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Unger StripWasher ® Original Strip Pac

Unger StripWasher ® Original Strip Pac

Unger StripWasher ® Original Strip Pac

Working On Your Windows With The StripWasher ® Original Strip Pac


Taking care of the windows in your establishment involves giving them a regular, thorough wash. The dirt and debris that accumulate on their structure, from the glass panes to the frames and sills, need to be got rid of. Allowing it to dwell puts the structural integrity of the installation at risk, and not to mention ruins the appeal of the windows. Hard water spots baking on the windows and making them cloudy and difficult to see through, mineral deposits etching the glass surface, the unsightly streaks of insect waste, grease spots and fingerprint smudges- they make the window appear dilapidated. This even affects the functionality of the windows, when it comes to how light and heat flow through it. To get rid of the source of the problem, and have crystal clear windows, you need quality equipment. Tools that can deliver a quality wash, and which will last for long, seeing that the windows will need routine care. For this, Unger has got you covered with its wide range of products. Having been providing window care systems since the 60s, you can rest assured that they offer products which deliver on their mandate. It’s a world-renowned brand, with satisfied customers across the different continents. Their engineers craft products that address specific consumer needs, and their commitment to quality has seen them become an industry leader. One of the popular units is the StripWasher ® Original Strip Pac, which is used at the initial stages of the process, when tackling the dirt and grime and lifting them off the window, before following through to rinse and squeegee it. Unger StripWasher ® Original Strip Pac


Designed to Deliver

The StripWasher ® Original Strip Pac has been engineered to make the cleaning process a breeze, and enable you get quality results with each wash. Looking at its component parts:


  • The Original StripWasher® Sleeve

This is the standard plush sleeve, and comes with woven synthetic fabric. Its hook and loop fastening enhances its cleaning power, and with the high absorbency of the material, easily picks up the dirt and debris from the window surface. You can use it to work on the glass panes, the screens and it is also effective in dusting the surfaces. Unger StripWasher ® Original Strip Pac

It is also a durable product, being able to last for 500 machine wash cycles. This is courtesy of the material itself- like the polyacrylic fibres, plus the reinforced zigzag stitched ends, which prolong the life of the tool. This means you get to use it for multiple window cleaning operations, and it will retain its efficacy all through. Unger StripWasher ® Original Strip Pac


  • The T-Bar

It holds the sleeve. They come in different sizes, compatible with the accompanying sleeve: 10″/25cm, 14″/35cm and 18″/45cm. The ergonomic handle of the T-Bar gives you more control, and makes the cleaning process easy on the hands, thus reducing the strain on your arms and shoulders. It also boosts the efficiency of the process, with features such as the water wells which enhance the water retention capacity of the unit. The sturdy polypropylene build also adds to the strength of the StripWasher ® Original Strip Pac, enabling it to meet the demands of routine window care at home, or the frequent cleaning undertaken by professional contractors, working on multiple windows in both residential and commercial establishments, on a daily basis. Unger StripWasher ® Original Strip Pac


The handle locks onto the ErgoTec® Locking Cone, allowing you to extend your usage by fixing it to telescopic poles. This keeps it from twisting or pulling off during usage. You can also use it with adapters when working with the nlite poles. As a welcome benefit, using the StripWasher ® Original Strip Pac with extension poles enables you to work from the safety of the ground. That way you won’t have to keep climbing up and down ladders, thus avoiding the risks that come with working at heights, while simultaneously enabling you to work on more windows within a fraction of the time. Unger StripWasher ® Original Strip Pac


Cleaning the windows


Here’s how you go about the process:

  1. Assemble your tools. This depends on your particular situation, and aspects like the level of soiling, type of glass, and the height of windows. Usually you’ll need the bucket to hold the cleaning solution, a detergent that is compatible with your particular kind of window- especially if you have specialty glass such as the those with reflective or low emissivity coating, a scraper, squeegee and a telescopic pole if the windows are out of arm’s reach, plus the StripWasher ® Original Strip Pac. Professional cleaners also like having the bucket-on-a-belt around, which holds these different tools, keeping them within reach. Unger StripWasher ® Original Strip Pac


  1. Prepare the cleaning solution. Follow the instructions that are on the product label that you’re using. The water doesn’t need to be hot. In fact, when hot it will evaporate too quickly. Use cold water. Unger StripWasher ® Original Strip Pac


  1. Dip the StripWasher ® Original Strip Pac into the solution. Alternatively, you can first wet it with plain water, and squirt some of the window cleaning product directly on the sleeve. Unger StripWasher ® Original Strip Pac


  1. Wash the window. A good rub with the StripWasher ® Original Strip Pac will ensure that all the dirt has been lifted. Pay particular attention to sections with heavy build-ups of grime. Unger StripWasher ® Original Strip Pac

Substances like adhesive residue, stickers, cement splashes for post-construction clean-up jobs, decals and such, can be simply scraped off the window. When using the scraper, ensure that you only pass the blade in a forward direction. Dragging it backwards traps debris under the blade, and it will scratch the window. Unger StripWasher ® Original Strip Pac


  1. Squeegee the window. Here, you also don’t have to use all your muscle. Resting the squeegee on the glass surface actually provides the pressure needed. Squeegee by gliding the blade across the window. You can also go top-to-bottom, or combine both approaches, depending on your preference. Overlap the passes taken. To prevent a mess from forming under the window, or wetting the floor in case you’re working on the interior side, you can catch the water dripping off the window by placing the StripWasher ® Original Strip Pac directly under the squeegee paths being taken.


  1. Wipe the edges where bits of moisture have been left behind. A microfiber cloth comes in handle here.


Repeat the same process on both sides of the different windows you want to work on. Remember to wash the sleeve of the StripWasher ® Original Strip Pac after each session. Don’t store it when dirty.


Unger  StripWasher ® Original Strip Pac

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