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Unger S Squeegee Grip Handle

Unger S Squeegee Grip Handle

Make The Unger S Squeegee Grip Handle Part Of Your Window Cleaning Arsenal

The squeegee is an essential part of the building cleaning and maintenance process. It makes it less demanding, whether you’re working on the windows, or cleaning the glass shower entryways. Their design gives them versatility, allowing you to even use them when working on the car windshields. Perhaps their biggest draw is their simplicity. Using a squeegee to wipe a glass surface is straightforward. With a couple of strokes, you expel the water from the windows, getting rid of the grime, soap, and preventing cleanser streaks from forming. One gets to avoid the laborious process of using towels and cloths to rub off the water, while still ensuring that you have achieved a sparkling clean. It’s also faster. Whether you’re using it each time when working on the windows or turn to it to expel the water and cleaning solutions after scrubbing down the restroom surfaces, the squeegees cut down the amount of time spent on the process. Then there is the entertaining aspect. It’s a system that is easy on the hands, and gliding the squeegee across the glass surface with the different angles changes the cleaning chore from a mundane activity to a fun one. Even kids can chip in and help you out. The squeegeeing process also helps in reducing the amount of resources spent on the task. When you use it to wipe off the water from the windows and surfaces of the shower area, cleanser streaks and hard water spots don’t form, making the process much easier to manage. Certainly, the success of the process is dependent on the kind of tools that you use. You want a quality squeegee setup, that allows you to get the task done ergonomically. You can get that with units like the Unger S Squeegee Grip Handle.

Built to last

The Unger S Squeegee Grip Handle has a stainless steel build, which is stronger than brass but lighter as well, enabling it to last for multiple cleaning sessions while retaining its structural integrity. This makes it suitable for both the occasional window cleaning jobs at home, and for use by professional window care companies who work on multiple units every day, and are looking for equipment that can stand up to the task. Since the durability of the Unger S Squeegee Grip Handle enables each unit to last you for long, you get to make savings in your building maintenance budget. 

Ergonomics also come into focus. You want a tool that is convenient to use. The Unger S Squeegee Grip Handle is rubber-coated, which comes in handy to prevent it from slipping out of your grip as you work on the window. With the wet and soapy conditions that are typically involved in the cleaning, this is vital.  

How To Squeegee

When properly done, squeegeeing the glass surfaces will leave them clear, without any streaks. There are different factors that come into play, from the tension of the rubber, the pressure applied onto the glass, all through to the speed used and patterns followed. Here is a quick guide to getting it done right:


  • Setup


Assembling S Squeegee is a breeze. With the Fast-lock feature of the Unger S Squeegee Grip Handle, you get to easily switch the channels, selecting your preferred tool based on the size required. The channels come in different sizes, ranging from 15 to 55 cm, and the option selected is based on your particular needs. It goes without saying that when working on large areas you’ll prefer the larger channel sizes, in order to cover more sections within less time. The channel comes with an S- Spring fitting mechanism, to enable you to quickly change the rubber as you carry out the cleaning. It’s a press-and-release, and barely takes any time. Needless to say, the size of the rubber blade should be compatible with the accompanying channel that has been selected. In addition, there are two broad categories of rubber blades used: hard and soft. The difference is in their shore hardness, with the hard rubber clocking 60 ± 2, and the soft rubber having it at 53 ± 2. This makes the former ideal for application in warm temperatures, and when dealing with the smooth and large surfaces, while the latter soft rubber is used for cleaning uneven surfaces, and is ideal for areas where the temperatures are colder. After you fix the channel and rubber to the Unger S Squeegee Grip Handle, you’re good to go.


  • The cleaning


First, wash the window. Here, use the cleaning solution that is suitable for your particular type of glass, applying it to the window and using a window washer to dislodge the soiling and grime. When preparing the cleaning solution, ideally it should just feel slippery to the touch. Squeegeeing out the excess liquid from the washer after dipping it into the bucker will prevent a messy case of spills forming. You don’t need to overwet the glass. In addition, washing in a circular motion is recommended. Next is the fun part.


  • Squeegeeing the window


Here, it’s advisable to work from side to side, and proceeding down in rows. This is to prevent drips from flowing over the areas that you have already squeegeed. In addition, hold the Unger S Squeegee Grip Handle at an angle, so that as you pull the squeegee, the water is channelled out. As you approach the opposite side of the window, simply straighten the squeegee, to complete the row. 

You don’t have to use a lot of pressure when squeegeeing the window. Simply relax and let the Unger S Squeegee Grip Handle sit in your hand. The act of resting the rubber blade on the glass surface actually provides the pressure needed for the task. After you’re done, wipe the edges and the window sill.  

When the window is out of reach, don’t fret. Simply attach the squeegee to a telescopic pole. The Unger S Squeegee Grip Handle fits into the wide range of poles from the same brand, extending your reach and allowing you to work without leaving the safety of the ground. This also means that you get to avoid using ladders and the risks of fall accidents that are associated with them.

Unger S Squeegee Grip Handle

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