changer, plus the Bebbe, that removes broken lightbulbs from their sockets. Simply remove the ErgoTec Locking Cone from the Unger UniTec™ 3 Sections. The bulb changing tools will then snap onto the telescopic poles, enabling you to carry out the task unabated.

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