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Unger ErgoTec Ninja Handle

Unger ErgoTec Ninja Handle


Unger ErgoTec Ninja Handle


With window care, the success of your operations depends on the equipment you use. Whether you’re carrying out your routine window cleaning at home, or you’re a professional contractor who has clients for both residential and commercial buildings waiting for you to attend to their needs, you want equipment that you can rely on to deliver on its mandate. Factors that come into play range from the speed of the cleaning- where you want to carry out the job quickly and still obtain streak-free results, the amount of effort expended during the operations, the ease of handling it, all through to the maintenance required. You want a durable tool that can last for long. That way you get to reduce your window cleaning budget over time. For professional cleaners, this has a direct impact on your bottom-line. Your costs of operations are directly tied to the equipment you use, and you want to ensure that you can reduce your expenses without compromising on the level of results that are required by your customers. Unger developers took note of this, and teamed up with industry specialists to engineer a range of products that can meet the demands of the job. This brought forth the ErgoTec® Ninja line, a premium window cleaning system, that consists of Washer T-bars, microfiber cloths, quality pocket scrapers, all through to the signature Ninja Squeegee, of which the Unger ErgoTec Ninja Handle is part of.


Benefits Of The Unger ErgoTec Ninja Handle


  1. Ergonomic setup

The Unger ErgoTec Ninja Handle has been designed to be easy to use. It fits snuggly in your hand, and comes with anti-slip rubber to enhance the grip. This is a welcome feature seeing that the cleaning conditions involve plenty of water, and you don’t want the squeegee slipping out of your hands. The thumb area of the Unger ErgoTec Ninja Handle is also textured, giving you a greater level of control. That way, the cleaning process doesn’t have to be a hassle, reducing the amount of effort that you put into the task.


  1. Wide range

The 180° movement that’s possible with the swivel function of the Unger ErgoTec Ninja Handle gives you a wide cleaning range. That way you get to work on more glass surface in a shorter time, speeding up your operations. The swivel function is particularly beneficial when working with poles. The tension of swivel can be adjusted to your preference using the stainless steel screw on the unit. In case you want to lock it in the centre position (at 0°) , simply press the lock button.


  1. Firmly locks onto the pole

When you want to use the squeegee with an extension pole, to access those high rise windows and other hard-to-reach areas, simply fix it onto the desired pole, and lock it in place using the ErgoTec® Locking Cone, which ensures that it doesn’t fall off or start spinning during usage.


Enhanced Cleaning Power

The design of the Unger ErgoTec Ninja Handle, coupled with the engineering of the rest of the components of the Ninja squeegee, gives superior window cleaning performance. Take the channel for instance, that holds the rubber being used for cleaning. The channels are long, coming in sizes ranging from 20cm to 105cm. That way you can select the unit that meets your particular needs, in order to dramatically cut down the amount of time spent when working on the larger window surfaces. It also works with the TriLoc mechanism, which keeps the channel from getting separated from the Unger ErgoTec Ninja Handle. With the TriLoc feature, you get to quickly change and reposition the channel, and firmly secure it in place. The construction of the channel, a high-tech T6 aluminium structure, is lightweight and durable, standing up the heavy demands of professional window cleaning, where contractors deal with multiple windows on a daily basis. With the Ninja star markings on it, you are able to easily position it in the centre. The channels also have 2 rubber positions, the lower one for the shorter channels and the higher one for the longer channels, in order for the cleaner to obtain optimal pressure and contact with the glass surface.


Add to this features such as the SmartClip, an end-clip mechanism on the channel that ensure the rubber is held in place. The SmartClips click once in position, and allow you to adjust the tension of the rubber so easily that you can do it with one hand- or even when wearing gloves. This has also been designed to protect the window frames from getting scratched as you carry out the cleaning. This entire setup, from the Unger ErgoTec Ninja Handle, to the channel fixed onto it and the rubber that it holds, enables you to have a highly effective squeegee that can tackle window cleaning jobs across the scope.


Tips For Using The ErgoTec® Squeegee

Relax and let the Unger ErgoTec Ninja Handle sit in your hand. You don’t need much effort to squeegee the window. Rest the rubber on the glass surface without your body being tight or tense, as this will tire you out. You’ll find that you don’t need to apply much pressure onto the window. Glide the squeegee across the wet surface, letting the water flow down the window.


The cleaning is most optimal when it starts out at a dry section of the glass, and then moves onto the wet area. This is to avoid the infamous “window crying”, that occurs when water travels out of the frames after you’ve begun squeegeeing the window. To prevent this, create a dry zone, using the edge of the squeegee or a cloth, around the window. It can be 1 – 2 cm side. When you squeegee, start from this section and glide the blade across the window. You can also work top-to-bottom. However, going across is preferred because it gives you more control of the squeegee, and enables you to maintain a consistent base distance between the Unger ErgoTec Ninja Handle and the glass surface. It also makes it easier to catch the water that’s falling before it gets to the bottom frame.


Unger ErgoTec Ninja Handle

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