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Stain Removal With The Faber No Mac Gel

Stain Removal With The Faber No Mac Gel

Stain Removal With The Faber No Mac Gel

Those unsightly spots that are caused by food and drink spills ruin the interior decor. Whether it’s coffee spilled during the morning rush to work, marker pens that your kids were using to make doodles on the floor, the wine spills that revellers left behind at your hotel or restaurant, and even ink blots under the desk at work- you want to get rid of them. They take away the peace of mind, making the place appear messy, affecting your normal day-to-day operations. Each time you take a seat on your favourite sofa and glance across the room, the stains screaming out of the walls or floors can put you on edge. Clients and other visitors to your business premises will perceive your enterprise negatively when they are greeted by stains the moment they walk into the building. Getting rid of these spots is a core part of the building’s routine cleaning program. However, you want to use a product that will extract the stains without corroding the material itself. A formulation that you can safely apply on the surfaces without releasing toxic fumes into the indoor airspace. One that has been proven to work, from a brand that has a verifiable track record. For this, turn to the Faber No Mac Gel.

All-round stain removal

With the Faber No Mac Gel, you get to remove the coloured stains from all surfaces, be they indoors or outdoors. Those pesky spots from coffee and tea spills, wine that got sloshed onto the floor during a dinner date, the ink blots and marker pen stains at the office space, tomato sauce that resulted in an unsightly spot, stains from grass, leaves and clippings- these can all be got rid of with the Faber No Mac Gel. Once it is applied onto the areas to be treated, it works without needing additional chemicals to aid it. This means less resources are required for the task, resulting in savings in your building’s cleaning and maintenance budget. The gel formulation also enables it to be used on vertical surfaces.

Whether you’re using it for walls, floors or bathrooms surfaces, outdoor areas like the patio, the Faber No Mac Gel has got you covered. Porcelain stoneware- including the lapped, textured and polished, agglomerates like marble-resin, marble-cement and quartz resin, limestone and ceramics, cement grout, terracotta, travertine, quartzite, reconstituted (eco) stone- the stain remover will be safe for the various kinds of surfaces, getting rid of the unsightly spots without putting the installation at risk.

How To Use The Faber No Mac Gel

Your goal with this product is to remove the stains. As such, first clean out the surface dust and dirt. Allow the surface to dry, or use drying equipment to speed things up. Once ready, follow these steps:

  1. Pour the Faber No Mac Gel directly onto the surface. It comes ready to use, and, as such, shouldn’t be diluted. You don’t need to mix it with any other chemicals either. Simply spread it onto the target area. You can use tools like a spatula or brush. Cover the section with a thick layer of the gel. In case you’re dealing with a large surface, then you can also choose to work with a mechanical polisher.
  2. Let the product stand on the surface until the stain has been completely dissolved. How long this will take will depend on factors such as the stain’s intensity, how deep it has penetrated into the material, and how long it has set. For general guidance, stains from mould, algae, plus plant residue will take between 15 minutes and 1 hour; for the beverage stains such as those caused by coffee and tea spills, wine, soft drinks, and also food smudges, it will take half an hour to 2 hours. For the ink stains or those from marker pens, the time should range between 30 minutes and 3 hours.
  3. Remove the residue. If it is still wet, you can soak it up with absorbent cloths or paper towels. This works for the small surfaces. With the larger ones, you can use a damp mop or absorbent rag. Ensure that all the residue has been removed.
  4. Wipe the surface with a damp cloth or mop, let it dry, and observe the results.

If need be, the process can be repeated, applying the Faber No Mac Gel with the stipulated steps.

  1. Rinse with water and allow the area to dry before opening it up to normal use.

For aesthetic purposes, especially when dealing with the natural stones, it’s recommended that you treat a section that is larger than the stained spot. For instance, you can work on the surrounding tiles or even the entire room. This would depend on how far the stain has spread.


Extra Tips For Using The Faber No Mac Gel

  • Avoid applying the product on the surface when it is too hot. In fact, you should wait for the coolest parts of the day to apply the stain remover. In addition, avoid using it when there is mist, or when it looks like there will be rain or frost in moments.
  • The surface being treated with the Faber No Mac Gel should be protected from direct exposure to sunlight during the process.
  • In case there is a layer of wax on the surface, remove it such as with the double stripping method, before treating it with the Faber No Mac Gel.
  • When working with highly absorbent surfaces- like cotto, or untreated natural stone, it’s recommended that you lightly wet the surface with some water before applying the gel. This will prevent the structure from absorbing too much of the product, which would otherwise impede its function.
  • For the deeper and more complex stains, you can increase the efficiency of the Faber No Mac Gel using mechanical action of a polisher. Passing it over the surface will increase the penetration of the stain remover. In case the stains are very deep, you can use a lower grain size for the polishing. Actually, you can carry out a spot test before the application to determine whether or not it will be necessary to incorporate the mechanical polisher into the process.


Stain Removal With The Faber No Mac Gel

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