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Unger ErgoTec T-Bar 35 cm

Unger ErgoTec T-Bar 35 cm

Unger ErgoTec T-Bar 35 cm


Clean windows are an essential component of any building, be it residential or commercial. After all, you want to live in a conducive environment, and not be greeted by soiled windows each morning whenever you draw the curtains. You should be able to host your guests with confidence, not dread having them over, worried about how the state of the windows will reflect on you. Even your peace of mind is on the line. Your comfort in your own home is disrupted when the ambience is dingy, as a result of the reduced amount of natural light that is getting into the interior space- since it is being filtered out by the dirt and grime on the windows. The health of your family members also factors in. You don’t want your loved ones being exposed to dust and allergens, and dealing with the respiratory issues that follow. In business, the state of the windows directly impacts on the image your customers have about your brand. When a potential client comes to your premises and glances up at your windows, grime and bird droppings will not inspire confidence. They take the state of the windows to be a reflection of the quality of services you provide. You want to display an image of professionalism, of a business that maintains high standards in all its operations, including its cleanliness. The productivity of your employees is also affected. They want to work in a healthy space. Their morale is reduced when in a dull and dirty environment. On the other hand, clear windows brighten up the interior space, giving them more impetus as they focus on their tasks. The building’s energy efficiency is directly affected since that the state of the windows determines how heat and natural light flows through it. As such, getting rid of the gunk that has accumulated over time is vital. How effectively this is done depends on the tools used. Unger has provided a wide range of products geared to enhancing operational efficiency when working on windows in homes and business premises, such as the Unger ErgoTec T-Bar 35 cm.


Innovative Design

Unger developers have crafted this T-Bar to make the window cleaning process a breeze. Its ergonomic design enables you to carry out the task without putting your arms and shoulders under undue strain. This is particularly beneficial when you have multiple windows to work on, and you don’t want to the process becoming strenuous. Its strong grip allows you to hold onto it even in the wet conditions of the cleaning, giving you better control. Then there is the versatility you get when you use the Unger ErgoTec T-Bar 35 cm with poles like the OptiLoc and TelePlus systems. It has been specially designed to lock onto them securely with the ErgoTec® Locking Cone, which keeps the T-bar from twisting or pulling off as you use it. It can also work with the extension poles that have push cones.


This T-Bar is can be used with different sleeves. Factors like the amount of soiling you’re dealing with come into play here. Take the Pad StripWasher® Sleeve for instance. It comes with the standard woven synthetic fabric for normal cleaning. However, for the tough dirt, you can wash it off using the non-abrasive, rough-textured nylon cleaning pad on the back of the sleeve. Are you a professional cleaner, looking for increased performance and flexibility? The ErgoTec® Ninja Sleeve has been specially designed for you. This one features extra-long fibres for the washing, built-in rows of microfiber scrubbing bristles for getting rid of even the miniscule dirt particles, and two abrasive pads on each side of the sleeve to provide scrubbing action when needed. One can also use the Unger ErgoTec T-Bar 35 cm with the Original Stripwasher® Sleeve which can work on the glass panes, screens, and even be employed for routine dusting- and comes with hook and loop fastening plus reinforced zigzag stitched ends to enhance its durability. There is also the Micro StripWasher® Sleeve, where it’s all about the cleaning action of microfibre. However, it also has a scrub pad. The Monsoon Plus StripWasher® Sleeve alternatively is a heavy duty washer, ideal for working on large surface areas.


The water wells of the Unger ErgoTec T-Bar 35 cm increase the amount of water that can be held by the unit. It’s particularly handy since you don’t have to keep returning to the bucket to dab more water onto the washer. This is further bolstered by the absorbency of the sleeves themselves- like with the Micro StripWasher® Sleeve whose microfibre material is renowned for its capacity to hold water 6 times its own weight within it, and the Monsoon Plus StripWasher® Sleeve where the woven fabric with its extra-long fibers enables it to soak up large amounts of water. The greater the absorption, the higher the efficiency, from when the setup is dipped into the cleaning solution, to the dirt that it lifts off from the window surface. On top of this, the affordable pricing of the Unger ErgoTec T-Bar 35 cm makes it a cost-effective tool to add to your window cleaning supplies.


Washing the Windows

The process is straightforward. Get your window cleaning solution ready. When mixing the detergent, the solution just needs to feel a bit slippery. Fix the appropriate sleeve to the Unger ErgoTec T-Bar 35 cm, then dip it into the solution. To prevent a mess from drips, squeeze out the excess liquid from the washer. Wash the window using a circular motion.

With a cloth or squeegee, create a dry border around the windows frame. The pros call this “cutting the edge”. This is to prevent the windows from “crying”, where water travels out from the frames after you’ve begun to squeegee. Proceed to squeegee the rest window, starting out from the dry zone and moving it across over the wet area. Overlap the paths followed with the squeegee. Microfibre cloths are ideal for the wiping here- remember to use them when dry. You can actually catch the water dripping down as you squeegee using the washer. After you’re done, wipe any moisture that’s on the frames.

Unger ErgoTec T-Bar 35 cm

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