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Safe Cleaning With Ramon Proguard Colour Coded Rubber Gloves

Safe Cleaning With Ramon Proguard Colour Coded Rubber Gloves

Safe Cleaning With Ramon Proguard Colour Coded Rubber Gloves

The cleaning industry is no stranger to workplace hazards. When it comes to the hands, one is exposed to a myriad of chemicals, which can damage the unprotected skin. In some cases, it will be toxic. There are two main kinds of chemical contact: single exposure- which is known as acute exposure; and repeated exposure- what’s typically referred to as chronic exposure. In both cases, there will be consequences on the affected individual. Take irritation for instance. This is the “mildest” form of skin injury that will affect the hands. Here, issues like redness, dryness and itchiness of the skin can occur in either acute or chronic forms of exposure- even when the chemical being handled is just slightly hazardous. For more sensitive individuals, the effect will be intense, hence the need to wear gloves regardless of the situation. Chemical burns can also occur. The exposure can have been for a short time, or one handled the chemical before wearing the gloves- what’s usually referred to as occlusion. When the glove is worn after the hands have already been exposed to the hazardous chemical, more of the product will be absorbed by the skin. This leads to increased heat and water retention, and since most of the chemical has been trapped, it doesn’t evaporate- leading to more damage to the underlying skin. Chemical burns can be debilitating, leading to scarring and other kinds of skin conditions. You want to protect your janitorial staff, and the personnel of your cleaning company for those who provide the services to their clients on a daily basis. Focus then shifts to ensuring that the gloves being worn will actually protect the hands, and not fail during use. You want quality products that you can rely on, and that’s what you can expect from the Ramon Proguard Colour Coded Rubber Gloves.

What You Get From The Ramon Proguard Colour Coded Rubber Gloves

These units have been designed to give your enhanced protection as you go about your kitchen and bathroom cleaning routines. The Ramon Proguard Colour Coded Rubber Gloves will keep your hands safe from the chemicals formulations that are being used to dissolve those stubborn dirt spots and stains, the descalers that are used to treat the deposits coating your plumbing units, and the reagents that would have otherwise damaged the skin. From detergents to warm water, the Ramon Proguard Colour Coded Rubber Gloves will ensure that you won’t find yourself dealing with irritation, chemical burns, and other risks that are associated with the cleaning process. 

With the Ramon Proguard Colour Coded Rubber Gloves, you get both safety and comfort. After all, you don’t want to spend all that time cleaning and feeling like ripping off the gloves. These units come with a soft cotton flock lining, making them all nice and cosy. This lining has the welcome benefit of absorbing the perspiration, that way you’ll be able to work with the same pair of gloves for longer.

From convenience to hygienic processes

When it comes to grip, the Ramon Proguard Colour Coded Rubber Gloves also has you covered. Cases of the equipment slipping out of your grip during the wet cleaning avoided, thanks to the fish scape grip pattern that is on the fingers and palms of the gloves.  This means you get to protect your hands while retaining your dexterity and operational efficiency.  

The Ramon Proguard Colour Coded Rubber Gloves also blend in with your colour coded cleaning scheme, for those who have set these systems up in their establishment. The colour coding is particularly beneficial for preventing the spread of infection from one area to another. That way, the Ramon Proguard Colour Coded Rubber Gloves that are used on the bathroom are restricted to it, and are separate from the units that are being used to work on the kitchen surfaces. These gloves are available in red, blue, yellow and green colours, allowing you to use them with the cloths, mops buckets, brushes, and mop buckets of similar colours, bringing order to your cleaning program. For cleaning contractors, having a colour coded system in place has the welcome bonus of giving you a professional image, as it shows your residential and commercial clients that you are keen on implementing hygienic cleaning practices. 

Safe Cleaning With Ramon Proguard Colour Coded Rubber Gloves

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