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Your Sofa Can Last For Decades – But Only If You Treat It Right

Your Sofa Can Last For Decades – But Only If You Treat It Right

Your Sofa Can Last For Decades – But Only If You Treat It Right

Keeping your furniture clean takes more than just the usual vacuuming. Sure, this is important- and should especially be frequent for households with kids and pets. However, there are aspects that need particular attention in order to prolong the life of your sofa, and enable you to enjoy it all through.

In-depth sofa cleaning

The dirt and grime on the furniture is abrasive. Those tiny particles grind against the fibres of the upholstery and cushions, wearing them down. The higher the amount of grime that has accumulated in the unit, the faster the deterioration of the set. This happens over time, resulting in a dull-looking sofa which will be far cry from the aesthetic set that it was when it had first been purchased. For the food crumbs that are in the nooks and crannies of the furniture, these will be a magnet for insects. Ants and roaches crawling all over your favourite sofa can be disconcerting. There are extreme cases where rodents make an appearance, and here you will have the additional concern of their sharp claws and teeth, which will tear the upholstery and cause extensive damage. Having a deep sofa cleaning carried out that extracts this gunk from your unit will go a long way in protecting it and prolonging its life. 

Spills also ruin the material, chemically reacting with upholstery. When removing the spots that are formed, the appropriate solutions need to be used for the particular type of sofa. Fabric and leather sofas each come with their cleaning requirements, and you don’t want a situation where harsh chemicals are used, which corrode the material. 

Pet stain removal services

Pet owners occasionally find themselves with urine stains to deal with. These spots, caused by a wide range of issues from behavioural problems like separation anxiety, physical conditions like UTI or incontinence caused by old age, or situations where you have little puppies hopping around the sofa while yet to grasp their potty training – the urine stains need to be got rid of. Firstly, the chemical nature of the urine corrodes the upholstery material, and the odours that are released as the urine breaks down actually become worse over time, ruining your living conditions. In fact, urine stains are some of those spots that make it difficult to use any furniture piece that is affected. Resting on that sofa with the pungent ammonia stench pervading your nostrils is certainly not something that you look forward to. Getting professional sofa cleaning services to get rid of the pet stain that has been formed on your unit will enable you to resolve the issue. What’s more, by hiring the services of a company that has well-resourced to take on the task, with an experienced sofa cleaning team and commercial-grade machinery, you get to have the task completed faster, without posing a risk to your family members.

Health Issues Caused By Soiled Furniture

Neglecting the sofa cleaning exposes those using it to a myriad of health issues. Take respiratory problems for instance. They are attributed to the dust from the air settling on the sofa, the pet fur and dander, skin flakes deposited onto the upholstery that are fed on by dust mites, which in turn defecate all over the sofa – and these faecal pellets are an allergen. These lead to issues like nasal congestion, runny noses, coughs and sneezes, and they also trigger asthma attacks. Prolonged exposure to the allergens can lead to hypersensitivity. The irritants that are contained in the upholstery can lead to itching and reddening of the skin, and in some cases swelling may occur. This is commonly seen on the lower backside of the arm that tends to come into most contact with the dirty upholstery. 

What of the bacteria? This ranges from the microorganisms acting on the decaying organic matter, the germs that come with the waste from the insects and pests that have been attracted to the food crumbs on the furnishings, to those that are transferred onto upholstery from other environments. Items like the handbags are notorious for this. One goes with the handbag everywhere- from the buses and parks to the public washrooms. Upon getting home, the handbag is tossed onto the sofa, and some of the pathogens that are picked up along the way wind up here. Coins lost in the cushions, the remote control and gaming consoles whose surfaces have some of the highest bacterial concentrations in the household – they all contribute to this. Then there are those cases when someone is ill, and the go-to spot for resting as they recuperate will be the cosy sofa. Amidst all the coughing and sneezing, there will be pathogens that land on the soft furnishings, which can contaminate the next individuals who will use the sofa. Kids, who are fond of touching surfaces and then putting their hands on their faces and in their mouths are particularly prone to contracting infections.

Mental health also comes into focus. A clean environment is needed for one’s tranquillity and peace of mind. This will not be the case when the furniture in your home is all soiled and chaotic. It prevents you from relaxing, and even puts a strain on you when you’re about to host guests. Walking into your home after a busy day at work, you want to sink into your cosy sofa and unwind, but this will not be the case when odours are emanating from it. Even enjoying your indoor hobbies will be affected when there are stains on the sofa catching your eye, and you feel guilty for not attending to them. This adds to your stress, ruining your quality of life. When you think of the amount of time and energy that it will take to work on the sofa, it can look like a humongous task. Don’t fret. The professional sofa cleaning services come in to take care of the task for you, taking it off your hands and ensuring that you get quality results at the end of the process. 

Your Sofa Can Last For Decades – But Only If You Treat It Right

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