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Unger StripWasher ® MicroStrip Pac

Unger StripWasher ® MicroStrip Pac

Unger StripWasher ® MicroStrip Pac


Giving Your Windows A Spotless Clean With The StripWasher ® MicroStrip Pac


Carrying out a thorough clean on your windows is vital to create conducive living and working conditions. Getting rid of the dust and allergens protects your household members at home, and the customers and employees in your business premises, from the allergies and respiratory conditions that result. You want to have a comfortable residence that you can relax in, and allow your employees to focus on their tasks without feeling caged in a dingy environment. The dirt and grime on the windows reduce the amount of natural sunlight and heat getting into the interior space, dampening the mood. The energy efficiency of the building also takes a hit, and you find yourself leaving the lights on for longer, and running your heating and air conditioning system harder. This results in higher bills at the end of the month. Then there is the image. You want to impress your house guests who have dropped by for a visit, and business owners want to give their customers a positive image about their enterprise. This is tied to the cleanliness of the environment, and window care is integral to this. When it comes to working on the windows, Unger has provided a wide range of products and systems for the diverse cleaning needs. From homeowners to professional contractors, the products are designed to enhance the efficiency of the operations, delivering quality results each time. They actually know what they are doing, having been in the window care industry for over half a century. Their work ethic, plus the commitment to developing quality products, has seen the company grow from its origins in Germany, to a globally recognized brand. One of its leading products is the StripWasher ® MicroStrip Pac.


Quality Design

You get to obtain a sparkling clean when working with the StripWasher ® MicroStrip Pac. This is as a result of the attributes of its component parts including:


  • The MicroStrip washer sleeve

It brings the cleaning power of microfiber to your windows. These tiny fibres penetrate the pores of the glass, and other surfaces being worked on, pulling up the dirt particles and delivering a shimmering clean. In fact, microfiber itself is so effective that it is used all across the cleaning industry, from homes and office buildings, to medical facilities, educational institutions and industrial establishments. From cloths to mops- basically any item that is used for wiping surfaces is being designed to include microfiber. It is so popular since it even picks particles that are too small for the naked eye to see, including allergens and even strains of pathogens, enhancing the health standards of the area being worked on. Since its conception, the material has taken the cleaning world by storm. As the microfibers pass over a surface, the Van Der Waal’s forces of attraction that are generated pull up the particles, which are then held within the structure. So strong is the hold that they are not released until when the item is washed. It is this efficacy that has seen the microfiber incorporated into the StripWasher ® MicroStrip Pac sleeve. In addition, since its machine washable for 500 times, you get more usage out of every unit purchased.


Absorbency also factors in. the microfiber sleeve can soak up more substances compared to the conventional materials like cotton. It can hold up to 6 times its own weight, making it an efficient tool to add to your cleaning arsenal. From absorbing more grime as it passes over the window surface, to reducing the number of times you have to keep rinsing and wringing it, the StripWasher ® MicroStrip Pac enables you to dramatically cut down the amount of time spent working the windows.


When comes to dealing with stubborn grime, the StripWasher ® MicroStrip Pac sleeve has also got you covered. It comes with scrub pads, which dislodge the build-ups for them to be washed off the surface.


  • Plastic T-Bar

The sleeve is attached to T-bar, which has also been designed to add to the cleaning efficiency. For starters, it features a lightweight construction, making the cleaning easier for you since you don’t have to expend much energy. Secondly, it comes with water wells, adding to the water retention capacity of the StripWasher ® MicroStrip Pac. Its ergonomic handle makes operation a breeze. When working on those high rise windows, you can fix the washer to a telescopic pole. This extends your reach, allowing you to work from the ground- making it a safer and more convenient approach. This is as you get to avoid the risks and hassle that comes with dealing with ladders.


Maintaining The StripWasher ® MicroStrip Pac

There are a couple of issues you should take note of when dealing with the StripWasher ® MicroStrip Pac including:


  • Wash the sleeve after you’re through cleaning the windows. You can launder by hand or machine. Don’t worry about machine washing using hot water. The typical hot water temperatures in home or commercial washing machines are far below the level that can harm the microfiber. When doing this, only a small amount of detergent is needed. The soiling will be readily released from the material. Using too much product will just result in wastage, and it may even leave residue within it.


  • Avoid washing the sleeve with bleach-based products and fabric softener. The bleach will ruin the microfibers, and the fabric softener will affect their functionality, by eliminating that static cling that makes them effective. In addition, do not use those detergents that contain dyes, since they will just add unnecessary chemicals to the microfibers, and weaken them in the process.


  • Allow the sleeve to air dry after washing. It will dry fast before mould and mildew get a chance to grow, a feat which is in part aided by the nature of the fibres themselves. You can also machine dry, but in this case temperature is an issue. Ensure you use a low setting. In addition, don’t mix with other cloths and towels in case you choose to machine dry it. This is because the microfibers will pull the lint off the other materials, which then become loaded within the StripWasher ® MicroStrip Pac sleeve, reducing its functionality.

Unger StripWasher ® MicroStrip Pac


Unger StripWasher ® MicroStrip Pac


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