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Unger Ninja T-Bar 35 cm

Unger Ninja T-Bar 35 cm

Window Cleaning With The Unger Ninja T-Bar 35 cm


Windows are bound to get dirty. Substances floating around on the air land on the glass surface, forming layers that take away the sparkle of your installation. Dust, car exhaust, pollen, hard water deposits that result from the mineral salts left behind when the water dries from the window- like when it is hosed down with water from the mains supply, grease and steam spots- be it from the backyard barbeque or on the interior side of the kitchen window that are actually dirt magnets, fingerprint marks and paw prints from kids and pets pressing their hands and paws respectively on the window, and even the smoke billowing from your neighbour’s lawnmower- they all contribute to the grime. Add to this the dirt and debris washed off the screen and slammed against the glass during heavy rains. Routine window washing is vital to maintain the beauty of your installation, giving your pride in your home and boosting the curb appeal of your commercial establishment. For this, you want quality equipment. Tools that you can rely on to effectively deliver on their mandate. You can find that with Unger’s ErgoTec® range of products. This premium system has been designed to enable you to achieve spectacular results, with minimum effort. This is especially beneficial for professional window cleaners, who want to reduce labour and cost of operations without compromising on the desired outcome. After all, the satisfaction of your customers depends on it. That way, you’re able to grow your business, getting more reviews and repeat business. This also means that the equipment should be able to last for long, without breaking down every other day and requiring repairs and replacements. The ErgoTec® range was developed for this. One of the products in this line is the Unger Ninja T-Bar 35 cm.


Unger Ninja T-Bar 35 cm – Engineered for Performance

The component parts of the Unger Ninja T-Bar 35 cm have been specially crafted and built to enhance the window washing process, reducing the load on the cleaner, speeding up the operations, and enhancing the quality of the results. This include:


  • The handle

For starters, it has an ergonomic- and bi-component handle, that feels natural in one’s hand. This is for your comfort. The T-Bar makes the work a breeze, without causing strain on your shoulders or arms. Add to this the anti-slip rubber, which gives you more control, especially in the wet conditions witnessed during the cleaning. That way you won’t find the Unger Ninja T-Bar 35 cm slipping out of your grip. It also has a durable build. The solid T-Bar is constructed using anodised aluminium, giving it enhanced strength to stand up to the demands of rigorous window washing operations.


It also has a swivel function. This is especially beneficial when you’re working on those hard-to-reach areas, or you’ve attached the T-Bar to a pole. Speaking of which, this unit is compatible with the Unger extension poles. Back to the swivel- it can be adjusted up to 180° using the stainless steel screw on the structure. This can be easily operated with a coin. The Unger Ninja T-Bar 35 cm comes with an innovative locking mechanism, which secures the swivel head in its centre position (0°) at the push of a button.


  • The sleeve

The Unger Ninja T-Bar 35 cm is equipped with its compatible high-performance sleeve, attached to it by Velcro fastener. Its attributes add to the efficacy of the cleaning. The sleeve has long and absorbent fibre, giving it enhanced water retention capacity while simultaneously boosting the cleaning power. This is in addition to the built-in rows of scrubbing fibres, which include microfibre- which is popular for its ability to pick up even minute dirt particles. In addition, the sleeve has two side scrub pads, which are especially beneficial when dealing with stubborn dirt build-ups.


Unger Ninja T-Bar 35 cm – How To Clean The Windows


  1. Start by preparing the cleaning solution you intend to use. Note that the products employed should be safe for your particular type of window- including the glass panes- from standard to specialty installations such as those of Low-E glass, plus the frames and seals.


  1. Attach the sleeve to the Unger Ninja T-Bar 35 cm, and dip it into the solution.


  1. Give the window a good rub, ensuring that the dirt has been lifted off the surface. It will wash off those layers of grime that had built up on the glass panes, from the dust and environmental pollutants, insect residue and even allergens that were sticking to the window.

This is also the point where scraping is done, if needed- like when there are paint, decals, stickers and similar grime on the window. You can use the Unger Ninja Scraper for this. Its 440A grade stainless steel blades have been specially fabricated for removing such debris, and the precise honing of the blades gives them the optimal cutting angle. It is part of the ErgoTec® Ninja range of products, which the Unger Ninja T-Bar 35 cm under review is part of.


  1. Rinse and squeegee the window. Remember to keep constant pressure on the glass panes, and overlap the paths. Here, there are tools like the ErgoTec® Ninja Squeegee that require minimal effort to use. It comes with channels of different lengths- as long as 105 cm, enabling you to cover more area and dramatically cut down the amount of time taken for the cleaning. Like the Unger Ninja T-Bar 35 cm, this squeegee also has a swivel function, so you’ll find using it to be just as easy.


  1. Wipe the edges to remove any residue solution. For this, you can use the ErgoTec® Ninja MicroWipe™, which is part of this premium window cleaning system. Its high-density fabric weaving doesn’t stretch or lose shape, and it comes with 4 scrubbing corners for such cases of spot cleaning. It even features corner pockets that enable you to hang it on the tip of the pole as you work on high areas.


  1. When working on the interior sides of the window, you can use the Unger Ninja T-Bar 35 cm with the attached sleeve to catch any water before it falls onto the floor as you squeegee the glass panes.


  1. Allow the window to dry.


Unger Ninja T-Bar 35 cm

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