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Unger ErgoTec ® Swivel LOC

Unger ErgoTec ® Swivel LOC

Unger ErgoTec ® Swivel LOC


Caring for your windows is a core part of the building’s maintenance program. The state of the windows has a huge impact on the beauty of the home or business premises. Dirt and grime on the glass panes, gunk that has accumulated on the frames and sills- they ruin the appeal of your installation. It’s not just about aesthetics. Those dust layers reduce the amount of natural sunlight getting through into the interior space, dampening the mood. The gunk puts the structural integrity of the windows at risk. You don’t want the glass panes getting etched, or the seals corroded. For the cleaning, the success of the process depends on the quality of tools that are used. From washers to scrapers and the solutions that are employed, you want systems that you can rely on to perform effectively. Unger has got you covered, with a wide range of products to choose from. Having been in the window cleaning industry since the 60s, you can rest assured that they are good at what they do. Unger products are employed for window care programs all around the world, and they come with customer satisfaction guarantees. The brand is trusted by property owners and professional window cleaners alike. You can expect the same standards of quality with the Unger ErgoTec ® Swivel LOC.


The squeegee is one of the most crucial tools when working on the window. It determines the outcome of the processes used. With a quality product, you get to achieve streak-free results. It’s also a popular tool, since it reduces your workload. Conventional means of wiping the windows, where one uses cloths, can take loads of time, and some even leave lint all over the glass panes, meaning the process will need to be repeated. The squeegee, on the other hand, is a lightweight and efficient tool, and virtually all professional window cleaners include it in their arsenal. Its ability to work on the various glass surfaces makes it a convenient option- and it’s not just limited to the windows on your property. Glass doors, mirrors, and even car windows- it can be used across the scope.


The squeegee is typically assembled from 3 main component parts:

  • The rubber

This is the section that comes into contact with the glass. It’s blade and can be soft or hard depending on the application, and there are rubber blades of varying lengths. The rubber blades should be smooth. Simply running your finger along the edge will enable you to check its condition.

  • The channel

This holds the rubber. The positioning of the rubber again depends on your particular situation. The tension of the rubber can also be adjusted. Usually, it should not be too stretched, or too tight- it should also not be wavy.

  • The handle

It holds the channel. This is where the units like the Unger ErgoTec ® Swivel LOC come in.

There are also extra parts, including adapters which allow the squeegee to be attached to telescopic poles. These enable you to work from the safety of the ground.


Benefits Of The Unger ErgoTec ® Swivel LOC


  1. Comfortable usage

The ergonomic Unger ErgoTec ® Swivel LOC handle has been designed to make the cleaning process a breeze. It fits well in the hands, and provides a non-slip grip that makes it effective in all weather conditions. This is especially useful since window cleaning is typically a wet process, and you don’t want your tools slipping out of your hands. When squeegeeing, not much pressure is needed. Simply glide the squeegee across the glass surface, applying just enough effort not to bump or skim over the water. After each stroke, wipe the blade with a clean cloth, and continue onto the next stroke, overlapping the paths.


  1. Quick setup

The lock mechanism allows you to change the channel with ease. The swivel head is also freely adjustable, and you can lock it in position. You can get the Unger ErgoTec ® Swivel LOC in two versions, straight or with a 30°  angled head, allowing you to go with the tool that matches your preference and working conditions. The 0° is ideal for low windows, while the 30° is suited for when you’re working above ledges.

This handle has been designed for use with the Unger S-Channel, which in itself has also been engineered for enhanced performance. Its stainless steel construction gives it enhanced durability, and it has variable rubber positioning options. The channel comes in different lengths, from 25 cm to 55 cm, and there are both hard and soft rubber options to work with. The soft rubbers have a shore hardness of 53 ± 2 and are suitable for working in colder temperatures. They also adjust to uneven surfaces. On the other hand, the hard rubber alternatives have a 60 ± 2 shore hardness, making them ideal for cleaning large and smooth surfaces in warmer temperature conditions.


  1. Safe operation

When squeegeeing the window, you don’t want your equipment falling apart. Not only would this be frustrating, but it would also put you at risk. The locking features of the Unger ErgoTec ® Swivel LOC prevent that from happening. When working on the high-rise windows dealing with ladders also intensifies the risk. Fall accidents from the heights can result in sprains and fractures, and the process also becomes tedious, with you having to drag around the ladder. The Unger ErgoTec ® Swivel LOC allows you to use it with telescopic poles, and avoid the frustrations and risks of working with ladders. It fits to the ErgoTec® Locking Cone adapter, broadening the scope of poles to which it is compatible with. This speeds up the window cleaning process, enabling you to cover more surface in a fraction of the time that you would have taken.


  1. Affordable

With the Unger ErgoTec ® Swivel LOC, you get a quality product without straining your budget, as a result of its competitive pricing. What’s more, the durability of the unit enables it to be used for frequent window cleaning sessions. This reduces your window cleaning and maintenance costs, accruing you more savings over time.


Unger ErgoTec ® Swivel LOC Review

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