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Unger ErgoTec Squeegee Grip

Unger ErgoTec Squeegee Grip

Efficient Window Cleaning With The Unger ErgoTec Squeegee Grip


This unit from Unger has been designed to make the squeegee comfortable to use, especially with the bi-component (rubber/plastic) grip. When you’re working on the windows, there’ll be plenty of water and cleaning solutions involved. In these wet conditions, you don’t want the squeegee slipping out of your grip. That would be frustrating. With the Unger ErgoTec Squeegee Grip, you don’t have to worry about that, since it gives you a firm hold all through the task. That way, you can proceed to squeegee with confidence. At just 2.5kg, this handle does not add much weight to the squeegee setup, thus reducing the strain on your arms, and also enabling you to maintain a consistent gentle pressure on the glass as you squeegee.


From setup to application, the process is a breeze. Simply fix the rubber and channel to the Unger ErgoTec Squeegee Grip, and you’re all set. It enables quick replacement, and firmly secures the channel attached to it. That way it doesn’t become loose during use. You can choose to go with the XL handle, which is 2.5cm longer. You can also attach the squeegee onto an extension pole- especially when working on those windows on the upper floors or hard to reach areas. This takes away the need for ladders, making the cleaning process safer. As a welcome benefit, you get to protect the yard from those pesky holes that keep being dug up whenever ladders are used, or damage to the exterior building like from the gutters and stucco to the paintwork. The Unger ErgoTec Squeegee Grip perfectly fits into the ErgoTec Locking Cone. This in turn is compatible with a wide range of poles, such as the UniTec system with interior locks that is secured with just a half-turn in either direction, the modular TelePlus or the OptiLoc systems that are available in 2- or 3- section units, from Unger. In this case, it uses a lock-on clip, keeping the poles from twisting or the squeegee from pulling off during use. The adapter can also be used with the poles that are attached by pressing on, snapping on, or screwed on like the ACME thread.


How To Clean Your Windows


Follow these steps to restore the glamour to your windows:


  1. First off, mix the cleaning solution you intended to use in a bucket. Here, it depends on your particular type of window- especially with the glass panes and frames. From tempered, laminated to even low-E glass, you want products that are compatible with your particular kind of installation.


  1. Dip your applicator into the bucket. There are different window washers you can work with, featuring various fibre designs with the sleeves. Some even come with scrubbing pads. Squeeze out the excess water from the washer. After all, you don’t want drips forming all over and creating a mess. Give the window a thorough wash.


  1. Bring out your squeegee. Ensure that it has been properly assembled, from the rubber and channel, to the Unger ErgoTec Squeegee Grip.


  1. Place the blade on the glass and glide it steadily across the window. Ensure that the squeegee remains in contact with the glass all through.


Note that you don’t need to exert much pressure. To convenience yourself, you can do a test run: Wet the glass, and make one gentle pass with the squeegee. Wet the glass again and do a second pass, now with half the pressure as , and compare the results. Do another stroke, using even less pressure. Which pass was most satisfactory? It’s almost always the third one.


  1. Wipe the blade after each path of squeegeeing. Note that you should overlap the paths taken. It’s also recommended that you wipe the ledges as you carry out the cleaning, in order to save time.


  1. Using a dry cloth, wipe any moisture that has been left on the frames around the window.


Extra Tips To Follow As You Squeegee


  • In order to reduce the mess from the water dripping down the window, you can hold the window washer directly under the squeegee with your other hand.


  • The base angle or distance is a key factor in the squeegee process. This looks at how the squeegee has been positioned in relation to the window surface being worked on. The base distance is the length between the end of the Unger ErgoTec Squeegee Grip and the surface. The ideal length is about 7cm. Basically, when holding the squeegee and you extend your little finger, it should come just close to touching the surface. When the base distance is to short the process becomes cumbersome, your speed decreases, which in turn increases the chances of streaking. On the other hand, with a base distance that’s above 9cm, the squeegee may keep “jumping” during use, leaving spots of moisture on the panes. Keeping the base angle consistent all through ensures that only the sharp edge of the rubber gets used, resulting in a smoother and faster process, with streak-free results.


  • One also needs to create a dry zone around the window before you squeegee it. This is to prevent what is usually described by some as “window crying”- when water travels out of the wet frames onto the rest of the window as you carry out the squeegeeing. This is prevented by “cutting the edge” using a cloth, or the edge of the squeegee itself. Just dry about 1-2 cm along the frame. When you squeegee, place the dry blade on this dry section, and then glide it across the set surface of the window.


  • Relax your warm and wrist as you hold the squeegee. There’s no need to be tight. The design of the Unger ErgoTec Squeegee Grip has been specifically developed to make the task easy for you, so you don’t need to add extra muscle and strain yourself.


  • When squeegeeing the window, you can clean across the window, work from top-to-bottom, or across-and-down. However, going across is the most preferred. This is because it will be easier to consistently position the squeegee correctly and maintain a steady base angle. It also gives you better control of the squeegee, and helps the moisture to evenly fall down the glass surface. This moisture can then be caught with the window washer before it gets to the bottom frame.


  • Remember to always inspect the squeegee before using it- from running your finger down the rubber blade’s edge to ensure that it is straight and not wavy or too tight, all through to checking the connection of the channel and the Unger ErgoTec Squeegee Grip, ensuring that it is firm.


Unger ErgoTec Squeegee Grip

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