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Turn To The Pros For Your End Of Tenancy Cleaning

Turn To The Pros For Your End Of Tenancy Cleaning

Turn To The Pros For Your End Of Tenancy Cleaning

Before you move to your new location and put the current residence behind you, there are some things that you will need cleared up. Top on the list? The premises needs to be given a thorough wash to restore it to a suitable condition as stipulated in your tenancy agreement. All this is key for you to get your security deposit back. The cleaning is one of the primary causes of disputes between tenants and landlords. The tenants are normally strained for time to give the house an in-depth clean, tending instead to rush through the process, yielding low quality results. Stains and grime left all over the premises need to be got rid of. Those spots that were glossed over time – perhaps hidden under a rug or by shifting around the furniture to put them out of mind, will be glaring anomalies that demand to be rectified. The landlord’s priority is having the residence in a habitable and attractive condition that will enable a new tenant to take up occupancy of the premises after you have moved out, so you can expect the inspection to be strict. 

What Is Needed During The End Of Tenancy Cleaning?

The amount of workload that comes in during the move out cleaning will be dependent on how big the property is, and how much cleaning you had been carrying out on a routine basis. Here is a general run-down and move-out checklist of what is required:

  • Clearing the area

First, personal belongings need to be removed from the house. This covers everything from electronics and artwork that had been draped up on the walls, to the furniture and items in the closet.

  • Vacuuming

To deal with the loose dust particles on the surfaces, you’ll need to vacuum the home. This once-over task includes the floor, stairs, closets, those nooks and crannies, plus the hard-to-reach spots in the household.

  • Wiping surfaces

Next up, use a clean cloth to wipe down the different surfaces. The cleaning liquid here will vary, based on the type of surface being worked on. You want to use a formulation that will be safe for the material. All-purpose cleaners tend to be used here, but take extra care when dealing with sensitive surfaces. Cover all areas, including the countertops, bookshelves, the window panes, kitchen worktops, to the walls and the fireplace mantles. 

  • Get to the cabinets

These areas tend to have food deposits and insect residue from the critters that come to feed on the material. Residue from cooking products in the kitchen cabinets also factors in. With the cabinet cleared out you will be in a better position to ensure that the grime has been removed. 

  • Cleaning appliances

With chrome fixtures and stainless-steel appliances having smudges and fingerprint covering them, use the cleaning cloth and soapy solution or all-purpose spray to give them a wipe-down. Remember to attend to the microwave as well. 

Some appliances will require a thorough scrub. Take the oven for instance. All those meals that were baked in it will have led to grease spots building up in the interior of the unit, and the heat involved causes the greasy residue to be baked onto the surface, and this will need a thorough scrub for the content to be removed. 

The stovetop also comes into focus. It’s one of the spots that will have burnt-on food particles. 

  • Bathroom cleaning

The main issues here include soap scum deposits that are all over the shower doors, walls and bathtub, limescale deposits in the sink and toilet bowl, plus urine scale deposits. Add this to gunk that is in the showerhead – which can have accumulated to a level of blocking the unit, smudges on the window, plus cases of mould and mildew developing in the bathroom. All these will need to be attended to, and will be a significant chunk of the amount of time that is taken up for the end of tenancy cleaning. 

  • Cleaning out the closets

Those closet shelves should be wiped down, as well as the hanging rods. Ensure that you give the closet floor a good clean, to remove the residue that may have been left behind from the clothing items that were housed in the unit.


How Tenants Benefit From Professional Move Out Cleaning Services


  • Ease the strain


Every moving process comes with its pressures. Handling the logistics of the relocation – from packing, making arrangements with the moving company, dealing with the formalities like informing your bank and insurance provider about the change in address – they all need your attention. Handling the transfer of schools records for those families with kids who will be required to transfer schools, cancelling subscriptions at the gym, setting up a yard sale, gifting your close friends and neighbours, plus the tears and hugs as you make the farewells – a lot goes down during this period. Being burdened with a taxing DIY end of tenancy cleaning job will be strenuous. As you can see, there are numerous areas that need to be covered, and the expected quality of results is high. Avoid the workload by simply hiring a professional cleaning service to handle the task for you. 


  • Speedy turnaround


With all the activities that are demanding your attention during the relocating process, every minute counts. Taking hours to scrub away in the different rooms will eat into the amount of time that’s available. However, the professionals are equipped with high capacity machinery, as well as the training and expertise on handling the different aspects of the cleaning job, thus they carry it out in a fraction of the time that it would have taken going the DIY route. That way, you won’t have to worry about the chores creating a bottleneck in your moving schedule, and you get to continue with the process as planned. 

Definitely, for you to get a quality job done, you need to be sure that you’re dealing with the right end of tenancy cleaning company. When selecting between the different firms offering the service, be keen on aspects such as the kind of training and experience that the personnel have, and how long they have been carrying out cleaning tasks. Go through the reviews from other clients who had previously hired the firm, checking their comments on their social media pages. For brands with more positive reviews and high ratings, you will be more relaxed hiring them. Speaking of which, pay attention to the negative reviews and how the company addresses them. Usually, for the genuine complaints, professional companies take time to look into it, and afterwards the aggrieved client updates the review. Ask about the instance coverage of the firm. Given that no company can say for certainty that it will never have an accident, the insurance comes in to protect you from liabilities – and definitely you don’t want to be facing extra liabilities just when you’re about to relocate. Insurance for the property being worked on, as well as workers compensation for the personnel providing the service, is key. 


Maintenance measures during the move out process

In addition to the end of tenancy cleaning, you are also required to make repairs around the house for areas that got damaged over the course of your stay. For instance, there could be scratches or markings that are on the walls and this will need to be touched up with some paint. Ensure that the paint used here will match the wall, otherwise it will lead to a whole set of different problems. Are there nails or wall anchors that had been screwed into the wall? This kind of hardware should be removed, and the resultant holes patched up. There are cases that call for the drywall to be repaired, and here it’s really best that you let a professional handle it.


Are you a Landlord or Property Manager?

Your property needs to be maintained in good condition for the real estate venture to continue raking in profits. Unfortunately, you never really know exactly how clean the tenants are until they move out. However, before the next tenants move in, the premises needs to be in a clean and habitable state. Let’s look at how you stand to benefit from the end of tenancy cleaning services.



The machinery needed to give the house a thorough top-to-bottom clean doesn’t come cheap. From window washing systems, hot water extraction cleaners, high-powered vacuums and scrubbing units – having to acquire them for the occasional cleaning tasks will not be feasible. What’s more, there will be costs that go into maintaining the equipment, as well as training staff to use them. Having these additional expenses as you run the real estate business will eat into your profits, as opposed to simply hiring a professional cleaning company that has already invested in the machinery needed for the task since they had a wide range of residential and commercial clients to work with. A professional crew with industrial-grade machinery gets to carry out the task faster, and this reduces the operational costs involved, which in turn translates to lower pricing in the quotation provided. 



The costs of cleaning properties over the years also comes in when you’re counting the hours spent on the task. Going the DIY route for the end of tenancy cleaning each time that you have a tenant moving out will put a strain on your normal day-to-day life. After all, you’re already preoccupied with aspects like running the rental business, marketing it, all through to the work life for those who have job commitments and use the rental as a side-project for passive income. Having to drop everything and rush to the house to give it a top-to-bottom clean whenever it gets empty is not how you picture things going. However professional clears are already equipped for the task, and are efficient at carrying it out. This means that the premises will be ready, in time, and to the expected quality standards, for the next tenant to move in. This becomes even more critical for short-terms rentals which witness high turnover of occupants. The premises needs to be up and ready with minimal time, since no guests will want to check into a dirty house or apartment. Having to call up acquaintances or friends to handle these urgent cleaning tasks will be putting your business on the line. Relying on a professional cleaning company that has the personnel and machinery on standby for the task will give you peace of mind. 



In this day and age, negative reviews spread like wildfire. You don’t want your real estate business coming under loads of complaints, as this can tarnish your reputation. Complaints of prospective tenants viewing the property and finding it covered in grime and stains, guests in short-term rentals finding traces of the previous occupants all over the house – these need to be avoided. With a professional cleaning service where the personnel know exactly what to look for and ensure that the task is carried out to high quality standards, it will enable you to get more positive reviews, which will be beneficial to your real estate business in the long run. 



The survival of the rental business will depend on the condition that it is maintained in. Insisting on quality end of tenancy cleaning services will ensure that the grime – which is a prime contributor to deterioration in the structural integrity of the structure, is got rid of. What’s more, professionals are well versed with the right chemicals and machines to use for the cleaning task, making it a much safer approach than risking it through a DIY process, or hiring rookies for the task. You don’t want to be in a situation where corrosive cleaning agents are being used on sensitive surfaces, weakening their structure, harsh chemicals dulling surfaces and requiring more costs to go into refinishing them prematurely, or issues of outright damage caused by mistakes by the cleaner. Leave the end of the tenancy cleaning task to a qualified company that has years of experience in providing the service, that way you can rest assured that your property is in good hands. 

Turn To The Pros For Your End Of Tenancy Cleaning