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Unger ErgoTec Ninja Window Washer 45 cm

Unger ErgoTec Ninja Window Washer 45 cm

Unger ErgoTec Ninja Window Washer 45 cm

Fast Window Cleaning With The Unger ErgoTec Ninja Window Washer 45 cm


You want streak-free windows. How easy -and fast- you obtain that result depends on the tools you use. The layers of dust, grease spots that trap more dirt particles floating about in the air space, hard water spots, insect waste streaking the window, that gunk left behind by the birds perching on the sills, pollutants from smoke to vehicle exhaust clinging onto the glass surface- they all make the windows unsightly, affecting their functionality and ruining the curb appeal. Your goal is to get rid of them, without damaging the underlying glass surface. The wrong tools and solutions can etch the window, damage the seals and corrode the frames. For specialised products and systems, turn to the world-renowned brand that’s behind the popular Unger ErgoTec Ninja Window Washer 45 cm.


Unger has been producing window care systems for more than 50 years. It has grown to be relied on for its commitment to quality, and developing products that cater to diverse consumer needs. Over the decades, it has brought forth innovative solutions that have protected windows across the globe- which is a great leap forward from its humble beginnings in Hamburg Germany. Today, home and business owners, to professional window cleaning contractors, use Unger products when carrying out routine maintenance to remove the everyday dirt and grime, spring cleaning when there are build-ups on the glass surface that have accumulated for months, and even post-construction jobs with substances like cement splashes and paint overspray on the windows. Each of the products from Unger comes with a guarantee of quality, and you can trust it to deliver on its mandate. The Unger ErgoTec Ninja Window Washer 45 cm maintains the high standards expected.


System That Delivers


Are you a professional window cleaner? Well, the ErgoTec® Ninja system has been specially designed for you. As you go about your business, you want to reduce your labour and equipment maintenance costs, as these can really eat into your profits. What’s more, in order to grow your business, you want to consistently deliver quality results to your customers- sparkling windows in a short time. Since you’re needed to work on numerous windows, you want highly effective tools that won’t leave you exhausted after just dealing with a couple of glass panes. Unger engineers have consequently developed this range of equipment with these particular concerns in mind. The products consist of the Unger ErgoTec Ninja Window Washer 45 cm which is in focus here, handy tools to deal with those stubborn stickers and adhesive residue such as the ErgoTec® Ninja Scraper- which enables flexible working with its rust-resistant steel mechanism that you can switch between 0°  to 30°  by just pushing a button, and features stainless steel blades that have been precisely honed for removing stuck-on debris from glass surfaces; the ErgoTec® Ninja Squeegee that glides across the glass surfaces with ease, leaving behind streak-free results and whose channels constructed with extruded T6 Aircraft Aluminium keep it from bending or breaking during use, and the flexible rubber positions with the channels of various lengths allow you to ensure you achieve optimal pressure and glass contact; the Ninja Bucket-On-A-Belt which straps onto any belt, as the name says, conveniently keeping these tools within reach, all through to the high density ErgoTec® Ninja MicroWipe™ that also comes with an overlocked edging that’s 5mm wide, which keeps it from stretching or losing shape over time.


Superior Design – Unger ErgoTec Ninja Window Washer 45 cm


The structure of the Unger ErgoTec Ninja Window Washer 45 cm has been engineered to enhance the performance of your operations. This is with the design of its component parts which include:


  • The Ninja Washer T-Bar – Unger ErgoTec Ninja Window Washer 45 cm

Here it’s about the functionality, from ease of operations, to getting the cleaner to the window, and ensuring that you don’t labour for hours on the task. Starting off with the handle, it is ergonomic, feeling natural in one’s hand. Seeing that the cleaning conditions are mostly wet, you also don’t want the Unger ErgoTec Ninja Window Washer 45 cm slipping out of your grip. The anti-slip rubber on the handle prevents this from happening. Then there is the swivel function, which comes in handy for pole work, and when working on those hard-to-reach areas. The swivel can go to 180° , with the swivel tension being increased or decreased using coin adjustable stainless steel screw. You can also choose to lock it in the 0°  centre position. Simply press the Lock Button. The sleeve is secured to the T-bar using the Velcro fastener, that way it doesn’t come off even when wet.


With the numerous windows being cleaned, you want strong tools that can handle the workload. The durable and super solid T-bar doesn’t disappoint. Manufactured with strong anodised aluminium, it will hold through the heavy usage, delivering optimal performance each time. What’s more, it’s lightweight, hence doesn’t require you to expend much energy, and it’s specially designed to reduce the strain on your arms and shoulders.


  • The Sleeve – Unger ErgoTec Ninja Window Washer 45 cm

This is where the cleaning itself takes place. When the sleeve comes into contact with the glass, the power of the Unger ErgoTec Ninja Window Washer 45 cm gets to be realised. For starters, the material is made with microfiber, giving it enhanced absorbency. From when it’s dipped into the cleaning solution and soaks up the liquid, to the lifting of the dirt particles off the glass surface as you wash it, the material has a high retention capacity, locking the substances it absorbs in its structure. That means the dirt particles won’t end up just being spread all over the glass panes. The particles are trapped by the microfiber until when the sleeve is washed. In fact, it can be laundered by machine 500 times as a result of its enhanced durability. This gives you more usage out of every sleeve.


Then there is the scrubbing action, especially when there are heavy build-ups of soiling on the windows. The sleeve of the Unger ErgoTec Ninja Window Washer 45 cm has rows of scrubbing fibres built into its structure, plus 2 abrasive side pads. This comes in handy to loosen and dislodge the grime, speeding up the cleaning.


Unger ErgoTec Ninja Window Washer 45 cm

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