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Safe Scrubbing With The Optima Proclean Copper Scourers

Safe Scrubbing With The Optima Proclean Copper Scourers

Safe Scrubbing With The Optima Proclean Copper Scourers

Metal scourers are a staple in every kitchen. These shiny cleaning tools come to your rescue when you inevitably forget to stir the food in the cooking pot, or turn off the flame. Those incidences where you got called away from the kitchen- perhaps to answer the door and ended up chatting with the delivery guy for a bit too long; your phone may be ringing in the adjacent room, and when you picked it up to talk to your friend or relative, you got so immersed into the conversation only to be snapped out of it by the smoke odours coming from the kitchen. Busy households, with kids running all over the place and you following up on them to ensure that they are safe, cases were you’re overburdened with chores- dashing from the kitchen to the laundry room as you attempt to get the food and clothes done at the same time, switching between doing the dishes at the sink and stirring the contents of the pot on the stove- a minor slip up can result in a mess. All cooks have their tales of those unfortunate incidences where their concentration wavered, resulting in a mess of burnt on food. Metal scourers come in to erase the mistake. It may simply be a case of your sponges needing that extra boost, or you’re dealing with a situation where the burnt-on food debris is resisting the cleaning chemicals that are being used on it. 

Which metal scourer will you use? This depends on various factors. Firstly, there’s the nature of the dishes and cookware being worked on, where you want scourers that can scrub them without forming scratches. The durability of the scourer is also key, given that the abrasion that is witnessed during the scrubbing sessions calls for a tool that will be up to the task, and also one where issues of rusting area avoided. When it comes to the pricing, you want a product that gives you value for your buck, delivering on its mandate without straining your budget. The Optima Proclean Copper Scourers have made a name for themselves in homes and commercial kitchens alike. 

Benefits Of Using The Optima Proclean Copper Scourers

The Optima Proclean Copper Scourers give you a soft feeling when working on the pan, cooking pots and other appliances. They easily remove the grime that has coated your dishes and cooking equipment, without leaving scratches on the unit. These scourers are used in both residential and commercial setups, from the modern-day busy homes to restaurants, fast food joints, and catering businesses. They will leave your pots, pans and other cookware looking all new and vibrant. These scourers can be used on stovetops, sinks, and other medium duty cleaning needs. The fine threads of the Optima Proclean Copper Scourers will be safe for the surfaces, that way you won’t have to use extremely abrasive tools that would have ended up damaging them. While other metal scourers may rust and splinter, resulting in more aggravation when going about the cleaning process- with fragments in the dishware posing an additional risk of contaminating the foods placed in them, you won’t have to worry about that with the Optima Proclean Copper Scourers. 

These scourers are light to work with, coming in at just 15g. Coupled with their ergonomic feel, it makes that scrubbing process a breeze. Each pack that is purchased contains 25 of the units, and you can even choose to go for the bulk cases, that come with 40 of the packs each. That way you will be in a position to effectively meet the cleaning needs of your establishment- all at a pocket-friendly price. 

The durable construction of the Optima Proclean Copper Scourers gives them a long service life, which is key in reducing the costs that go into meeting your kitchen cleaning needs. What’s more, they cooper scourers won’t rust, and will retain their performance throughout their cleaning life, all the way up to the last scrub. The Optima Proclean Copper Scourers can be used on a wide range of materials, from the stainless steel dishes, those made with copper or anodized aluminium, the multi-clad units, all through to glassware, stove burners, broiler pans, oven racks and even barbeque grills. They are also an environmentally friendly option compared to the conventional plastic scouring pads. 

Safe Scrubbing With The Optima Proclean Copper Scourers

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