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The Hygienic Scrubbing Brush You Can Rely On

The Hygienic Scrubbing Brush You Can Rely On

The Hygienic Scrubbing Brush You Can Rely On

When it comes to scrubbing, you want tools that care actually effective in removing stubborn dirt. Bristles that are so soft, bending over like feathers when you touch them, will frustrate you. These are the kinds used when brushing baby hair- not when you’re scrubbing the gunk off your countertops and walls. Here, tough bristles are required, to cut to the grime and restore the elegance to the area being worked on. This is because the cleaning action with brushes is mechanical, passing over the surfaces as it dislodges the grime that is adhering to the area. Scrubbing brushes complement the chemical cleaning solutions that are used, from all-purpose cleaners to specialized detergents designed for that particular task- such as those intended for working on natural stone surfaces to the ceramic installations. In some cases, you will just need to use water as the lubricant for the cleaning. Whichever the case, the success of your operations is tied to the quality of the brush that is used. The design also comes into focus, especially with your comfort as the user. The last thing you want is your hand getting all cramped up in the middle of the cleaning. It’s also frustrating when a brush keeps slipping out of your grip- especially with the wet nature of the cleaning process. As such, you want a unit that will be easy to control. For quality and effectiveness, this is the scrubbing brush for you. 

Benefits Of This Scrubbing Brush


  • Tough scrubbing action


The goal of this brush is to get rid of the dirt and grime that is clinging onto the surfaces, and it delivers on its mandate. You can use it to scrub countertops, the tiled walls, all through to the floors and shower stalls with ease. Its durable bristles cut through the grime, dislodging it from the surfaces with ease. It reduces the amount of energy required for the process, and the sturdy bristles will withstand the cleaning solutions and detergents that are being used in the task. It can also be autoclaved.


  • Food safe


Are you dealing with stubborn dirt on your kitchen countertops? Perhaps there are grease splatters on the backsplash, or caked on crud on the cabinets. Turn to this scrubbing brush to get rid of the grime. It is safe for use on the food preparation areas, so you won’t have to worry about your meals getting contaminated. 


  • Colour coded cleaning


The scrubbing brushes are available in 4 different colours – blue, green red and yellow. Sure, they look good- but this is more than just about the aesthetics. With the different colours, the scrubbing brushes get to be used with a colour coded cleaning scheme. These are systems used across the cleaning industry due to their emphasis on hygienic processes. Equipment with each colour are designated to certain areas, thus reducing the risk of germs being spread from one section of the home or business to another. This is used with the different tools, from the cloths, mops, mop buckets and sponges, to dustpans and the scrubbing brush itself. After all, you would not want to work on the kitchen countertop with a brush that had been previously used to scrub down the bathroom floor. 

How does it work? The colour coordination varies from one business to another, and the set up used is dependent on what you desire. Usually, red is used when cleaning the washrooms and toilets, since these are high risk areas. Yellow is applied for clinical usage. For homes and businesses, you can use yellow when working on those washroom surfaces where the risk is lower- like the sink area. Green equipment is used when cleaning food preparation areas- which include the kitchen and bar, while blue is intended for those general areas where the risk of contamination is low- from the office spaces workstations, to entertainment centres and your living room. These aren’t set rules. How you assign the colours is your choice to make, just as long as the cleaning staff have been trained on it and stick to the system. This will be easy, given that colours are visual, so issues such as language barriers are averted, and the concept will be quick to grasp. From home and business owners, to cleaning contractors serving multiple clients, having the colour coding system in place will enable you to prevent cross contamination, and make the process of managing the inventory of cleaning equipment much easier. 

The Hygienic Scrubbing Brush You Can Rely On

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