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Robert Scott Buffalo Mop Bucket & Wringer 25L

Robert Scott Buffalo Mop Bucket & Wringer 25L

Robert Scott Buffalo Mop Bucket & Wringer 25L

What condition is your floor in? Over time, the dirt and grime build up on the surface. In commercial establishments, from office buildings and malls, retail stores and consultancy offices, all through to hospitals and nursing homes, where levels of foot traffic are higher, the rate of the soiling increases. The grit is abrasive, getting grinded against the floor surface as people walk about. This wears down the finishes and other protective treatments that had been applied, making it more susceptible to staining and damage from the elements. The longer that this continues unabated, the more the structural integrity is put at risk, reducing the life of the installation. Then there are the aesthetics. You want your floor to look its optimal. Food smudges, stains from drinks that got spilled, grease residue, ink blots and layers of dust- they make the place appear dilapidated. That is certainly not the image you want your customers finding you in. Routine mopping is therefore vital. Just like any other part of the building care and maintenance, the success of it will depend on the equipment that you use. For some, there are stains that need acidic cleaners to remove them, and for grease spots the formulations used should have the ability to emulsify the residue for it to be cleaned off. The brushes and their bristles, types of mops that are used, cloths and even the quality of the buckets come into play. You want to work with gear that ensures you get optimal results in a timely manner. Incorporating the Robert Scott Bucket with Wringer Buffalo into your cleaning arsenal will enable you to achieve this.

Using buckets that have wringers – Robert Scott Buffalo Mop Bucket & Wringer 25L

Controlling the amount of water used on floor surfaces is key. First, there is the increased risk of slip and fall accidents when floors are being mopped. Excessively wet surfaces exacerbate this, and you want to protect the persons on the premises. Squeezing out the water from the mop before the application ensure that only the appropriate amount of cleaning solution ends up being used. It’s also beneficial when it comes to soaking up the bulk of the liquid, that way you can cut down the drying time involved. Leaving a layer of water all over the floor will render it unusable for extended periods, which would affect normal traffic flow in your establishment. Then there is the material of the floor itself. There are those where water is a threat to them- such as wood flooring. With vinyl, the moisture seeping through at the edges can end up ruining the subfloor. How do you go about wringing the water out? Using your hands is unhygienic, and there is the gross feeling one gets when the dirty water is passing over them, getting on the palms and between the fingers. The wringer comes in to enable you to carry this out faster and more efficiently. You even don’t have to keep bending. The structure of the wringer with the bucket thus reduces your workload. While this is the case, you want a unit that has the strength to handle the workload that comes with the frequent cleaning.

Robert Scott Buffalo Mop Bucket & Wringer 25L

When it comes to the bucket, the material used is also key. In the course of the cleaning, different agents will be used. As you mop away the inorganic and organic dirt, or when you’re dealing with the water-based and oil-based stains, various products will be required depending on your particular situation. All-purpose cleaners, mild detergents, and alkaline solutions, all through to tough acid-based formulations- they will be held within the bucket. You don’t want to worry about the chemicals attacking the material, damaging it. Then there is the size. How fast you carry out the cleaning is linked to the capacity of the bucket. This is specifically because it dictates how much solution can be carried around in an instant, and how many times you’ll need to have it changed. When dealing with large floor spaces, you want a bucket that will be up to the task. Speaking of which, the portability in such scenarios also factors in. After all, you don’t want to spend hours carrying around a bucket of water, expending all that energy and causing muscle strain. When you have multiple rooms and hallways to cover, you want a situation where you can simply push the bucket around, as is the case with the units that are wheeled. You can find this with the Robert Scott Bucket with Wringer Buffalo.

Reasons To Turn To This Robert Scott Bucket – Robert Scott Buffalo Mop Bucket & Wringer 25L


  • Built to last


Made with polypropylene, the Robert Scott Bucket and Wringer Buffalo can take on the demands that come with frequent cleaning in high traffic establishments, from office buildings to institutions like schools and campuses, all through to hospitals and restaurants where the mopping is carried out multiple times in a day. Polypropylene is a strong and durable material, and comes in with superior resilience that enables the Robert Scott Bucket and Wringer Buffalo to withstand the different types of chemicals used for the cleaning process. Issues like corrosion of the material won’t be an issue, as would have been the case when metal buckets are used. That way, you can carry out the cleaning without constantly worrying about structural failure of the unit.


  • Optimise your cleaning – Robert Scott Buffalo Mop Bucket & Wringer 25L


Factors such as the alloy handle of the Robert Scott Bucket and Wringer Buffalo, and its plastic grip, make the cleaning process much easier. You are able to move the unit around the premises- even for long distances, courtesy of the rubber wheels. Speaking of which, the wheels don’t form marks on the floors as you manoeuvre the bucket around. In addition, its swivel castors give you more flexibility, enabling you to comfortably make the turns and take the corners as you proceed with the mopping. You also don’t want to worry about creating noises as you go about the cleaning, especially if you’re mopping areas like offices or schools. The floors should be worked on without the people in the nearby rooms being disturbed by the sounds of the equipment being pushed around. The rubber wheel of the Robert Scott Bucket and Wringer Buffalo also aid in this aspect due to the noise reduction attribute. Moreover, the bucket has a curved body, which is particularly beneficial in preventing spillage. After all, it would be frustrating if dirty water ended up getting spilled on the floor just as you were done cleaning it. Since the cleaning staff won’t be wringing the mops with their hands, it’s a healthier approach to the process.

The Robert Scott Bucket and Wringer Buffalo is a valuable addition to your janitorial equipment. From educational facilities campus halls of residence where there are high levels of foot traffic and messes being formed which need to be attended to regularly in order to maintain a clean environment, office buildings where you want tools that will enable you to meet the routine building care and maintenance without disrupting your normal operations, you’re looking for tools that the hotel staff can utilise in order to ensure that your guests are comfortable during their stay, businesses like malls and retail stores where you want a bucket and wringer that can be quickly manoeuvred around as shoppers continue with their activities, hospitals and nursing homes where you don’t want to disturb patients by dragging around a bucket that has screeching wheels, gyms and spas where the frequent mopping is needed due to the rapid rate of grime build-up, government facilities including courthouses, to religious institutions like churches- having quality cleaning systems goes a long way. Even cleaning contractors get to benefit, by having ergonomic equipment that reduces the strain and labour while on the job.


  • Incorporate it into your colour coded cleaning system – Robert Scott Buffalo Mop Bucket & Wringer 25L


These systems are typically instituted in the business industry to govern how janitorial equipment will be used. Basically, tools ranging from cloths, the Robert Scott Bucket with Wringer Buffalo, the mops used with it, aprons that the cleaners work with, brooms, dustpans and even the washing gloves that are employed, are designated to specific working zones depending on their colour. This reduces the chances of germs being spread from one area to another, enabling you to enhance your hygiene standards. You wouldn’t want a situation where the bucket used when mopping the washrooms in your office building or restaurant, is the same that is used when cleaning the kitchen. You don’t want the pathogens wiped off laboratory surfaces winding up in your office.

Generally the four main colours- blue, green, red and yellow, are used to separate the areas between high-risk zones such as the washrooms and toilets; dining zones and cafe lounge spaces, including restaurants and bars, plus other lower risk regions; public venues like hallways, receptions and lobbies; and then food preparation areas- especially the kitchen. There isn’t a universal one-size-fits-all approach. The system you put in place in your establishment is dependent on your particular needs. Conventional approaches are such as when red, a colour that’s universally associated with hazards, is assigned to those sections that pose a high risk of bacterial contamination- the washrooms in this case. Yellow, on the other hand, is usually associated with clinical use, but you can opt to have it clean areas like under the sink, and the tiled walls, where risks of contamination are less. Using colours for the segregation is also an effective approach since they are easily understood- and cut across the language barriers. What’s more, you will be in a position to easily note when a particular Robert Scott Bucket with Wringer Buffalo is used in the wrong place, and also better manage your inventory. Staff training can be more effectively done too.


  • Developed by a renowned brand – Robert Scott Buffalo Mop Bucket & Wringer 25L


Robert Scott is trusted by home and business owners, to professional cleaning contractors, using its products to take care of their needs. With 4 generations in the industry, dating way back to the 1920s, there is a vast pool of experience and a solid track record of quality products catering to the diverse market needs. For instance, it is the largest manufacturer of mops in the UK, developing over 500,000 on a weekly basis. In fact, that is what they are most famous for, but in reality accounts for just 30% of their operations. There are over 2000 products, one of them being the Robert Scott Bucket with Wringer Buffalo, and the company itself supplies close to 60% of UK’s janitorial market. Over 1000 orders from customers are processed on a daily basis, and the company is strict on quality, adhering to ISO 9001: 2015, and even the FSC standards, during product development. Popular names from the same brand include the Cleano range, Exel, Hi-absorb, Toucan Eco, Looblade Hi-shine, Flexis Ferrzon+ floor pads, Mi-cloth and the Stream microfibre flat mop. From bagging Tomorrow’s Cleaning Product awards, intensive investments in research and development to deliver innovations that cater to the dynamic cleaning market, a wide range of choices to pick from depending on your particular needs, and plenty of stock to ensure that you can have your desired product readily available, you can have the peace of mind that you’re getting value for your time and money when you turn to the Robert Scott Bucket with Wringer Buffalo. 


  • Budget-friendly – Robert Scott Buffalo Mop Bucket & Wringer 25L


You also want a reasonable deal price-wise. After all, your goal is to have a quality cleaning system in place that enables you to efficiently get rid of the dirt and grime, not watch your finances get drained in the process. The Robert Scott Bucket with Wringer Buffalo enables you to realise this in different ways. For starters, there is the affordable price tag. This is made possible due to the efficient manufacturing process, plus the use of polypropylene for the construction of its body, which is far more economical than using metal. Attributes like the durability of the Robert Scott Bucket with Wringer Buffalo ensures that each unit purchased gets to provide you with extended usage, resulting in more savings down the road.

Robert Scott Mop Bucket & Wringer 24L

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