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Unger Blades 10 CM

Unger Blades 10 CM

Unger Blades 10 CM

-premium quality blades for unger scrapers

-it will fit all 10 cm unger universal scrapers

-made from premium rust free materials

-sharp, durable, easy to use & cost effective

-recommended for heavy duty cleaning

Unger Blades 4″/10 cm Review

Sometimes you can’t remove the debris on windows just by washing them. Take paint spills and cement splashes for instance- like after a construction job. You can spend hours on the grime with squeegees and sponges but you’ll not make progress. What of the stickers and foils that are on the display windows of malls and retail stores? Perhaps your car windows also has them. Pulling up the adhesive tapes, labels and stickers from surfaces usually leave behind shreds stuck to it. Even floors are not left behind. Dried food particles, paint, grease and grime, all through to substances like candle wax, are annoying. Trying to use items like box cutters and scratchy pads to remove them from the surfaces lengthens the cleaning process. You want a quick and efficient solution. That’s where the Unger Blades 4″/10 cm comes in.

Benefits Of The Unger Blades 4″/10 cm

  1. Thorough scraping action

The Unger Blades 4″/10 cm take scraping a notch higher by being able to deal with both the caked-on residue on the surface, plus heavy-duty soiling. This is due to their reversible sharp/blunt blade nature. The sharp edge is ideal for those stubborn objects like paint and stickers on the surfaces, while the blunt side comes in when you’re removing the heavy grime.

  1. Durable

Both sides of the Unger Blades 4″/10 cm are lacquered, which provides longer protection against rust. This is particularly beneficial since the cleaning processes involve plenty of water and cleaning solutions. In addition, the blades are wrapped to protect them from the elements when not in use, and to remain dry in storage. This convenient plastic dispenser ensures that they are readily available when you need to use them.

  1. Multisurface scraper

Used with either Unger Floor and Window Scraper SH000 or Unger Maxi Scraper STMAX, the blades can work on multiple surfaces in the establishment. Paint, tape, stickers on glass windows, to construction debris like stucco or caulk from walls, and even tiled surfaces- the Unger Blades 4″/10 cm will be up to the task. The scrapers themselves are designed to enable easy blade change, and have protective safety caps.

  1. Budget-friendly

You get all this without denting your wallet. The Unger Blades 4″/10 cm are affordable, and come in packs of 10. Thus you get to save on your purchase costs, and reduce your cleaning and maintenance expenses in the long run.

Tips For Using The Unger Blades 4″/10 cm

  • First, ensure that the blades are properly fixed to the scrapers. Note that they only work with scrapers of the same size. Place the blade onto the insert track, then take this combination and slide it into the head of the scraper. The role of the insert track is to ensure the blade remains steady and secure as you scrape.
  • Only scrape the glass surface when it’s wet. You can also choose to add a lubricating soap/cleaning solution to the surface you’re working on.
  • Scrape using even pressure, taking care to only push the scraper forward, not pulling it back.

Unger Blades 4″/10 cm