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Tover Idrolak DR97 Extra Matt

Tover Idrolak DR97 Extra Matt

 Tover Idrolak DR97 Extra Matt


-two pack water based floor varnish suitable for commercial & domestic

-it will provide excellent protection against abrasion & cleaning products

-it will keep the the treated  surface very natural and very healthy looking

-Tover Idrolak DR97 Extra Matt will cover around 12 to 14 sq meter per L

-it can be applied with a paint roller or a special industrial spraying gun

-suitable vor varnishing all types of wood floors, furniture, wood work, etc

-one of the most popular water based floor varnish from Tover brand


Tover Idrolak DR97 Extra Matt – Where to use

Highly popular water based varnish that has proven to outlast its competition. Suitable to use on all types of fancy wood surfsves where a natural look is required. It can be uses for sealing floors, furniture, doors, windows, frames, etc. Looks great, last for many years and it has great scratch resistant. Suitable for the commercial market or for domestic floors with very high traffic. Its high coverage area make it very popular with the trades. This two pack water based floor varnish is known to last for many years even under constant traffic.To be used internal only.


Tover Idrolak Extra Matt – How to use

Like all other water based matt varnish, the idea of Tover Idrolak DR97 Extra Matt is to keep the wood surface as natural as possible. The sanding operation or the surface preparation has to be done to perfection to avoid visible imperfections after the job was completed. Extra matt varnishes do not glaze the wood at all and it expose even the smallest imperfection. Sand the floor with 60 grit sand paper, then 80 grit sand paper and then 100 or 120 grit sand paper. Remove all the dust and make sure that the floor is fully dry. Apply 1 coat of water based varnish and allow 2 hours to dry. Sand the whole surface again with 150 grit sand paper and remove all the dust. Apply 2 more coats for full protection. Use a small brush for edges and apply the rest of the surface with a varnish roller. If you neede to varnish over newly stained surfaces, it is ver important to make sure that the stain is 100% dry (2 to 24 hours).


Tover Idrolak DR97 Extra Matt – extra matt, extra tough and beautiful natural finosh!

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