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Robert Scott Cleaning Equipment

Robert Scott Cleaning Equipment

Quality Cleaning With Robert Scott Range Of Products

Robert Scott is renowned in the EU cleaning industry, providing a wide range of products used in residential and commercial establishments.  With a long history that goes back to the 1920s, they have made a name for themselves over the decades. It’s a family business that’s now in its fourth generation, which makes heavy investments in research and development to develop solutions that meet the ever-changing market needs. These are the likes of the Toucan Eco and Flexis Ferrzon+ floor pads, Cleano range, Looblade and Mi-Cloth, all through to Hi-Shine, and Stream microfibre flat mop. With a strict adherence to quality, and meeting the regulations of the professional janitorial sector, the brand has grown its market share, while retaining the loyalty of its customers. Here is a look at what the brand has to offer:

Wide Range Of Mops

This is what Robert Scott is most famous for. There is such a huge demand for their mops, that over half a million are developed each week. This means that every year consumers purchase over 26 million of mops from the brand. There are different options to choose from, designed to cater to the various cleaning conditions. Take the PY/Twine Yarn Socket Mops for instance. The PY yarn is intended for everyday cleaning when working on smooth surfaces such as linoleum floors and wood installations. It’s available in different weights, from the light 132g, going up to 282g. On the other hand, the Twine yarn is suited for the rougher floors such when you’re working on safety flooring where the rough surface is needed to increase grip. In this case, the thinner yarn of the Twine socket mop comes in handy, allowing you to effectively work on the surfaces with the heavier treads.

The popular Exel® Fitting Socket Mops are also part of the Robert Scott janitorial supplies. This particular socket is hard wearing, and is in fact patented by the brand. With its push-pull fitting design, you won’t have to worry about the socket getting loose from the handle even as you wring out the mop. Simply screw or push it onto the handle you’re working with, and you’re good to go. You can get this socket with both the PY and the Twine yarn alternatives, depending on your particular floor care needs. Then there are the Hygiemix Socket Mops. With these ones, the focus is on the yarn, being developed with a blend of synthetic polyester and bleached cotton, with a 50/50 ratio. This brings on board attributes from both materials, enhancing the absorbency of the units, plus increasing their strength and durability for long-term cleaning. What’s more, with a looped end yarn, issues like linting during mopping are avoided. The socket here is threaded, and weight options vary from 200g to 350g.


When you combine the Hygiemix design of the yarn, plus the Excel sockets, you get the Exel® Revolution Socket Mop. It brings you features from both variations, ranging from the polyester and cotton blend for the yarn, stay flat bands that keep the mop on the floor in its circular shape to optimise on the surface contact area, all through to the push-pull type of socket for a stronger fit. Like the Hygiemix mop, this one can also be laundered, being able to withstand temperatures as high as 60°C. What’s more, you can choose to get the socket mop that has antibacterial biofresh yarn. Speaking of which, there is a whole range of Biofresh Socket Mops. Here, antibacterial agents have been spun into the yarn itself, thus inhibiting the growth of the microbes. It also prevents odours from developing.  

Microfibre is all the rage in the cleaning industry, so it comes as no surprise that Robert Scott has mops that have been developed with the material. These are specifically the 200g and 300g Microfibre Socket Mops. They have enhanced absorbency, and you can even mop without cleaning solutions. In fact, when it comes to microfibre, the structure of the material allows you to use it dry or with just a little water. The dust and other particles on the surface are absorbed into the mop using Van der Waal’s forces of attraction, which is a mechanical process that reduces the amount of resources spent on getting solutions for the routine cleaning.

The Big White Socket Mop is another of the favourites of the Robert Scott janitorial supplies. These white mops have been developed with non-woven fabric and are really light- clocking in just a mere 107g. Their absorbency allows the floors cleaned with them to dry much faster, and are typically ideal for the smaller areas. Like its predecessors, there is the Big White Exel® Socket Mop available, with the patented and hard-wearing fitting. The Big White Refill Mop System, on the other hand, comes with detachable plastic sockets. This is beneficial to your cleaning costs since the sockets can be reused. When the mop is dirty simply detach it from the socket and replace it with a cleaner one, speeding up the process. In fact, the Big White Refill Mop System is a proud winner of the Tomorrow’s Cleaning Product Awards.

These mops come in different colours, allowing you to incorporate them into your colour coded scheme. In some cases it the mop’s band that is coloured, like with the Hygiemix mops; for others like the Biofresh range the colour profile is on the entire yarn and the band itself; then with the Microfibre Socket Mops you have got the coloured socket collar fittings which come in green, yellow, red and blue, or you can opt for a grey socket with colour-coded tabs. The detachable sockets of the Big White Refill Mop System are also available in the different colours.

When it comes to using the socket mops with different handles, there are adaptors available. For instance, the Exel® conversion adaptor enables you to fit the mops with Excel sockets to consumer handles that are not from the brand.


Enter Kentucky Mops

These are in huge demand all across the European market. They come in 4 main types: there’s the PY yarn for the smooth surfaces; the thinner Twine yarn for the rough floors; Multi yarn that comes with numerous twine yarn strands, in order to increase the absorption of the mop while still optimising on the abrasion resistance that is needed when working on the heavy tread surfaces; and the Big White, that is an economical option to conventional cotton mops. When it comes to colour coding, you can flag the Kentucky mops. Basically, there are strips of different colours on the mop, and you just need to strip the unwanted ones off, and leave the one to which the mop will be designated to.

There are also Scratchback/Stayflat Kentucky Mops, with the associated bands to ensure that the mop remains flat on the floor as you go about with the cleaning. This is in a bid to enhance the efficiency of the process. The Microfibre Stayflat Flagged Kentucky Mop, on the other hand, comes with strips of the microfibre yarn, and can absorb multiple times its own weight in of water. Here, for the colour coding, there is a cut-off tab system allowing you to set the mop as you see fit. The Hygiemix and Biofresh Kentucky Mop variations come with the attributes that make the lines stand out- from the 50/50 cotton/polyester blend of the former, and the antibacterial yarn of the latter.  These units are machine washable, making their maintenance a breeze.


Prairie Mops

Here, you have the legendary Prairie Kentucky mop head, which has made a name for itself due to its ability to absorb large volumes of water. You’ve probably seen it in use in commercial establishments, easily distinguishable by its long life white fibres. It’s ideal for large spaces, with its long, thick and porous fibre coming in handy to cover more surface area. This mop head can even be used for other floor care programs, such as laying polish when finishing the surface. It’s launderable, and you can choose between PY and Multi yarn for your needs. What’s more, the fittings are available on both push-fit and screw thread alternatives.

There are hygiene options here too. Take for instance the Hygiemix Prairie mops. They feature the standard stayflat band, looped ends, plus the yarn that is constructed with cotton and polyester. They are available in both Exel® and Abbey fittings. You can also go with the Biofresh Prairie mops especially if you’re aiming for the antibacterial properties. It is available in 340g and 450g options. There is also a Big White Prairie mop, which is lighter compared to the traditional style mops, and comes in Stubby and Large options. You can also go with the variations which have the Exel® fitting.


Robert Scott Buckets and Wringers

These hold the cleaning solutions and water being used for the mopping processes. In this case, you want units with durable construction that will be able to withstand the various chemicals involved in the cleaning. In the process of getting rid of organic and inorganic dirt, the grease residue on the floors, water-based and oil-based stains, various formulations will be required. In some cases you will use all-purpose cleaners, other times will call for mild detergents. For the stubborn dirt, you will need tough acting products, be it acidic or alkaline cleaners, depending on the type of soiling. Whichever the case, you don’t want the buckets being attacked by the chemicals. As such, the ability of the bucket to withstand these agents is key. Then there is the size. Here, the capacity determines the efficiency of the process. For instance, when working on the larger floors in commercial establishments, you want a bucket that can allow you to haul around as much water or the cleaning solution as possible, to reduce the number of times you will need to empty it out. With a larger volume, more dirt can be diluted before you will need to switch the solution for a fresh one. When it comes to the smaller spaces however, a massive bucket will just be an inconvenience, as it would make moving around a problem. These factors come in when selecting the bucket that you need for your particular situation. Fortunately, there are plenty of options among the Robert Scott janitorial supplies to choose from.


What of the wringers? Squeezing out the water from the mop with your hands is unhealthy- and not to mention gross. The feeling of the dirty water passing through your fingers is not something you look forward to during the cleaning. Seeing that the water contains whatever grime is picked up from the floor, a hands-free wringing will be valuable. The buckets with wringers address this, allowing you to squeeze out the excess water from the mop with ease.

With this regard, there are different product lines to work with. The Smoothline range is one of the in-demand British-made buckets. It is used with the various mopping systems, and is big on durability and mobility. In fact, it is wheeled, with the 75mm easy-glide castors allowing you to simply move it around instead of struggling with the weight of carrying the bucket. It’s constructed with polypropylene, enabling the unit to be used with the diverse types of chemicals involved in the floor cleaning. You can get the bucket as a standalone unit, or fix the wringer onto it. You can also purchase it with the wringer attached, in which case there are 3 options to pick from- the Viceroy, Ambassador, and MAX450 wringers. The dirt retaining sump of the Smoothline bucket enhances the efficiency of the process, and you can also have it screen-printed with your establishment’s logo, or company’s name for cleaning contractors. There is a default “Wet Floor” caution sign printed on the side of the bucket as a safety measure to warn passers-by as you carry out the cleaning.

Let’s expound further on the wringers, which enable you to prevent the floor from getting soaked with water. This is beneficial whether you’re looking to speed up the drying time, prevent slip and fall accidents caused by excessively wet floors, or you’re dealing with surfaces like wood and vinyl installations, where the mop needs to be wrung out until it is just damp before being used. Starting off with the high-performance MAX450 Mop Wringer, this unit is designed to reduce the amount of energy used when wringing out the water from the mop. You can use the MAX450 with mops of all sizes going up to 20oz (560gm). It comes with a wringer-insert, which is handy when you’re working with the smaller mops. When dealing with mops above 210oz (340gm), you can remove it and proceed as usual. On the other hand, the Ambassador Heavy Duty Steel Mop Wringer is all about the power. It is operated with a gear, and its zinc coating is applied to protect the structural integrity of the unit, and it also comes with nylon pressure bars. This particular wringer is used with mops that range between 12-20oz/350-560gm. However, it is not compatible with the Buffalo bucket, which we will focus on next.


Charge of the Buffalo

Robert Scott’s Buffalo Bucket & Wringer is a combination that delivers power and efficiency. From the polypropylene body that is curved to avoid spills, a highly effective wringer with a robust construction, a sump that locks in the dirt preventing you from resoiling the floor, to a large capacity to hold in the liquid, it makes the mopping process a breeze. It also comes with 75mm swivel castors that make it easier to manoeuvre around the floor and make turns comfortably. With the rubber tyres, you won’t have to worry about screeching noises as you push around the bucket, and it also won’t leave behind marks. The Buffalo Bucket & Wringer is usually used with Kentucky mops, and can handle sizes ranging from 300 to 450g. The mop holder clip is a nifty feature, and coupled with the plastic grip and alloy handle, you will be able to tackle large floor cleaning process without much hustle. The different bright colours of the units allow you to keep them in line with your colour coded system, and you can choose to get the complete combo or separate bucket and wringer depending on your particular needs.


Spoilt for choice

They keep on coming. From homeowners looking for cleaning supplies, commercial establishments stocking up their janitorial closets, or cleaning contractors looking for cost-effective equipment to enable them to carry out their mandate, Robert Scott has numerous options for you. From the 24 Litre Contract Bucket & Wringer that gives you a quality tool at a pocket-friendly price; the 20 Litre Microspeedy Bucket & Wringer that typically used with microfibre mops when you carry out damp mopping or quick-response cleaning complete with the trolley. There’s also the 15 Litre Professional Bucket and Wringer which comes with a heavy duty handle, and even gradation marks to enable you to gauge how much water and cleaning solutions you’re using for the process. With its high profile, it also ensures that the overspill doesn’t wind up on the floor, rather remaining within the bucket.  

The 10L Phoenix Bucket has a light weight, and comes with an ergonomic handle. While the bucket itself is available in different colours, the wringer used with it is white, and can be easily clipped onto the bucket as needed. Here, the cost effectiveness of the process also factors in. The bucket has a 30ml detergent reservoir. This one prevents product wastage, resulting in cost savings. The bucket is also stackable, which comes in handy during storage, and its rectangular shape, complete with the pouring lips on two of its sides, further enhances the efficacy of the mopping process. Speaking of lips, there is a 12L contract Hygiene Bucket and Wringer available, that comes with side lips that make the unit easy to pour out the contents.


Tired of carrying around two buckets? Robert scoot janitorial supplies have got you covered with the Double Bucket and Wringer. The rationale is the same- separate the clean solution from the dirty water, to speed up the cleaning, and rinse the floor better. However, in this case, the unit has two compartments, one 8L and the other 6L, to segregate the liquids. It even has graduation marks on the interior side, that way you can measure exactly how much liquid you’re using. The different colours cater to the need to designate the units to specific cleaning zones in tandem with your colour coded cleaning scheme.

There are also units like the tough Builders bucket, with its 15L capacity, and internal gradation marks plus a pouring spout. It’s made with polypropylene, hence has a durable body. The Homeware Bucket is a budget-friendly option, and comes complete with a handle that is easy to grip. The Homeware Bucket comes in different colours too. For those looking for metal units, like the traditional cleaning requirements, you can turn to the Robert Scott  Galvanised Bucket, where there is a 10L unit that has a plastic roller for convenient operation, and the 13L unit which comes with a wringer.


Meeting Safety Requirements

As the floor cleaning in your business premises, school or healthcare facility is being carried out, you don’t want persons walking about and slipping on the wet surface. Whether you’re the business owner or a cleaning company hired to carry out the job, you will be exposed to liability claims in the event of injury. In fact, health and safety laws require that measures be put in place to protect the persons on the property from slip and fall accidents, and millions of Euros are paid out by businesses every year as a result of claims being made. As such, part of the Robert Scott janitorial supplies includes high visibility signs to warn those around of the hazardous nature of the area, marking out the points and providing the relevant information to prevent accidents from occurring.

The Economy Dual Message Plastic Safety Sign is one such unit, which comes in the customary yellow that is easily noticeable, and the clear red and black graphics on the sides, for quick interpretation. Since you also want signs that are easy to transport and set up, this one comes with a folding A-frame. There’s no assembly to worry about. Simply prop the 62x30cm sign up on the floor and proceed with your mopping. When you’re done, fold it flat, place it on the cleaning trolley and proceed onto the next area. Different messages are displayed with this particular sign, and you can pick your preferred one, including:

  • Caution wet floor/cleaning in progress
  • Cleaning in progress
  • Male/Female attendant
  • Wet floor/wet floor
  • Closed for cleaning
  • Window cleaning

You can also go with the heavy duty 66x25cm sign, which has similar messages, plus the ‘Out Of Service’ safety sign. You can opt to purchase one that is unprinted, that way you will be able to apply your own label to suit your needs. Alternatively, you can have it custom printed with your company’s name and logo, plus the safety message you want to be displayed. This is especially for cleaning companies where this is their business, and would like signs to be customised to depict their precise operations.

There are signs for different situations. For instance, in case you want a barrier at the door the moment you get in to proceed with the cleaning- that way people won’t come in and interrupt you or step all over the wet surface, turn to the Hanging door safety sign, which is used with the doors that have widths ranging from 70cm to 95cm. Its rubber cup ends gives it the grip need to be stable when set up against the door frame, and then you’re through with the area you can roll it up and pack it away. There is the all-out Barrier Sign, which is a system of 2 hinged panels that extend to a width of 264cm and has a height of 90cm. You can unfold it to the desired limit, and even link together multiple panels to form a larger barrier.

Additional variations of the Robert Scoot safety signs include the Stackable Caution Cone, where each unit is 46cm high, and the shape enables easy stacking for storage- hence the name. With “CAUTION” being printed boldly on both sides, it is hard to miss, and the signs have been made with the sturdy polypropylene. The 94cm High Visibility Sign, on the other hand, is trilingual, having the signage in English, French and Spanish. The height, bright yellow colour plus the red/black signage provide ample warning to anyone accessing the area. You can even use it with a barrier chain and connect multiple signs, especially for the cases where you want to cordon off a larger area. Speaking of chains, they are also applied with the weatherproof Multi-Lingual Safety Cones, which can be used indoors and outdoors are required. The languages used on this unit are English, Spanish, German, Dutch and French.


Robert Scott Handles

Whether you’re using a brush to scrub away the stubborn grime from surfaces, squeegeeing windows after washing them, or mopping the floor, the quality of the handle used has a huge impact on the efficiency of the process. From the weight of the material, the strength of its construction which affects how durable the unit will be, all through to the length, which will determine the ease of use and how far you can reach, you want tools that will make the cleaning process a breeze. Robert Scott has provided a wide range of handles and fittings to work with.

Take the Abbey Hygiene Handles for instance. These have been constructed with lightweight aluminium, and are fixed onto the associated mops, brushware and squeegees by getting screwed onto them. You can also use it with mop holders. Since the Abbey Hygiene Handles are available in different colours, they can be used in colour coded cleaning systems. Specifically, these handles are compatible with the plastic Kentucky fittings- where it comes already attached, Hygiene broom range, Octopus Frame, Microspeedy Mop Frame, Uniko and Velcro Frames, the T9 Frame, plus Sweeper Mop Frames. They are available in 125 and 137 cm options, and come with an eyelet that enables you to hang them up after you’re done. The Exel® Handles are also made using aluminium and are colour coded, and are specially designed for fitting into the Exel® sockets. The Robert Scott 137×2.4cm Aluminium handle with 2 drilled hole does not have a screw fitting, but is rather used with the King Speedy’s E-Clip fitting.

You can get mop fittings for fast replacements, and they are colour coded to blend with your other Robert Scott janitorial cleaning supplies. There is the plastic Kentucky mop fitting available, plus the Metal alternative for when you’re working with wood handles.

The 137cm Powder Coated steel handle with its colour coded grip is designed to be used with Kentucky mops, and so is the Robert Scott Wooden Mop handle. The latter comes with a sealed finish, ensuring its durability. You can get it with the fitting already attached, or opt for simply the varnished wood handle. Composite handles with screw fittings to work with the socket mops, plastic mop holders and the hygiene brushware, Standard handles that are ideal for use with floor squeegees and deluxe brooms, window sponge squeegees and the Robert Scott Cobweb Brush, to the white Heavy Gauge handle that clocks in at 120 x 2cm, there are plenty of options to choose from. You can also cut on costs with the Contract handle that works with both the Exel® sockets and screw thread, and whose versatility allows it to work with Hygiemix, Biofresh and Big white mops, plus the Heavy duty floor squeegees and the washable broom range.

Looking to quickly colour code your janitorial equipment? Then turn to the Clippex Handle. This neat product comes with 4 colour coded clips that are easily interchangeable, making it a fast and convenient tool.

Robert Scott Janitorial Supplies

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