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Surface Protection With The Faber HidroFab AR

Surface Protection With The Faber HidroFab AR

Surface Protection With The Faber HidroFab AR

Whether it’s at home or in your business premises, the state of the floor determines the impression you make on the people coming over. You don’t want your guests and customers to form a negative perception of you as a result of finding the floor in a dull and drabby state. Even the most durable flooring gets scratched, scuffed and damaged over time, or simply loses its shine. This is why regular care and treatment is vital. It incorporates everything from the routine cleaning to remove the dirt and grime accumulating on the surface, to waxing the floor. Foot traffic, pets and even push carts contribute to the wearing down of the surface. It becomes drabby and its lifespan reduces. Stains too are a common problem. Without adequate protection, a simple coffee or tea spill can become a nerve-racking stain because of seeping into the stone’s structure, and defying conventional cleaning measures when you attempt to extract it. With tiles, issues like water getting through the cracks and making the glue underneath to become waterlogged will cause them to become loose, easily lifting it from the surface. Scratches from your furry friends as they play around in the household and their claws dig into the wood flooring, will ruin the appeal of your installation. You don’t want such occurrences in your establishment. Turn to the HidroFab AR wax-resin to prevent such scenarios from occurring.

This is a quality product from Faber, which has been involved in surface care and maintenance for over 30 years. It has been ISO 9001:2008 certified for its quality standards, and has also attained ISO 14001:2004 as a result of its adherence to using environmentally sustainable systems and processes. As such, you can trust it to deliver on its mandate.

Accentuates and protects

The Faber HidroFab AR does them all. This self-polishing formulation creates satin finish on the surface of your floor. You get to boost the aesthetic appeal of the installation, and in the process, improve the ambience of the premises. What’s more, the resultant shine can be set to meet your particular needs. Whether it’s by adding an additional layer of product to the surface, or following through with a mechanical polisher, you will be in a position to dictate just how exactly you want the outcome to be. The beauty of the underlying flooring, including features like the patterns, whirl marks and design of the installation, are made more pronounced in the process, and the durable wax-resin maintains the elegance of the finish for longer. It also doesn’t form the dreaded yellow hue.

The formulation comes with protective attributes. For instance, its water- and oil-repellent nature keeps the stains from bonding with the surface underneath. The cleaning action also wards off dirt, enabling your floors to remain cleaner for longer. Consequently, you get to spend less time and resources for the actual cleaning. The Faber HidroFab AR also enables the floor to withstand the effects of daily food traffic, keeping wear effects at bay. By protecting your installation, you avoid the hefty costs that come with making repairs.

The Faber HidroFab AR has been developed to work on natural stone surfaces, including those that have a brushed, distressed finish, or even those that have been finely sanded. It’s also safe for use on cementite, concrete, cotto, cement agglomerates and other porous surfaces. This specialized formulation also enables you to bring that elegant satin finish to the non-absorbent surfaces, like the micro-rough or textured porcelain stoneware. Clinker, wood, quartzite, terracotta, and basaltina-lava stone- it works on them all.


How To Use The Faber HidroFab AR

  1. First, get the floor ready. Clean the surface. The dirt and grime on the floor getting trapped under the treatment will just ruin the outcome. Ensure the surface has dried, and that you have protected adjacent sections that are not to be treated.
  2. Next is preparing the solution. When dealing with the quartz, ceramics, porcelain stoneware and other compact and non-absorbent surfaces, dilute the Faber HidroFab AR with clean water, using a 1:1 ratio. In addition, if you’re dealing with medium to high absorbency floor, it’s recommended that you first apply a water-repellent formulation to the surface. This is to enhance the action of the Faber HidroFab AR on the structure.
  3. Proceed to apply the product onto the surface. Common tools used for this include rollers, and lambswool applicators. Apply the product liberally, ensuring that you get an even layer of the formulation over the entire surface.
  4. Allow 1-2 hours drying time.
  5. When working with the absorbent surfaces, a second coat of product will need to be applied. However, before you do this ensure the first one has cured. Wait for 2-3 hours before you proceed to add the extra coat.

The Faber HidroFab AR will set a polished effect. However, you may choose to increase the surface shine further. For this case, bring out your mechanical floor polisher, and fix a white or lambswool pad onto it. Clean the surface, and proceed to polish it- but after giving it at least 3-4 hours. Continue with the polishing until you obtain the desired level of shine.

Traffic can be allowed onto the area after 4-6 hours from application.


Tips For Working With The Faber HidroFab AR

  • It’s advised that you follow the same direction when applying the product onto the surface.
  • Be on the lookout for build-ups, but don’t be quick to even out the layers, until the first Faber HidroFab AR layer has cured.
  • For those cases where you’re adding a second layer of the product, work in a perpendicular direction to the path taken with the first layer. In addition, if there are any flaws as a result of build-up after the second player has been applied, the mechanical polisher will come in handy to polish and even them out.
  • To maintain surfaces treated with the Faber HidroFab AR, it’s recommend that you use Neugel or AlgaFloor for the cleaning, and when you want to restore the waxed surface, you can use the Faber HidroFab AR itself, but this time dilute it with a 1:5 ratio, or alternatively turn to the MANU’ formulation from the same brand.


Surface Protection With The Faber HidroFab AR

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