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Soap Filled Pads For Tough Cleaning Jobs

Soap Filled Pads For Tough Cleaning Jobs

Soap Filled Pads For Tough Cleaning Jobs

With the busy nature of the kitchen, you are bound to encounter situations where the appliances are covered with stubborn dirt- be it a baked-on mess on your cookware, or that grease that got burnt onto the appliances. Steel wool is a popular cleaning tool for dealing with these situations. Things are taken a notch higher by incorporating soap into the design, bringing it together in one product. When scouting for the pads for the cleaning, you want to get value for the amount that you spend on them. There are various aspects that come into play. Firstly, how effective will it be for the cleaning? When dealing with the stubborn dirt spots on cookware, and the grease that has been baked onto the appliances in the kitchen, lots of scrubbing power is needed. That’s where the steel wool comes in. However, the materials come in different grades, from those that are used for the delicate and fragile items, to those that are built for the heavy duty cleaning needs. Then there is the rust factor. A major component of steel wool is iron. Rust is formed when iron oxidises. What else is needed for the process? Water- and it’s the main liquid used during the cleaning tasks. Add this to the fact that the steel wool pad is basically a bundle of lots of wires. This is a purposeful design to provide the abrasion needed for the scrubbing, but it has the negative effect of providing an increased surface area for the item to be potentially corroded. Focus shifts to how the product is developed to reduce the risk of rusting. You want a unit with rust inhibitors, otherwise the product will rapidly get deteriorated by the chemical action. 

How The Soap Filled Pads Work

These pads are made with soap and shaved steel wool. This provides the scrubbing action and cleaning power needed for the heavy duty cleaning tasks. The soap contains detergents that chemically aid the cleaning process, and the steel wool comes in for its abrasive action, a combination that enhances the efficacy of the cleaning. Simply wet the pad and proceed to clean the cookware and kitchen surfaces. After the grease and food particles have been got rid of, give the units a good rinse, and that will be all. The soap itself also comes with rust inhibitors. This aids in protecting the steel wool from rusting, prolonging its useful life. Measures like allowing the Soap Filled Pads to dry after each use, on a surface that has been well drained, will extend the life of the pads. In addition, avoid the common mistake made of leaving the pad sitting in wet dishes, metal pots or a dishpan of water. Instead, blot the pad and then place it on an airy plastic mesh to allow it to dry. Alternatively, you can hang it up with a plastic chip to air dry. 

Versatile unit

The Soap Filled Pads can be used for a wide range of cleaning tasks, both indoors and out. You can use them to eliminate those tough messes that are on the kitchen equipment, bathroom surfaces, garage, and even out on the patio. They are especially popular for working on cookware- including iron, aluminium and stainless steel appliances, can be used on baking units, oven racks, and even get the residue out of the grill. You get to keep your golf clubs, patio furniture and even gardening tools clean. Note that while versatile, you should restrict each of the Soap Filled Pads to its cleaning area. This means that the units used to remove the hard water stains on the bathroom surfaces, should be different from the pads used on the dishes and cookware. If it’s for outdoor use- i.e. for the gardening tools and patio furniture, it should remain as such, and not brought into the house to work on the cookware, etc. This segregation prevents cross contamination. 

With these units, the heavy duty cleaning tasks are made easier, allowing you to get sparkling results faster. They are reusable- simply rise and allow to dry after each use. The soap that is infused into the pad is long-lasting, giving you more value out of every unit purchased. Since the soap itself, developed to tackle the grease build-ups on your appliances, is built right into these pads, the amount of time spent on the task is also reduced, making it a valuable addition to your cleaning arsenal.   

Soap Filled Pads For Tough Cleaning Jobs

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