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Unger Ergotec Long Handle Scraper

Unger Ergotec Long Handle Scraper

Removing Stubborn Grime With The Unger Ergotec Long Handle Scraper

During cleaning operations, effectiveness and safety are top priorities. You want equipment that can deliver optimal performance, reducing time and energy spent on the task, while completely removing the dirt and grime from the area being worked on. In homes, educational institutions, office buildings, hospitality venues and even medical centres, the quality of the equipment you use has a huge impact on the success of your cleaning. Unger has taken this into account when developing its wide range of cleaning systems. These have been designed to suit the diverse applications, from washers and squeegees, to the buckets and telescopic poles they are used with. Their developers, partnering with professional cleaners, have engineered products that reduce the strain on the user, while also enhancing the safety of the underlying structure being worked on. For scraping action, they have different tools, among them the Unger Ergotec Long Handle Scraper, which is used when working on surfaces.

Caked on grime on the walls and floors, those smudges that refuse to come off countertops and shelves, the residue left behind when posters are pulled down, glue, paint overspray and cement splashes that are witnessed just after renovation and construction jobs, this kind of grime is not simply scrubbed off the surface. Conventional cleaning solutions don’t dissolve them, and you can spend hours trying to wipe them off the area being cleaned. The scrapers have been specially designed for such scenarios, and adding the Unger Ergotec Long Handle Scraper to your cleaning arsenal will enable you get rid of the grime in a fraction of the time that you would have otherwise taken. It maintains the standards of quality that are expected of Unger products, thus you can rest assured you’re getting value for your purchase.

Superior Scraping Action
The design of the Unger Ergotec Long Handle Scraper enables you to tackle the stubborn grime adhering to the various surfaces as you clean, reducing your workload and speeding up the process. Take the blades for instance. They come with reversible sharp and blunt edges. The sharp side comes in handy when you intend to remove substances like paint and glue. The blunt side, on the other hand, is for the heavy soiling, like in the cases where there are cement splashes on the surface, or you’re removing stucco. The blades are packed in a plastic dispenser, being individually wrapped in wax paper. This is to protect them from rust, and ensure that they also don’t stick together. That way, when you want to proceed with the cleaning, simply pull out the blade from the dispenser, and when you’re done, returning it is also easy. This provides safe storage. Back to the rust protection: since the cleaning typically involves the use of plenty of water and other solutions, the design of the blades of the Unger Ergotec Long Handle Scraper has also taken this into account. Both sides have been lacquered, protecting them from the corrosion, thus each blade gets to service you for long.

The durability of the structure enables you to use the Unger Ergotec Long Handle Scraper for multiple cleaning sessions. From the handle to the tough carbon steel blades, it will withstand the heavy demands that come with the territory. This brings you savings, since it cuts down the costs you incur on your building maintenance equipment in the long run. As you go about the scraping, each stroke of the scraper packs a punch, courtesy of the 25cm long handle. This, coupled with the comfortable grip, adds to the ergonomic nature of the tool, making the scraping process a breeze. With less energy and time being spent on the task, you get to cover more area faster, which is beneficial whether you’re dealing with your chores at home, or you’re a professional cleaning contractor carrying out your job and have multiple clients in residential and commercial establishments. When not in use, the Unger Ergotec Long Handle Scraper comes with a blade protection cap, making the storage safer for everyone involved.
• Before you begin, first wet the surface to be worked on. Soapy water, a cleaning solution prepared with the product that is suited for the particular kind of surface material- whichever the case. Simply ensure that the surface it’s wet, to provide the lubrication needed.
• To get acclimatised with the scraper and see how it works, you can test it out on an inconspicuous area. Once you’re ready, proceed.
• Scrape the spot with the grime in a forward motion. Start with the sides, then go ahead to the centre. Do not drag the Unger Ergotec Long Handle Scraper backwards. This is to avoid trapping debris under the blade, which can result in scratches to the surface being worked on.

When scraping, there here are some tips that you should follow:
– First, ensure that you have fixed the right blade for the job. There are glass scrapers which are constructed with flexible stainless steel, and surface scrapers which have a robust carbon steel body. The blade used depends on where you’re working on.
– Always check the condition of the blade. It should not be rusty. Also, the sharp side should remain sharp, as the blunt side is intended for the heavy soiling. This does not mean that you run your finger across the blade- especially with the sharp side. That’s now cuts and nicks happen. Having spare blades in reach comes in handy. Keep the replacement blades in a dry and safe place.
– Don’t scrape the surface when it’s dry. In fact, it’s recommended that you first wash the area to remove the general soiling, then bring out the Unger Ergotec Long Handle Scraper to deal with the stubborn sections when the surface is still wet.
– Never leave the scraper unattended in public places, or around children. In addition, when not in use, ensure that the blade protection cap is fixed on.
– In case you’re not sure whether or not a surface can be scraped, it’s recommended that you do a test run on a small section, then view the area at different angles- and even in different lighting if possible.

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