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Beauty And Surface Care With The Faber Stone Colour Enhancer

Beauty And Surface Care With The Faber Stone Colour Enhancer

Beauty And Surface Care With The Faber Stone Colour Enhancer

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When looking for surface care treatments, different factors are considered. For starters, what is the desired look that you want to obtain? Does the finish enhance the existing colour and tone of the surface being treated, or does it change it into a different effect? Is this in line with your style preferences? The kind of material being treated also matters. Compact and low-absorbent surfaces require different finishing agents compared to the highly absorbent installations. Polished surfaces are treated differently compared to non-polished surfaces. As such, you want to work with a product that meets the particular surface characteristics of your installation. Formulations like the Faber Stone Colour Enhancer feature prominently when it comes to aesthetics of the surface. 

With surface finishes, it goes beyond aesthetics. From countertops to walls and floors, additional measures are needed to protect them from the wear and tear effects of daily life. Dirt and stains that can get embedded in the surface, and friction effects as people walk over the floors contribute to the deterioration of the surface over time. As such it is prudent to work with an agent that delivers the protective attributes needed for your installation. Brand plays a critical role here as well. What is the track record of the company behind the particular formulations you’re interested in? What do existing customers have to say about the quality of products they have received? Companies that have been in business for long have definitely built up a reputation over time, allowing you to assess the kind of quality you can expect when you purchase their products. How does the Faber Stone Colour Enhancer fair in these aspects? Let’s get right into it. 

Bring Out The Charm Of Your Installations

This solvent-based formulation has been developed to enhance the colour and tone of the surfaces being treated. Those natural visual elements, from the characteristic hue of the installations to the veining running through them, are made more prominent. This enables the Faber Stone Colour Enhancer to add to the elegance of the structure, and in turn, positively impact the decor of the space. 

The formulation penetrates the surface and sets a semi-polished effect, with a wet-look finish. The resistance to UV rays contributes to the longevity of the results that are obtained, and the product also doesn’t yellow over time. That way, you get to enjoy the look and feel of the treated surfaces for longer. 

The quality of the Faber Stone Colour Enhancer is in line with the standards of the brand – which since its establishment in 1986 in Italy has grown to become a household name. Faber Chimica Srl, the company behind the formulation, specialises in the development of formulations for the care and treatment of building surfaces – from natural stone materials like marble and granite, to the manmade materials like ceramics, cotto, and agglomerates. The reliability of the brand’s products has seen them be used across the different continents, with major markets being in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. The standards that the company maintains during its production processes have seen it get certified with the ISO:9001:2015 from Certiquality. 

Enhanced protection 

The Faber Stone Colour Enhancer penetrating into the surface also limits the ability of the material to trap dirt, or spills seeping into the installation. The water-and oil-repellent attributes of the formulation thus come in handy in reducing the amount of time and resources that go into the daily care and maintenance of the installation, as well as protecting the surface from issues like water damage. This is key in prolonging the life of the structure, as well as cutting down the costs that go into the routine building care and maintenance program. Speaking of costs, you also get to benefit from the savings that you make due to the affordable pricing of the Faber Stone Colour Enhancer. The product comes in 1L bottles and 5L cans, and you can work with the option that suits your particular situation. 

Works on medium-high absorbent surfaces

Faber’s R&D division specialises in delivering products that suit different situations, to deliver optimal results for installations with their unique characteristics. The Faber Stone Colour Enhancer in particular has been developed for medium to high-absorbent installations, and those with a non-polished finish. There is a whole separate line of products for the low-absorbent and compact surfaces. This separation of product lines ensures that you get the right agent that works for your particular installation. 

This formulation is suitable for use on indoor and outdoor surfaces, including cotto, cementine, terracotta and tuff, to granite, limestone, cement-marble and other agglomerates. It remains advisable to first confirm the suitability of the product for your particular type of material by first carrying out a pretest on an inconspicuous part of the surface. 

For the application, start by cleaning the surface, and then applying a thick layer of the product on the target area. You can use tools like a brush, roller or lambswool applicator for the application. A cloth also works for small areas. The focus is ensuring that the coat applied is uniform. Give the treatment 10 minutes from application to assess it for any sections with residue or excess building up – and for these areas you will need to redistribute the product as needed. The Faber Stone Colour Enhancer is a fast-drying formulation where the treated surface will have dried within 1-2 hours after application. However, for floors, do allow at least 6 hours to pass before letting normal foot traffic back onto the area. The equipment that has been used is thereafter cleaned with water. 

After treating your surfaces with the Faber Stone Colour Enhancer, subsequent care and maintenance can be achieved with formulations from the same brand, such as the Neutral Cleaner or Floor Cleaner, depending on the particular characteristics of the material being worked on. 


  • The Faber Stone Colour Enhancer should only be applied onto a dry surface. 
  • You shouldn’t use the formulation on overly heated surfaces. 
  • For the recently laid tiles, grouted installations, and also cases where a water-repellent primer has been used, the agents that were involved should first be allowed to fully dry and cure before using the Stone Colour Enhancer on the installation.

Beauty And Surface Care With The Faber Stone Colour Enhancer