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Sofa Cleaning Dublin – Eco Sofa Cleaning Dublin

Sofa Cleaning Dublin – Eco Sofa Cleaning Dublin

Sofa Cleaning Dublin – Eco Sofa Cleaning Dublin


Getting Your Sofa A Professional Clean

Sofas are core to the interior décor. They are some of the largest pieces of furniture in the household and, as such, the state sets the tone of the ambience. No doubt you spent loads of funds getting that set that blends with your style and taste. How is it currently, compared to when you had it brought home from the store? Has the colour changed? Are there stains on it? Is it strewn with pet dander and having odours emanating from it? They ruin the appeal of the set. When you have guests over, can they comfortably feel at home, when they are worried about the stains on the sofa getting transferred onto their clothes? What’s more, when the furniture is in a soiled state it reflects poorly on your personality. What will the relatives, neighbours, and that lovely date think of you when they walk into the house or apartment and find the sofa all dull and dingy? From watering down your respect to dealing with the embarrassing questions from the ever-critical in-law, that`s not how you want things to play out. Even in business premises, image is everything. The sofa out in the reception area of your office building, or the sets in the consultancy offices and hotel rooms- they need to be in tip-top condition for clients coming to see your products and services. When the sofas are dirty, it turns off the customers, who view the condition as a sign of the quality of the services to expect from your enterprise. You don`t want to lose out on lucrative business simply because of dirt and grime contained in the sofa and its cushions. For those in the real estate industry, especially when holding open houses for fully furnished spaces, buyers and tenants of the property will need surety that it has been well maintained- and that does not happen when the sofa is in a sorry state. In order to generate leads and seal deals, the surfaces, appliances, all through to the furniture need to be given a thorough clean. When it comes to dealing with the furniture sets, turning to the professional sofa cleaning team will enable you to get the quality results you desire.

The Gem In The Interior

What kind of sofa do you have in your premises? There are numerous styles and designs, all depending on the décor needs of the property owner. Take for instance the Chesterfield sofa. It has a history going back to the 18th century, where the first one of its kind was commissioned by the fourth Earl of Chesterfield, England – Lord Philip Stanhope- who wanted a piece of furniture that could allow a man to sit upright in order to prevent his suit from wrinkling. Over time, with its rolled arms, tufting that gives it a quilted effect, the back that’s the same height as the arms, plus its leather styling, the Chesterfield sofa has built a solid reputation of sophistication. Also hailing from the 18th century is the cabriole leg, popular with the Louis XV period of furniture design. That legendary S shape of the leg, with the lower portion curving inward and the upper portion curving outward is inspiration for the curved wooden frame of the Cabriole sofa, where the arms are slightly lower than the back. The cabriole sofas are also known for an exposed wood trim along the top of the back and arms, though this feature may lack in the classic designs. You can opt for the informal and inviting look that comes with the Camelback Sofa, which is attributed to Thomas Chippendale, a famous name in the English décor scene of the late 18th century. It comes with an arched back, where its arches are higher at the middle and lightly at the ends. There are options of either square or rolled arm, and it usually doesn`t have back cushion. There are designs that have two arches on the back. The Lawson Sofa, on the other hand, is mainly designed for extra comfort. In fact the first Lawson Sofa was commissioned by the American businessman Thomas W. Lawson, and its back was layered in pillows and overstuffed. The designs have had some light modifications over time, and there are both leather and fabric finishes. Usually, it has three back cushions and its square or slightly rolled arms are lower than the back. The Ottoman, which is a complementary furniture piece, is usually used as a coffee table, traces its origins to the Ottoman Empire, where it used to be a centrepiece for seating. There are also modern designs such as the reclining sofa which is great for watching television, making them popular for family rooms and media rooms. In order to maintain that elegant look with your set, regular sofa cleaning is vital. Otherwise the furniture begins to look dull and aged, which is not what you were going for when you made the purchase.

Then there’s the Tuxedo Sofa, that hit the market in the 1920s with its single row of tufts and exposed legs, and where the arms and back are of the same height. This one got its name from the New York’s Tuxedo Park, and its popularity increased due its appeal to modernism. There are those who choose to have it with pillows, in order to increase the comfort when the couch has high arms. When it comes to really cosy sets, the English Rolled Arm Sofa is in a league of its own. From the soft and generously sized cushions, the tight back and recessed arms, all through to the low turned legs on its casters, it brings the British countryside vibe into contemporary décors and the modern home. The distinguishing feature of the English Rolled Arm Sofa is the taught upholstery and the arms, which are sometimes so low that the set appears to be armless. Knole sofas bring a classic charming touch that predates the current sofa designs, going way back to the 1600s. During that time, benches were the dominant furniture set. The upholstered settee that was sought by the Knole, a historic English house, brought forth this design, which it`s easily distinguishable with its high back, straight and angled adjustable arms. The back and arms were connected using finials that were wrapped in cords. The Knole Sofa is not as common nowadays but it still finds its way into modern homes where the owners have a taste for the traditional. Loveseats form part of the living room set, and are basically designed for two people. They are historically larger than settees. Divans are sofas without a back, hence they require to be placed up against a bare wall, where the pillows can then be arranged in order to have a cushioned back. Lack of a back restricts the number of places you can have a divan set up, but the versatility of the pillow placement makes them popular. The Bridgewater Sofa (also known as the birch-arm or English three-seater) is popular for hanging out with friends, whether it`s for the casual afternoon chat or binge-watching TV shows. It`s softly rolled back, heavily padded cushions and low set-back arms make it a welcoming set, and one can have it with a skirt concealing its feet. For the Mid-Century Modern Sofa, there is no shortage of designs. These sprung forth during the period between the mid-1930s to 1965, where there were a surge in designs available. For the style itself, it often features a streamlined form that has low legs. That’s about as much as the Mid-Century Modern Sofas have in common. They come in different organic shapes and a retro appearance, with the geometries that integrate into various modern interiors. You want to work with a sofa cleaning company that knows its way around the various types of sets.

Sectional Sofas are more about the functionality. Whether you want a set to fill up a large space in the interior, sofas for contemporary rooms that have high ceilings and plenty of windows, or an addition to a formal area, there are different options available. The common number of pieces of Sectional Sofas are 3 and 5, and the higher the number, the more the configurations that can be achieved. Two common configurations are the L-shape and U-shape. This is a huge leap forward from the early Victorian era sectionals, which were basically two or more sofas that were pushed together to form a larger sofa. These range from end and corner units, ottomans, to recliners and chaises. The chaise lounges are popularly put up as patio furniture usually at pool sides, but can also be placed in master bedroom suites. Add to this the sleeper-style sofas such as pull-outs, futons, daybeds and bunk-bed sofa combos. These are convenient whether you have limited space, you want a sleeping solution for your guests, or are simply looking for a great place to kick your feet up for a nap. Bunk-bed sleepers, while not that common, are loved by kids and typically feature in cabin and vacation homes. Whichever type of set you have, it is not immune to soiling. As such, scheduling regular sofa cleaning sessions will enable you to protect your set.

Your Sofa’s Dirt Problem – Sofa Cleaning Dublin – Eco Sofa Cleaning Dublin

What’s lurking under those cosy cushions? All that time spent on the sofa can be exposing you to numerous kinds of pollutants, allergens and pathogens. From that R&R time, the reading, TV watching, occasional naps, playing game consoles- the sofa experiences heavy usage. In fact, since it`s the most popular set in the household, every member sits back on it at one time or another. Whether it`s just during the evenings after work and the weekends when you`re hosting guests, or you`re on an extended break and have become a couch potato, you want to ensure that the sofa is in a healthy state. In commercial establishments, where there are people from all walks of life coming to access your services, ferrying in grime from the outdoors and bringing it onto the sofas in the reception areas and offices, the sets are bound to get soiled. The same applies to the furniture in the employee lounge where your staff take their tea and lunch breaks. Just what doe a dirty sofa contain?

Dust mites – Sofa Cleaning Dublin – Eco Sofa Cleaning Dublin
There are colonies of them. These microscopic creatures are sustained by the skin flakes being shed by the persons using the sofa. A single adult produces enough skin flakes to feed one million dust mites. How many people use your set? The higher the traffic, the more the organic matter for the mites to live on. This, added to the warm and conducive nature of the sofa material, enables them to thrive and multiply. As they feast on the dead skin cells, the mites produce faecal waste and cast skin. These are allergens. For instance, the mite droppings contain protein compounds that, when breathed in or rubbed against the skin, cause the body to produce antibodies to protect itself. These antibodies produce histamines, causing the skin reddening and swelling that is associated with allergies. Dust mite allergy symptoms range from itchiness, watery eyes, a running nose, coughing and sneezing, inflamed eczema, all through to asthma attacks. Persons who are sensitive will develop the symptoms just after a few moments on the sofa. The allergens are disturbed and raised into the air space each time a person takes a seat, or fluffs the pillows and cushions. You don’t want to start incessantly scratching yourself each time you curl up the sofa with a book, or sit to watch some TV and keep coughing through the TV shows. Getting regular sofa cleaning services will enable you to enhance the health and hygiene standards of your set.

Everyday dust and indoor allergens – Sofa Cleaning Dublin – Eco Sofa Cleaning Dublin
The residue getting inhaled and irritating the respiratory system, or getting onto the skin and causing discomfort, is not limited to the dust mite waste. There are loads of allergens floated about that end up on the cushions, from the airborne dust that gradually settles on the sofa, pet dander that cats and dogs leave behind as they roll around and sleep on the furniture, all through to pollen grains wafted into the building from the outdoors. The longer the wait in between the consecutive sofa cleaning sessions, the higher the accumulation of these substances. For instance, the sofa arm where your furry friend likes to rest can get so concentrated with pet dander, than you will get a severe reaction resting on it than going straight to the animal and burying your face in its fur. In some cases, you don`t even have a pet, but guests coming to your home or the customers accessing your business premises carry the particles from the environments that they were previously in, which in turn fall off onto the sofa. This exposes the persons using the furniture to the allergic reactions, both respiratory and skin, depending on how the individuals are affected. You can have cases of coughs and sneezes, while there are conditions like bronchitis and eczema that get worsened by the particles. Kids hopping up and down the cushions, your pet itself- they are at risk from the residue, as it will enter their body systems and trigger reactions. Sofa cleaning services come in to get rid of the source of the problem.

Pet fur and dander – Sofa Cleaning Dublin – Eco Sofa Cleaning Dublin
If you have cats or dogs in the household, it’s inevitable that piles of fur will end up on the sofa. As your furry friend plays or sleeps on the couch, it will rub its head and body parts onto the cushions, leaving behind strands that make the sofa look untidy. Vacuuming proves not to be sufficient enough as some of the fur is held strongly by the fibres of the sofa. Tales of home owners using up entire lint rollers, and still having those strands sticking out of the cushions, are common. It can get so frustrating that you bring out your tweezers to try and remove them one by one. You don`t need to endure this. Simply call up the sofa cleaning professionals to get the grime off your set.

Food and drink spills – Sofa Cleaning Dublin – Eco Sofa Cleaning Dublin
As your family members at home, or the customers in your business premises enjoy tasty snacks while resting on the sofa, some crumbs end up falling into the nooks and crannies of the set. Chocolate, spaghetti and pizza smudges, those coffee, tea, wine and juice spills get absorbed by the cushions- it’s a mess. The food particles in turn attract a horde of pests, ranging from insects like cockroaches to rodents like mice. These come with their own troubles too. First, the faecal residue they leave behind all over the furniture adds to the dirt and grime. Secondly, they carry bacteria and parasites, increasing the health risks involved. For the rodents, you don`t want them rummaging around the sofa with their sharp claws and teeth. They will tear at the material, causing extensive damage and forcing you to start budgeting for costly repairs or replacements. The professional sofa cleaning gets rid of the source of the problem- the food particles that are a pest magnet. In addition, the stains left behind by the drink spills are got rid of restoring the beauty to your set.

Grease and oil – Sofa Cleaning Dublin – Eco Sofa Cleaning Dublin
As you enjoy that take-out on the sofa while watching the prime time news or a movie, some of it may spill and form greasy spots. There are also oils from hair treatments and those secreted by the skin. Fatty acids in the sweat also contribute to this. While the grease spots are not a direct health risk, but they increase the rate of the soiling, making the sofa look unsightly.

Fungi – Sofa Cleaning Dublin – Eco Sofa Cleaning Dublin
When a spill is allowed to stay on the sofa for too long, or as a result of errors during the DIY sofa cleaning which result in the material remaining wet for extended periods, mould and mildew can grow. The fungal spores float around naturally in the air, and can also be ferried onto the surface on people clothing and the pets fur. They latch onto the wet sofa and then grow rapidly, literally feeding on the material. Stains of different colours develop, from black yellow and brown, to green and pink spots depending on the species that has affected your sofa. For instance, there are over 1000 species of common indoor moulds that can wind up on the sofa, ranging from Epicoccum, Penicillium, Aspergillus, Cladosporium and Alternaria, to the infamous Stachybotrys chartarum, commonly referred to as the “black mould”. The unsightly stains are just a tip of the iceberg. The fungi release more spores into the air space, increasing the concentration which causes health risks when they are inhaled. This is as the spores are allergens, causing eye, throat and nasal irritations, and persons who have obstructive lung disease or other chronic lung conditions can develop serious infections when exposed to the fungi. Mould in itself is linked to hypersensitivity pneumonitis, occurring in persons who are susceptible to this immunologic condition after either a brief or prolonged exposure to the fungi, Pulmonary haemorrhage (bleeding in the lungs), and Bronchopulmonary aspergillosis which is reported more in individuals suffering from cystic fibrosis, asthma, or immune deficiency, are common infections which are as a result of exposure to indoor fungi. There are also species that release mycotoxins. These can cause anything from organ damage such as with the liver, system damage like with the central nervous system, to cancer. There are mycotoxins that suppress immune system activities.

Pathogens – Sofa Cleaning Dublin – Eco Sofa Cleaning Dublin
There are hordes of them crawling all over the furniture. Take the sofa arm for instance. It can have over 12 times more bacteria compared to the average toilet seat. The bacteria are on the organic matter dropped onto the cushions and upholstery, from the food crumbs to the faecal residue of the insects that come to feed on them. Then there are the items that are constantly placed on the sofa, such as handbags game controllers and kids’ toys, to those that keep getting lost in between the cushions, such as the remote controller. The typical toy as over 1.5times more germs compared to a lavatory. That games controller clocks over 7800 bacteria on every 15 square inches of surface, which is almost 5 times higher than the toilet. For the remote controller, it’s a whole different league. It`s one of the dirtiest items in the household. Handled by everyone at one point or another, dropped, spilled and coughed on, plus the occasional sticky messes from spills- it carries masses of the microbes. They can live on it for days. When the remote gets “lost” in between the sofa pillows and cushions, these pathogens get transferred to the upholstery. With the handbag, it`s all about bringing germs from the outdoor environment onto the sofa. The handbag goes with the carrier everywhere, from the bus, trains and trams, the public restrooms, office desk, out in the park- all through it picks up microbes. There’s also the items carried in them, from the smartphones and make up kits, to loose change. . There can be over 10,000 different strains of bacteria in just a few square centimetres of most handbags. Infamous germ traffickers, handbags clock over 10 times more microbial activity than the typical toilet seat. These pathogens easily get transferred to the absorbent upholstery material once the handbag is thrown onto the sofa at the end of the busy day when you get home from work, and as the customers on your business premises wait on the furniture at the lounge. The warm conditions of the sofa provides an enabling environment for the bacteria to thrive. As you rest on the cosy cushions, you can pick up the microbes and once they get into your system they can wreak havoc. Disinfecting measures are part and parcel of the sofa cleaning process, in order to protect your loved ones at home, plus the clients and staff at your commercial establishment who use the furniture.

Pollutants – Sofa Cleaning Dublin – Eco Sofa Cleaning Dublin
As they walk around outside, people pick up different chemicals that latch onto the clothes. From aerosolised particles picked up as they were strolling in parks where insecticides and pesticides were being sprayed, to carbon residue from vehicle exhaust, these are absorbed by the clothware and end up being rubbed onto the furniture when people come and take a seat. There are also those case of renovation works such as paint jobs being carried out in the premises where the some of the product gets onto the sofas. Add to this smoke, be it from cigarettes, or there was a fire incident in the building and the furniture absorbed the particles. These are also a threat to the health of the persons using the set, and are removed together with the rest of the grime during the sofa cleaning.

Odours – Sofa Cleaning Dublin – Eco Sofa Cleaning Dublin
These basically make the sofa uncomfortable. They can range from musky smells caused by the decaying organic residue, odours from the feet that were put up on the sofa after a morning jog, or an entire day work, thus leaving behind a feet-smell, to smoke odours and pungent stenches from urine stains left behind by your pet. These are not only irritating, they also ruin the ambience of the rest of the interior space as they permeate through the building. The dirtier the sofa, the stronger the smells generated. The sofa cleaning agents used get rid of the source of the stench, and also contain odour neutralising properties that render the molecules inert, and go further to leave behind a pleasant fragrance.

Call In The Expert Sofa Cleaning Team

Your sofa set is a valuable asset, and you want to ensure it receives the proper care it deserves. Rookie and DIY sofa cleaning mistakes can ruin your furniture. For instance, overwetting caused by using too much cleaning solution can result in colour bleeding or shrinkage, and with the prolonged drying it encourages fungi to develop. What’s more, all through that while in which the sofa remains wet, it will be out of commission, affecting the normal daily operations at home or at the workplace. Using the inappropriate products for your particular type of set, like ammonia and bleach based cleaners on leather furniture can corrode the material. All-purpose cleaners that work on other surfaces around the home, and are effective in the removing the stains and dirt spots, aren`t automatically suitable for use on sofas. They can weaken the fabric or leather material, reducing its structural integrity and lifespan. Then there is the risk of low quality result, where all those hours and cleaning supplies can be spent on the task, only for the dirt spots and stains to remain, or for residue to be left behind which increases the rate of resoiling. These outcomes can be avoided by turning to the professional sofa cleaning team.

Our personnel will come to your premises at the scheduled time, with the equipment they need for the task. From extraction equipment that ensures a deep clean to high powered vacuums to suck out the mixture of grime and cleaning solutions from the sofa, and tough acting cleaning agents that dissolve the stubborn stains and dirt spots- your sofa gets sparkling in moments. Pet fur and dander, skin flakes, insect faecal residue, shed hair, pollen, hair and body oils, cigarette smoke particles, ink blots, dyes from denim clothes that winded up on the furniture upholstery, all through to the coffee, tea, yoghurt and juice spills, urine stains, vomit, blood spots from nicks and cuts- they are all removed from the sofa. Our team has years of experience having dealt with numerous types of sofas for both residential and commercial clients, hence have the skills needed to work on your particular set. From fabric sofas such as wool, silk and linen, to the leather materials like pigmented, aniline nubuck, suede and other kinds of tanneries, the appropriate measures are carried out to achieve thorough results without putting the structural integrity of the sofa at risk. Additional measures such as conditioning of the leather sofa are carried out. This is to enhance the protection for the furniture, keeping it supple and preventing it from becoming sticky and clammed up. That way, you get to prolong the life of your set, and enjoy it all through.


Sofa Cleaning Dublin


Sofa Cleaning Dublin – Eco Sofa Cleaning Dublin

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