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SEO Ireland

SEO Ireland

SEO Ireland | Professional SEO Services


To be able to even consider hiring a local SEO company in Ireland you need to build a website. A well made website that uses unique codes and was custom built just for you, is the first step on the road to achieving high rankings. A poorly made website that is using the same base platform as many other websites, will be much harder to optimize and promote. A search engine has only a few milliseconds to decide who is listed at the top of the page. A quality unique website is likely to rank higher than a poorly made copycat website. So start the process of promoting your business with a well made and well designed website. Paying little for your website at the start will end up costing you much more in the long run when your local SEO company will have to put up much more work to achieve results that could have been obtained much easier if you had a better website.


So what is SEO and why should you consider it?


30 years back most of the work leads were coming from word of mouth, the Golden Pages book or some radio | newspapers | leaflets advertisement. Most people knew someone doing something so they could recommend that someone to a friend. Who could have imagined that only 30 years later all that type of promotion will be outdated and most of the business contacts will happen online or through some kind of internet platform? What is the first thing you do when you need to buy something? You search it on Google in Europe and Bing in the USA. So to be able to do good business you need to appear in the first positions on Google. Most people would check the first page but very few people will go onto the second page. But the problem is that the first page only has 10 positions and there are thousands of companies doing their best to be in the first 10 positions. This is where SEO comes handy.


SEO | Search Engine Optimizations


The idea is to convince Google that your website is better than your competition, your links are stronger and your reputation is better than similar businesses. A few years back, before the whole world understood the importance of SEO, ranking well without any help used to be very possible. But as more and more companies were hiring professional SEO companies to help them, the competition for the first page got tougher and much more expensive. Right now, to rank well on a competitive market like “carpet cleaning”, is very very hard. There are websites with thousands of links, thousands of articles posted all over the planet, amazing social media presence and outstanding quality websites. Then you appear out of nowhere and you want a slice of that big pie. Is it possible? Of course it is, but it will take at least 18 months of constant SEO to reach the first page and then to keep it there.


SEO Ireland | What can we do for you?


  1. The website | Even the best website ever is likely to have some issues that could prevent it from being indexed by google. We will start with a full website scan to identify any small or large issues before moving to the next steps. We will make sure that the content is genuine, the meta tags are done correctly, the pictures have alt description and the website is made with proper coding and is not a copycat.

  2. Links | A great way of becoming popular and increasing your DA is to have great links. You want to be linked to other businesses like yours with over 40 DA. Poor quality links, broken links, too many links or too little links, could drag your website down or it could prevent it from growing organically.

  3. The content | Your website content is one of the major factors in achieving great rankings. All search engines are likely to index better unique content with below 3% keyword density. The content has to be relevant, informative and easy to read.

  4. Social media | Having a great presence on social media is also seen as a bonus. The relevant traffic that comes from a social media platform will strengthen your website DA and it will make your business much more popular.

  5. Article posting | We will write unique articles about your services or products on high DA article posting. We will present your company in a great light and we will make sure that all this unique content is indexed quickly.

  6. Competition research | We will research your competition and we will find out what they do to rank higher than you and based on that we will create a plan for your website as well.

  7. Influencers | Depending on the type of business that you are trying to promote, we can also use the services of highly skilled influencers with tens of thousands of followers.


SEO Ireland | Can we guarantee you more sales | leads?


We can guarantee you a dramatic increase in visitors. Your site will benefit from 50% to 300% more visits within 6 months. We do not actually take care of the sales. We can guarantee you a high increase in your website visitors but from there on it is up to you as the business owner to deal with your customers and take care of the sales.


SEO Ireland | Packages


Our company can create a special package for any type of customer. We understand that not all our customers will require the same level of service to achieve decent results so we have created a low cost SEO package that includes a maintenance service for those websites that are already optimized to a certain level and then we have a full package deal for those websites that have not been optimized at all and will require a full SEO service from 0. You can contact us by mail or you can just give us a call. We will assess your website and we will recommend the best package for your particular needs.


SEO Ireland | Do you actually need SEO?


If you are looking to book online jobs and if you are looking to increase your business through attracting more customers from other sources than the classic word of mouth or newspapers, then the only other option is to promote your website online. You can have paid ads that can really boost your business but at a high cost or you can start working on your SEO and fight for the first page ranking. Being listed on the first page on Google is the best way of interacting with thousands of new customers for free. There is no Pay Per Click cost.


SEO Ireland