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Unger Ergotec Ninja Sleeve 35 cm

Unger Ergotec Ninja Sleeve 35 cm

Give Your Windows A Thorough Wash With The Unger Ergotec Ninja Sleeve 35 cm

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No one likes smears and dirt spots on their windows. However, they are bound to occur, especially with the constant exposure to the elements and outdoor pollutants. Those particles floating about in the air and carried far and wide by the wind can find their way onto your windows, settling on the glass and clinging to its surface. Car exhaust for homes and businesses located close to busy streets, smoke be it from persons smoking cigarettes in the vicinity or the occasional bonfire in the backyard to mark a celebration, cooking activities that send grease splatters onto the interior sides of the window- which in turn are dirt magnets that trap more dust particles and increase the rate of soiling, hard waters spots caused by the dissolved mineral salts getting left behind as the water evaporates from the windows- there are plenty of sources of the grime that windows up on the windows. Do you have kids and pets around? They like pressing their faces and arms against the window- resulting in fingerprint marks and pawprints being left behind. Acid rain rolling down the glass, the dirt that gets transferred from the screens and slammed against the windows during heavy downpours, faecal residue from insects straddling the glass surface, to the occasional bird perching on the sill and leaving behind a mess- it ruins the appeal of your windows, making it unsightly and negatively affecting your curb appeal. Those layers of dust that develop on the surface reduce the amount of natural light getting into the interior space, dulling the ambience. Routine window cleaning is needed to keep the glass sparkling. That’s where systems like the Unger ErgoTec® Ninja come in. The washer sleeve under review is part of this range of products.


The Unger Ergotec Ninja Sleeve 35 cm is fixed onto the accompanying T-Bar. The completed setup is ergonomic, from the bi-component swivel handle that comes with anti-slip rubber to enhance your comfort during use and give you a better grip, to the coin adjustable stainless steel screw which you can use to increase or decrease the swivel tension. In addition, the swivel function allows you to operate between 0° and 180°, making it a breeze to work on those hard to reach areas, and when you’re using poles for the high rise windows. The centre position (0°) can be locked on by pressing the Lock Button.


Quality design


Unger developers have designed the sleeve to provide superior cleaning action, getting rid of the layers of grime that have built up on the windows with ease. Each component in its structure is integral to the overall outcome. Take for instance the absorbent fibers, which include microfiber. These give the Unger Ergotec Ninja Sleeve 35 cm a high water retention capacity. From soaking up the cleaning solution to work on the window, to trapping the dirt particles as you make the strokes on the glass surface and holding them within its structure, this enhances the efficiency of your operations. It also comes with scrubbing bristles that have been built in rows along its length. These provide the scrubbing action required for loosening up the soiling for it to be washed off. Still have sections with stubborn grime after this? Well the Unger Ergotec Ninja Sleeve 35 cm kicks things up a notch with its 2 abrasive pads, which are situated one on each side. That way you get to give the window a thorough scrub- without putting the structural integrity of the glass at risk.


The entire process- from the setup to the cleaning itself and the maintenance of the Unger Ergotec Ninja Sleeve 35 cm, is a breeze. To get it ready, secure it onto the T-Bar using the Velcro fastener, which ensures that it doesn’t come off all through the cleaning. After you’re done, launder it in the washing machine, to remove the grime that has been absorbed and held within its fibres. Note that the sleeve is machine washable for up to 500 times, which also means that you get to use it for multiple cleaning sessions, saving your window cleaning costs in the long run. This is attributed to the durability of its material.


Cleaning Your Windows


Follow these steps:


  1. First prepare your cleaning solution. Use the dilution ratios that come with the product label. For those with specialty glass, such as Low-E glass, ensure that the product used is safe for your installation.


  1. Attach the Unger Ergotec Ninja Sleeve 35 to the T-Bar.


  1. Dip it into the solution and squeeze out any excess water from the sleeve. After all, you don’t want drips forming all over.


  1. Proceed to wash the window. Ensure that you cover the entire target area. Pay particular attention to those areas that have heavy soiling build ups.


In case there is sticky residue, such as paint, tape, mortar particles like with post-construction clean-up jobs, decals and adhesive residue, you can bring out your scraper here. Ensure that the sections that you are scrapping are wet. Products like the ErgoTec® Ninja Scraper come in handy, with its dual-sided blades that have been constructed using rust-resistant 440A grade stainless steel and have been specially designed for removing such substances from the glass- it’s also part of the range of products which includes the Unger Ergotec Ninja Sleeve 35 cm.


  1. Using your squeegee, place its rubber blade against the glass and glide it across the window, without lifting it until you reach the end. You can also use a top-to-bottom approach, depending on your preference. Wipe the squeegee blade, and then glide it across the next section, overlapping the paths with a couple of centimetres. For this part you can use a unit like the ergonomic ErgoTec® Ninja Squeegee. It feels natural in the hand, and comes with anti-slip rubber for enhanced grip- just like the T-Bar used with the Unger Ergotec Ninja Sleeve 35 cm. It also has a swivel function, hence you’ll find the transition between the two tools seamless. With a quick channel change, flexible rubber positioning, and locking mechanisms like the SmartClip feature and TriLoc mechanism, and even the Locking Cone when working with poles, you get to carry out the squeegeeing fast and effectively.


  1. Wipe up the water that’s at the edges using a clean cloth- such as the ErgoTec® Ninja MicroWipe™. Go around the frame, removing any suds. The MicroWipe™ in particular comes with scrubbing corners to take care of this spot cleaning.


Unger Ergotec Ninja Sleeve 35 cm

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