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Toss Out The Trash With The Earth2Earth 240 L Wheelie Bin Liners

Toss Out The Trash With The Earth2Earth 240 L Wheelie Bin Liners

Toss Out The Trash With The Earth2Earth 240 L Wheelie Bin Liners

When it comes to retail stores, one of the most used packaging materials is corrugated cardboard. The busier that a store gets, handling the numerous customers trooping in and out on a daily basis, the more the waste that is generated. The more products that are sold, the higher the rate of waste the build-up. The immediate problem is the reduced storage space as more goods come in to replenish the stock. The corrugated cardboard, plus other packaging items are bulky. The large quantities of waste have negative effects across the scope, from the workflow, human resource, transport costs get affected, plus the environment itself. Having a proper waste management system is critical to enhance the brand of your store, and keep your operations running optimally. Turn to units such as the Earth2Earth 240 L Wheelie Bin Liners for this. 

A Daily Occurrence

Unpacking new stock and setting it up on the shelves is part of the day-to-day operations in retail stores. A section of the staff probably spends its entire working day unpacking these items from their plastic wrappings and cardboard boxes.  The packaging waste becomes an issue that cannot be ignored. Since the goods are usually delivered at different intervals, with cases where a huge batch is sent in at one go, the waste bins that are on the premises should have the capacity to handle it. It’s common to find stores throwing everything into one bin. This waste is then taken out of the warehouse or storage room, to create more space for the staff. Building up the waste into one container isn’t recommended, for environment purposes. For instance, the unsorted material tends to end up in incinerators, which will also be an expensive undertaking for the store. Sorting the different waste materials into recyclables, compost waste, and landfill trash using the different coloured Earth2Earth 240 L Wheelie Bin Liners will enable you to have a more eco-friendly setup for the waste management needs of your retail establishment. 

Large capacity trash bag

The packaging material takes up space. You want to work with products that will reduce the frequency with which the bins will need to be emptied and the content taken away for disposal. The large Earth2Earth 240 L Wheelie Bin Liners fit right into this. They can take in loads of waste, from the organic matter, paper products, plastics, the packaging material and wrapping that gets churned out from the business premises, with the large volume enabling it to meet the demands of such areas. This reduces the frequency with which the bin liners will need to be changed, which also has the welcome benefit of reducing the burden on your staff. The bin liners measure 575 mm x 1150 mm x 1420 mm. The first measurement is the width of the bottom when the bin liner is sealed closed- this is the section that gets into contact with the bottom of the wheelie bin. The second is the maximum width of the open bin liner when it has been stretched out – don’t confuse this with the circumference. The third is the length of the bin liner, from its top to the bottom.

The Earth2Earth 240 L Wheelie Bin Liners have been developed with enhanced structural integrity, that way they can hold in the large amounts of waste without tearing. That way, cases like the bottom of the trash bag giving way as it is being lifted from the bin during garbage collection day can be avoided. 

Tips For Handling Retail Waste

There are a couple of measures that you can take to further lower your costs and optimise on the waste management process. These include: Ensuring that the staff cut up and fold the packaging material after the goods have been unpacked. This will reduce the rate at which the bin fills up. A simple measure like flattening the cartons before tossing them into the Earth2Earth 240 L Wheelie Bin Liners will reduce the amount of space that is taken up, enabling each unit to hold in more material. This will also reduce the frequency of emptying the bin. 

The mixed waste that is taken to incineration plants is an added expense to your retail store. The garbage collection companies are mandated to take the unsorted waste to these facilities, where the incinerations are charged by the tonne, at a cost that is transferred to the clients. In some cases, the garbage collection crew can charge even higher, in order to make some extra profit off it. This is one spot where you can easily make savings, by simply sorting the waste, separating the recyclables from the material that has no alternative but the incinerator. In fact, you can get paid for the corrugated cardboard, plus plastic items which can be recycled, which translates into additional revenue that can offset the garbage collection costs. With different Earth2Earth 240 L Wheelie Bin Liners, you can get to sort the waste, ensuring that the right type of material gets put in the required bin. 

The waste storage areas should be set up in an area that is safe and easy to access, with bins that can handle the volume of waste that is generated by the establishment. Having labels in place will make segregating the waste easier, that way users will know what particular type of material is allowed in each bin. 

Going Green With Your Retail Store’s Waste Management

There is increased demand for companies to step up their environmental sustainability programs. Consumers are looking at more than just the cost effectiveness of a company, with the retail stores also being pressured to achieve various environmental goals, from how day-to-day operations are conducted, all through to management of waste in order to reduce the carbon footprint of the company. The consumers are paying close attention, and are even willing to pay the extra price to engage companies that show that they care about the environment.  This is a crucial segment of the market that you don’t want to miss out on. In addition, to the actual benefits to Mother Nature, putting in place eco-friendly waste management with the Earth2Earth 240 L Wheelie Bin Liners will allow you to attract the customers, boosting your brand and increasing your revenue margins. 

Toss Out The Trash With The Earth2Earth 240 L Wheelie Bin Liners

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