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Robert Scott Stubby Big White Abbey Prairie Mop

Robert Scott Stubby Big White Abbey Prairie Mop

Robert Scott Stubby Big White Abbey Prairie Mop

Are you looking for a mop that can handle large floor cleaning jobs? Perhaps you’re a business owner searching for supplies that your janitorial staff can use reliably, or are a cleaning company handling multiple jobs for residential and commercial clients on a daily basis. You want a quality tool that you can trust for the task, and one that can hold up to the demands of the job. That’s right up the alley of the Stubby Big White Abbey Prairie Mop.

Benefits Of The Stubby Big White Abbey Prairie Mop


  • Enhanced cleaning action


The absorbency of a mop is directly tied to its effectiveness. It determines how much cleaning solution can be soaked up to be distributed on the floor, and how much of the dirt can be picked up from the surface as you proceed with the mopping. The Stubby Big White Abbey Prairie Mop optimises on this, as a result of its highly absorbent material. The efficiency is further enhanced by the ability of this unit to cover more surface area with each pass on the floor. This makes it a popular option for caretakers in busy commercial establishments, contract cleaners offering their services in homes and business environments, and the facility managers handling the janitorial cleaning supplies that are used in areas like schools malls, hospitals, factories and even restaurants and hotels.


  • Quick assembly


Speed is also key. With all that floor area to cover, every second counts, and you don’t want to take so much time putting together the mop. This unit comes with the fitting already attached. This has the welcome benefit of enabling you to avoid coming into direct contact with the mop when changing it after it becomes soiled, making it a more hygienic process.

Speaking of the fittings, the Stubby Big White Prairie Mop is available in Abbey or Exel® fitting options. This makes it very versatile. For instance, it can be used as part of the Intermix System. Here, one Abbey Handle gets to be used on socket mops, flat mops, hygiene brooms and squeegees, bucketless mopping setups, all through to the sweeper and Kentucky mops. As such, you get to avoid filling up your janitorial closet with multiple handles for the different mop heads, but rather simply switching them when needed.  The units with the Abbey fittings, such as the one under review here, fit into the handle via screw method, while the alternative with the hardwearing Exel® fitting uses a push-pull method, which prevents the grip from loosening even during wringing.


  • Reduced linting


One prevalent issue with cotton mops is the lint that is left behind on the surface as you clean it. These particles are unsightly, and add to the work that will be required to get the floor truly clean. It can be frustrating to take time removing the stains and soiling from the floor, only to look back and see lint strewn all over. With the Stubby Big White Abbey Prairie Mop, this issue is reduced, allowing you to achieve a much more effective clean.


  • Light construction


You don’t want the cleaning being made into an arduous chore by pushing around a heavy mop on the surface. The non-woven fabric of the Stubby Big White Abbey Prairie Mop makes it light compared to the traditional mops. This reduces your workload, and the strain experienced during the process. It is particularly beneficial for cleaning staff working on multiple floors on a day-to-day basis in the commercial establishments, and contractors looking for tools that are ergonomic for their crew.


  • Colour coded


Using colours to clean is beneficial for industries across the different niches- from hotels and medical centres, to daycares, schools, office buildings, and nursing homes. Such systems enable you to identify the different cleaning products based on their colour, where they are assigned to specific sections of the building. This is especially with the tools like towels, cloths, rags, brushes, brooms and the mops themselves. The core value of this lies in preventing cross-contamination, and controlling the spread of infection between the different departments and rooms, as the surfaces are being wiped or mopped. Outbreaks caused by pathogens being transferred from one area to another- the likes of influenza, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), Salmonella, Escherichia coli (E. coli), and others can wreak havoc amongst your workforce, patrons at clubs, the visitors booking into your hotel, or the student population in schools and campuses, putting their health at risk. With the colour coded scheme, the products used when cleaning the restroom are different from those that are designated to the food preparation areas, which are in turn different from those used at the workstations.

Though there is no “colour standard” that has been set on how you should set up the system for your establishment, general trends include: using red for the areas that have higher risks of contamination and infections spreading- like the restroom areas which include the toilet floors- be it in the cubicles or the region under the urinals; yellow for the lower risk areas of the restrooms, such as when you’re working around the sink; green for where the food is handled; and blue for the general living and working areas which have lower risks of infection. The various colours of the Stubby Big White Abbey Prairie Mop enable you to incorporate it into such a system. How you set it up is dependent on your particular needs. Matching the colour of the cleaning equipment also bridges the language barriers, removing the uncertainty during the operations and ensuring a consistent performance with your staff as they go about the cleaning. In fact, it simplifies the training.


  • Easy on your wallet


Costs also factor in. After all, you want to ensure that you have a proper cleaning and maintenance program for your establishment without distorting your finances. For the cleaning contractors, this is directly tied to your balance sheet, and you don’t want the costs of the equipment used spiralling out of control. The affordable price of the Stubby Big White Abbey Prairie Mop allows you to incorporate it into your cleaning arsenal without straining your budget. What’s more, since it’s constructed with quality non-woven fabric, each unit gets to be used for multiple mopping sessions. This cuts down the costs incurred in the long term.


Robert Scott Stubby Big White Abbey Prairie Mop

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