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Unger Ergotec Ninja Squeegee

Unger Ergotec Ninja Squeegee

Unger Ergotec Ninja Squeegee For Your Window Cleaning Needs

Window care is part of the regular building maintenance. At home, you want to wake up, draw the curtains, and let the natural sunlight bathe the interior of your house, not be met with patches of soiling screaming back at you. Filthy windows take away the harm of the home. They drag down the curb appeal, and is not a sight you want greet you each time you head home from work. A similar scenario plays out in commercial establishments. The state of the windows affects the ambience. How will your employees be productive in a dingy environment? Your power bills also increase, seeing that you spend more energy on the lighting plus heating and air conditioning systems. Then there’s the image that is portrayed to your customers. They form a perception about you based on the state of things they find you in- and with the windows that will happen even before they’ve got into the building. Even the structural integrity of the windows is at risk. When they are not cleaned regularly, the risk of etching increases, which weakens the glass. This makes it fragile, and it can easily shatter. Sand, salt, bark and sap are all a threat to your installation, and getting rid of it is key to prolong the life of your windows. Since the glass is porous, the dirt and microorganisms that build up inside the pores reduce its strength. You want quality systems which you can use for your routine window cleaning and maintenance. That’s where the Unger Ergotec Ninja Squeegee comes in.

Enhanced Window Care With The Ergotec Ninja System
As a professional window cleaner, you want to streamline your operations. Your goal is to cut down on your costs so as to increase your profit margins. While doing this, you cannot afford to compromise on the quality you deliver to your clients, since they are the key to the success of your business. As such, you want reliable products that you can work with, where quality and performance goes in line with more efficient processes that will boost your bottom line. That’s what you get with the Ergotec Ninja System, a premium range of tools specially designed for the professional window cleaning. Each of the products in this range has been carefully engineered to handle a particular facet of the cleaning operations. Take for instance the Ergotec Ninja Microfibre Cloth. The highly absorbent material generates strong forces of attraction when passed over the glass surface, and picks up particles that are too small for even the eye to see. This includes those allergens that would have otherwise affected the persons in your establishment. Then there is the Ergotec Ninja Bucket-On-A-Belt, that cuts down on the amount of time and energy spent as you work with the cleaning solutions- it holds 2 squeegees, 1 safety scraper, 1 washer and 0.75l of cleaning liquid. The Ergotec Ninja Washer, on the other hand, comes with a sleeve with enhanced absorbency and has a strong anodised aluminium structure that is also lightweight, and the Ergotec Ninja Scraper ensures that those bits of grime that have stubbornly adhered to the windows are got off with ease- and its complemented with a durable holder for fitting to your belt. The Ergotec Ninja Squeegee is part and parcel of this system.

Using The Unger Ergotec Ninja Squeegee
Gather your cleaning supplies from the solution to be used, the window washer, to your quality Unger Ergotec Ninja Squeegee. Follow these steps:
1. Prepare the cleaning solution following with instructions that come with the product label.
2. Dip the window washer in the solution, and proceed to give the windows a thorough clean. The aim here is to dissolve the grime. For the very dirty windows, two passes may be needed.
3. The next part is with the Unger Ergotec Ninja Squeegee. Note that the window needs to be wet for this. Wipe the top and side edges of the window with a clean dry cloth, creating a “boundary”. This is aimed at preventing the water from leaking or dripping onto the area you are about to squeegee. Place the Unger Ergotec Ninja Squeegee blade on the dry area, then pull it across the wet surface with an even stroke,
Note that the squeegee needs to be angled, and just a little pressure applied to ensure that there is no bumping, and that you don’t skim over the water. After each stroke, wipe the blade of the squeegee using a cleaning cloth. Remember to always start with a dry section, then overlap the strokes.
4. Wipe the bottom edge of the window using a clean cloth, and you’re done.

Benefits Of Using The Unger Ergotec Ninja Squeegee

1. Quality clean
Your main priority is to get rid of the dirt and grime that is making your windows an eyesore, and incorporating this squeegee into your cleaning program enables you to make that a reality. In addition, since it doesn’t leave behind any streaks on the glass, you get to ensure that to have sparkling windows that brighten up the establishment. For cleaning contractors, this means more satisfied customers and repeat business, enabling you to become more profitable.

2. Tough build
The structural integrity of your cleaning equipment also comes it play. You don’t want tools that will keep needing repairs and replacement, especially if you’re going to be having the windows worked on frequently. For contractors, this is much more the case seeing that the strength of the tools used has a direct impact in their cost of operations. The Unger Ergotec Ninja Squeegee is designed to handle the frequent window cleaning tasks in residential commercial establishments alike. Its T6 is made using Extruded aircraft aluminium, giving it enhanced durability for the task. The material itself is also lightweight. In addition to reducing the strain during operations, this enables you to ensure even pressure distribution in order to obtain that streak-free result you desire.

3. 14″/35cm channel
With squeegees, the length of the channels is critical. You want to be able to cover a large surface area with each swipe, and not to spend ages toiling on the task. At 14″/35cm, the Ergotec Ninja Squeegee channel greatly reduces the time that is spent on the task by enabling you to work on more area faster. The Ninja star markings allow you to properly position the channel.

4. Easy to work with
The Unger Ergotec Ninja Squeegee comes with an ergonomic swivel handle. It is particularly beneficial for those hard-to-reach areas, and when working with poles. The swivel tension can be adjusted using the stainless steel screw that’s on the handle. When you want to lock the squeegee in centre position, simply press the lock button. The handle has been designed to fit perfectly into your hand. The anti-slip rubber enhances the comfort, and gives you a strong grip. This is in addition to the textured thumb area, which ensures that you have greater control of the squeegee as you go about the cleaning.

5. TriLoc Mechanism
This particular feature makes the setup a breeze. It secures the channel to the handle. That way you also won’t have to worry about the channel getting separated from its handle.

6. Safe operation
The last thing you want is a swivel that keeps getting detached in the middle of the cleaning. Not only is this inconveniencing, but it is also a safety risk for those involved. With the Unger Ergotec Ninja Squeegee, you won’t have to worry about that. Its locking cone enables it to fit securely to the pole, ensuring uninterrupted operation. It’s straightforward: “Button in” for locked state, and “Button out” for the unlocked state.
The Unger Ergotec Ninja Squeegee also comes with a SmartClip feature. This is the end clip mechanism that is designed to hold the rubber in place. When open, it has a coloured that signals this to you. At this point you can change the rubber or adjust the tension. When closed, it will securely hold the rubber in place. You can also adjust the tension here by pulling the rubber. The SmartClip feature also protects the window frames from scratching. Maintenance is also easy, since the clip can be replaced by hand, or you can use screwdriver. Speaking of which, the SmartClips can be operated by one hand, from the closing and opening, to adjusting the tension of the rubber.

7. Trusted brand
With Unger, you can rest assured that you’re dealing with quality products. The company has been in the business for over half a century now, from its conceptualisation in the 60s. Henry Unger, its founder, took up window cleaning innovation that were available in the United States and introduced them into the German market, and from then on worked to improve on the designs of products, to increase their efficiency and tailor them to meet the ever-changing demands. Today, Unger is globally renowned, trusted by individual home and business owners, to window cleaning contractors serving multiple clients on a daily basis. The key to their success is the consistency in delivering quality products that match consumer expectations, from the efficiency to the durability. Every product in the line has been covered with Unger guarantee, giving you a value for the amount you spend. You can expect the same level of quality with the Ergotec Ninja Squeegee.

8. Affordable pricing
The Unger Ergotec Ninja Squeegee comes with a pocket-friendly price tag. This is beneficial whether you are looking for a quality tool to add to your home cleaning arsenal, or you’re a cleaning contractor looking to make a purchase that will enhance your operational efficiency without causing your costs to spiral out of control. What’s more, the durability of the squeegee enables it to serve you for multiple cleaning sessions, that way you won’t need to keep making replacements. This brings you more savings in the long run. Add to this the cost benefits to home and business owners that come with ensuring that your windows are properly maintained.

Get The Most Out Of The Unger Ergotec Ninja Squeegee With These Extra Tips
• First inspect the squeegee before you use it. This can be done by simply running your finger down the rubber edge. It should feel perfectly straight across the entire length. It shouldn’t be wavy, stretched- or even too tight. Also ensure that that rubber hangs out both ends of the channel- half a centimetre should suffice. This is to prevent any issue with the window frames, edges and painted surfaces.
• When working with the Unger Ergotec Ninja Squeegee, maintain a base distance of about 7cm. The base distance/angle refers to how the squeegee is positioned, and is the measure between the handle and the glass surface. Keeping an appropriate base distance ensures that the squeegee doesn’t “jump” and leaves behind moisture on the windows, and that way you get streak-free results. Why the 7cm? Well, when the base distance goes to 5cm and below, this slows you down, and may cause streaking. When it goes to 9cm and above, then it increases the chances of patches of solution being left, which you also don’t want to happen.
• Always start the squeegeeing process by “cutting an edge” and creating the dry zone. This can be 1 – 2 cm. That way you don’t keep getting frustrated by window crying, which is as a result of moisture moving from the wet frames onto the just-cleaned sections of the window.
• It’s recommended that you clean straight across. This is not set in stone. Whether you work top-to-bottom, bottom-and-across, it depends on the approach that you prefer. Working across, however, has its distinct advantages including:
i. Making it easier to keep a consistent base angle;
ii. You get better control of the squeegee;
iii. The moisture evenly rolls down the glass, and can even be collected -with a window washer or similar tool- before it reaches the bottom frame;
• You don’t need to use all your muscle when working with the Unger Ergotec Ninja Squeegee. In fact, very little pressure it’s needed.
• Squeegee the windows immediately after they’ve been washed, for better quality results. Allowing them to dry out with cleaning solution still on the glass will force you to redo the washing, as the surface will be sticky and trap more dirt particles.

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