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Turn To The ASAP T-Grip Orange Nitrile Gloves For Superior Grip

Turn To The ASAP T-Grip Orange Nitrile Gloves For Superior Grip

Turn To The ASAP T-Grip Orange Nitrile Gloves For Superior Grip

When getting safety gloves for your work environment, different factors are considered.  Take material for instance. Nitrile gloves have become the go-to gloves for tough jobs. They are used across a wide range of niches, gaining prominence over latex gloves across the board, from janitorial, manufacturing, to plumbing, automotive, paint jobs and industrial applications. This is due to plenty of reasons. For starters, the nitrile comes with a high puncture-resistance. Being powder-free, you won’t have to worry about the mess that is formed when you have powder on your hands, especially when dealing with fresh adhesives and ink. Nitrile rubber itself comes with greater resistance to chemicals, oils and acids compared to natural rubber. When it comes to the numbers, nitrile has been recommended for working with a whopping 67% of chemicals, which is 28% more than vinyl or latex. Thickness and length also weigh in. The optimal choice here depends on the intended application. Basically, you want a glove that is thick enough to provide the required puncture resistance, cut and abrasion resistance, plus prevents water and chemical permeation. With the length, focus here is on aspects such as whether you will be dipping your hands in a chemical, hence need more coverage for the exposed skin. When it comes to comfort, you don’t want a product that keeps causing the wearer’s hands to develop blisters because of the material not offering adequate cushioning and causing the hands to quickly get sore. The comfort also plays a role with the ease in which the tasks will be performed when the gloves have been worn, since poorly fitting glove can be an impediment to one being effective in their job.

Glove colour comes in depending on the industry it’s in use. Here, the emphasis is on visibility, and also projecting a professional look while on the job. you’re working in. For instance, in the medical field blue gloves are preferred, while for the industrial niche like the automotive, orange nitrile gloves are popular. Then there is the issue of latex allergies. Nitrile gloves are ideal in such situations when one is susceptible to the allergies, being a synthetic alternative to the natural rubber. Comfort too weighs in. Nitrile gloves are known for conforming close to the body temperature as the body heat warms the gloves. This makes them more comfortable to use. Even donning and removing them is a breeze, given that they have a lower coefficient of friction. This is with the material itself, and the manufacturing process goes a step further to add finishes that allows one to wear and remove the gloves more seamlessly. When getting nitrile gloves for your employees or your personal use, you want to be sure that you’re getting a quality product. For the heavy-duty applications, turn to the ASAP T-Grip Orange Nitrile Gloves.

What The ASAP T-Grip Orange Nitrile Gloves Bring On Board


  • Superior protection under tough conditions


These are highly durable gloves, keeping your hands safe for those DIY projects at home, contractors carrying out task at the worksite, all through to those involved in research and development work, be it in academic labs or industrial environments. The ASAP T-Grip Orange Nitrile Gloves have a 1.5 AQL rating and clock a glove weight of 8.5g. They also meet Personal Protective Equipment Regulation (EU) 2016/425 specifications. These are heavy-duty units, thicker and stronger than the conventional nitrile gloves. They have become popular for those tasks which are carried out in hazardous conditions, and come with high puncture resistance. You get to protect yourself from accidents that would have landed you into the emergency room. The ASAP T-Grip Orange Nitrile Gloves are applicable for workers in different sectors, from those handling construction jobs and infrastructural projects, to those in the service and repair industry- like the crew dealing with automotive parts. They also have the added benefit of preventing the oils and greases from getting onto your hands.

The material itself also protects you from chemicals. These are the likes of the organic solvents that are used during paint jobs which you don’t want splashing onto your skin. The chemicals and biohazards can wreak havoc once they penetrate the skin and get into the body system. Primers, thinner and hardeners, to basecoats, resins and fillers- there is a wide range of chemicals, each coming with their different ingredients which one needs to be protected from while carrying out the day to day tasks. From the break-through time to the permeation rate, the design of the ASAP T-Grip Orange Nitrile Gloves has been optimized to keep your skin safe.


  • Enhanced grip


For gloves, ensuring that you have proper grip is critical. First, it reduces the need for one to use extra force when handling the different tools in the workplace, or make too many adjustments to body posture in an attempt to solidify their grip. This reduces the additional stresses to muscles and joints that would have been caused. Then there are those who are exposed to wet conditions. Here, texture is key in enabling them to carry out their tasks without the equipment slipping off their grip. You also don’t want a situation where objects get dropped, or your employees choose to take off the gloves because they are an impediment to their productivity. The ASAP T-Grip Orange Nitrile Gloves come with a tight diamond pattern that gives the wearer enhanced grip when carrying out their operations. This enables one to remain effective even in conditions that are wet and oily, while providing the required protection. What’s more, the diamond patterns come in handy in ensuring the liquids that wind up on the gloves flow off the surface, further strengthening your grip on the items that are being held.  The design of the ASAP T-Grip Orange Nitrile Gloves achieves this without compromising on the flexibility and tactility of the unit.


  • Suitable for food preparation areas


Kitchens require disposable gloves to maintain the required hygiene standards. Preventing foodborne illnesses is key, and the equipment that is used in the preparation environment where the meals are being prepared requires careful selection. The ASAP T-Grip Orange Nitrile Gloves are rated as “Food Safe”, meaning that they can be used in these applications without worrying about contamination. That way, you get to protect your hands as you cut the spicy foods and peppers, prevent acidic juices from getting onto your hands- and especially for those who already have injuries and its important to keep the different agents from getting into the cuts on the skin. With the ASAP T-Grip Orange Nitrile Gloves you also get to protect your manicured nails. It also means that you won’t be left with those strong odours from items like fish products that were being prepared. The ASAP T-Grip Orange Nitrile Gloves also come in handy when unscrewing those jars and containers that have been overtightened- which is a welcome bonus of their superior grip.

Your budget also factors in. As most of the food preparation work will rely on the single-use disposable gloves, commercial kitchens, caterers and those with busy businesses within the foodservice industry will go through numerous gloves a week. Hence, to avoid straining your budget, you want an economical unit, and one which you can buy in bulk to ensure that you always have sufficient supply at hand. That way you won’t find yourself in a situation where you’re making compromises and putting the health of your customers at risk. With the ASAP T-Grip Orange Nitrile Gloves, they come at affordable prices, and you can purchase them in bulk, in order to reduce your operational costs.


  • Latex-free gloves


Latex allergies are triggered by proteins that come with natural rubber latex. Basically, the body mistakes the latex for a harmful substance, causing the reactions. For those allergic to it, the symptoms usually arise after touching the latex products- which includes the conventional gloves. The symptoms can also be caused when latex protein particles are breathed in, a common occurrence for the powdered latex gloves, where the powder tends to get airborne when the gloves are being donned or doffed. The systems range from the mild ones like itching, hives or rash, or skin redness, to runny noses, sneezing, and the more severe difficulty of breathing, a scratchy throat and wheezing. The longer the exposure, the more severe the reactions become. One of the most serious reactions is anaphylaxis, where your life is on the line. It occurs in highly sensitive people. 

Upon exposure, the immune system triggers antibodies to fight off the latex. Histamine plus other chemicals are released into the bloodstream, such cases the wide range of symptoms. As the times of exposure increase, the stronger the response from the immune system- a situation referred to as sensitization. In addition to the direct contact latex products- like balloons, condoms and gloves, plus inhalation due to the powder in the latex gloves, there can also be reactions like: allergic contact dermatitis, which is as a result of the chemical additives that are used in the manufacture of the gloves, where the main symptom is a skin rash that forms blisters that resemble a poison ivy reaction, which can happen within a day or two after exposure; plus irritant contact dermatitis, which is technically not an allergy, but irritation caused by the wearing the gloves or due to the powder that is within them- and usually causes dryness and itching on the hands. Working with latex-free gloves takes away the risks involved, which is part of the reason why the ASAP T-Grip Orange Nitrile Gloves are popular.


  • No powder= No mess


Traditionally, substances like cornstarch powder were added to gloves to make it easy for a person to wear then or remove them. However, this came with one significant drawback: the mess that was formed. This affected operations cross the scope, from those in the automotive industry, those involved in paint jobs, to the engineers in research and development facilities. When the gloves are being donned or taken off, the powder particles get released into the air, and there are those particles that remain on the hands. The powder can get into the chemical solutions being used, or the paint, thus ruining the quality of the finish. When installations are being set up in the building and construction industry, where sealing agents are being used, if the powder gets into these substances, it compromises on the integrity of the structure. It’s also particularly annoying when the powder gets onto a person’s clothes, and needs to be cleaned off. The ASAP T-Grip Orange Nitrile Gloves are powder-free, thus enabling you to avoid these scenarios. Here, instead of powder being used to make the wearing process easier, processes like polymer coating are employed, that make slipping the gloves on or off a breeze, without the mess that is typical of the conventional powdered gloves.


  • Brightly coloured gloves


Colour is a vital aspect to consider for the gloves, since visibility is a factor that affects the potential hazards of a working environment. For instance, there are those who carry out their operations in low light settings or work at night. There are cases where workers need to stand out within their environment, especially when there is plenty of machinery around, or even in cases of farms.  Here, differentiating the workers from the background is key. Some weather conditions can result in vision being obscured- like rain, fog and snow. When it comes to factories, it is easy for workers to get distracted, with their attention being taken away from the task at hand- pun intended. In other situations, the perception of distance between the hands and the moving parts of machinery can get affected, especially when dealing with long and straight distances, plus those work surfaces which are slippery. In other situations, the equipment occasionally operated in reverse, which means that sightlines may be particularly obscured. Having brightly coloured gloves make enable the hands of the worker who is wearing them to be clearly seen. This drastically decreases the chances of the hands getting caught in the moving parts of the machinery.

Turn To The ASAP T-Grip Orange Nitrile Gloves For Superior Grip


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