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Unger Hiflo Microfibre Pad 20cm For Indoor Window Cleaning

Unger Hiflo Microfibre Pad 20cm For Indoor Window Cleaning

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Unger Hiflo Microfibre Pad 20cm For Indoor Window Cleaning Review

Cleaning is always easier and quicker when you have the right tools. The same case applies to windows. Those dust particles that have coated the surface, preventing you from enjoying the outdoor views, the fingerprints left behind by your kids on the glass, paw prints from your furry friend- these frequently form on the windows, and you want a solution that can enable you to get rid of them without much hassle. The more they are allowed to build up, the more the window appears deteriorated. However, it`s not practical to keep grabbing a pail of water every other minute when there is light soiling on the windows. You want a tool that you can pick up, wipe windows, and carry on with the rest of your activities without being forced to deal with cleaning agents that require you to spend time with the preparation, washing, and thereafter rinsing. The material you use to wipe also factors in. Your goal is to get rid of the dirt, not leave the window covered in lint and fibres. These can irk and frustrate you. The Unger HiFlo MicroFibre Pad 20cm for indoor window cleaning comes in as a solution for your troubles.

Why microfiber? It`s one of the game-changing innovations in the cleaning industry. Used on multiple surfaces, microfiber provides superior cleaning action, picking up even the dirt particles that are too small for the naked eye to see. The fibres hold onto anything from dirt, dust and grease, all through to bacteria. Wiping kitchen cabinets, buffing stainless steel surfaces, getting the dirt particles off granite and marble countertops, removing that annoying residue on the chrome bathroom fixtures, to everyday dusting- microfiber has made its way into nearly all facets of the cleaning industry. The cloths also have a high absorbency, which is as a result of the super-fine microfiber with their asterisk-like structure. The nooks and crannies formed enable the material to hold up to 6 times its own weight in water. It is this technology that is at the core of the Unger Hiflo Microfibre.

Benefits Of The Unger Hiflo Microfibre Pad 20cm For Indoor Window Cleaning

1. Ultra smooth
No one likes finding scratch marks on their windows. These distort the views, and make the windows appear unsightly. Moreover, it contributes to the deterioration of the glass panes. With the Unger HiFlo MicroFibre Pad 20cm for indoor window cleaning, you won’t have to worry about that. It is made of ultra-smooth microfiber, that allows you to wipe the windows without posing any risk to the glass. In fact, you can wipe when the cloth is completely dry, and it will glide across the glass, mirrors and similar surfaces without affecting the underlying structure.

2. Cleans and polishes
Your goal is to get rid of the dirt particles, and this microfiber cloth enables you to achieve that superbly. The tiny microfibers generate a force of attraction when passing over the surface, that literally pulls up the particles, trapping them within the material. You get streak-free results. The gunk is then held up to when the cloth will be washed. As such, you get to avoid scenarios where the dirt is being spread on the rest of the surface as you wipe it. In addition to the cleaning, you also get to polish the glass and mirror surfaces, and leave them sparkling.

3. Fast cleaning
The functionality of the cloth enables you to save on the amount of time spent on the cleaning. This is from its ability to easily pick up the dirt particles, to the absorbency which means that you don`t need to keep running to and from the sinks to rinse it off. The 20cm size fits snugly in the hands and allows you to work without a struggle. In addition, the Velcro backing, that enables the cloths to be attached to pad holders, gives you more manoeuvrability with the tools you use.

4. Durable
This cloth is designed to last. It can handle the frequent cleaning and polishing that is needed when it comes to window care. In fact, it is machine washable for up to 200 times, giving you extended usage out of every unit you`ve purchased.

5. Save on costs
With the Unger HiFlo MicroFibre Pad 20cm for indoor window cleaning, you get to reduce the amount of chemicals and other cleaning agents you use. Since the cloths are used slightly damp or completely dry, and it’s a convenient product where each unit gets to serve its intended purpose, your costs are reduced in the long run. The product itself is also affordable, meaning you can ensure that your establishment cleaning and maintenance costs are met without straining your budget.

Working With The Unger Hiflo Microfibre Pad 20cm For Indoor Window Cleaning
The cloths only require water for the cleaning. In fact, ideally they should be used dry. The Van der Waals forces developed as they pass over the surface attracts the dustballs, dander, pet hairs, and other particles. This is the same force of attraction that enables geckos to walk upside down on ceilings without falling off. The tiny hairs at the base of their feet generate enough force to support their entire body weight.

For the best cleaning result, it`s recommended that you first spray the glass and mirrored surfaces using pure deionised water, then proceed to wipe. Alternatively, you can dampen half of the cloth with the water and leave the other half dry, wipe with the damp side, and follow through with a quick “wipeover” using the dry side of the cloth. This water is ideal for its advanced cleaning attributes. When the dissolved mineral salts and other impurities are removed from the water, it becomes unstable, and develops a high affinity for dirt particles in a bid to restore that stability. Such, it easily dissolves the grime that is on the surfaces being worked on. When this is coupled with the cleaning action of the microfibers themselves, you get superior results.

For the cleaning, the cloths can be hand- or machine-washed. Use warm water as it enables the microfibers to expand and release the dirt particles trapped within the material. Note that you shouldn`t wash the cloth together with terry towels or other lint-producing materials. In addition, don`t use bleach or fabric softeners as they reduce the quality and effectiveness of the microfiber. After the cleaning, air dry the cloth or use a tumble dry low setting.


Unger Hiflo Microfibre Pad 20cm For Indoor Window Cleaning

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