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Robert Scott 300G Hygiemix Socket Mop

Robert Scott 300G Hygiemix Socket Mop

Robert Scott 300G Hygiemix Socket Mop

Looking for a quality mop that will deliver a thorough clean on your floor? One where you won’t have to worry about linting and fraying? After all, no one looks forward to lint being strewn all over the floor in the course of the mopping, leaving you with more workload. What of the absorbency? The material should be able to soak up the liquids and pick the grime from the surface of the floor. The strength of the yarn also comes into play. Here, the material size, and the ply are factored in. The higher the number of plies, the stronger the yarn. However, too many of this and you will compromise on the absorbency, hence a critical balance needs to be attained. In addition to the water retention, the break-in also matters. How long will it take for the new products to be ready to use? Add to durability to this. Floor cleaning is a routine part of the buildings care and maintenance program. With the frequency at which it is carried out, you would be able to mop your floors without being forced to replace the mop every other week. This would rack up your costs of operation. The ease of use, versatility of the unit- they are all factors to consider when purchasing mops for your establishment. Quality is key, since you want to be sure that you’re getting a value return for your purchase. The Hygiemix Socket Mop has been developed for this. Robert Scott 300G Hygiemix Socket Mop

Benefits Of The Hygiemix Socket Mop


  • Quick mopping action


The Hygiemix Socket Mop is designed to enable you to efficiently carry out your floor care. From the high absorbency yarn that soaks up the cleaning solution as you spread it onto the surface, to picking up the grime that’s on the floor itself, all through to its looped end construction which prevents tangling and linting while in use, you get to proceed with the cleaning without a hustle. The yarn attracts and retains the dirt particles, enhancing the efficiency of the process. This reduces the workload of your cleaning staff be it in your office building, hospital or clinic, consultancy offices, schools, retail stores, and even back at home. It’s also a staple for the cleaning contractors, who have multiple residential and commercial clients to serve, and are looking for tools that will enhance the efficiency of their operations without compromising on the quality of the results- that way they can get more done in less time, and leave their clients satisfied. Weighing in at 300g, the material itself is light, making it easy to manoeuvre around on the surface of the floor as you mop. Robert Scott 300G Hygiemix Socket Mop


  • Durable material


This circular mop head has been designed with a 50/50 blend of cotton and polyester. As such, the yam comes with enhanced strength, enabling it to withstand multiple cleaning sessions it’s also machine washable, withstanding temperatures of up to 60°C. As such, you get to effectively carry out your daily cleaning operations, without worrying about the structure of the mop breaking down after a couple of uses. This gives you extended usage with every Hygiemix Socket Mop, meaning you also get to make savings in the long run. Robert Scott 300G Hygiemix Socket Mop


  • Stays flat


The Hygiemix Socket Mop comes with a “stay flat” band whose role is exactly as its name describes. It enables the mop to retain the circular shape while on the floor, thus allowing you to cover larger areas within a shorter time, while simultaneously maximising the surface-area contact. The loop-end design also aids in this, providing a more comprehensive coverage of the floor compared to the cut-end alternatives. Robert Scott 300G Hygiemix Socket Mop


  • Easy to use


The assembly is a breeze. The mop has a T1 screw thread socket. This allows you to use it with a wide range of handles, including the Abbey handles. These ones specifically are lightweight mop handles with an aluminium construction, and are also coloured- and even come with the convenient eyelet that allows you to hang them. In fact, they are part of the larger Intermix system. Here, you have a handle that fits the Hygiemix Socket Mops, sweeper mops, flat mops, and even Kentucky mops, plus brooms and squeegees from the same manufacturer. This gives you flexibility, and allows you to have a complete setup for your floor cleaning, covering the different aspects of the operations, without having to have a single handle for every task. Robert Scott 300G Hygiemix Socket Mop


  • Colour coded


Commercial and residential establishments alike benefit from putting a colour coded cleaning scheme in place. From hotels and medical centres, to schools, nursing homes and daycares, the colour coding enables you to designate equipment to different areas, and prevent them from simply being used randomly, which would cause cross contamination. This is especially vital in areas where you want to control infection. It also helps when managing your staff, including identifying between departments, simplifying the employee training, and also keeping track of the inventory. The Hygiemix Socket Mops comes in different colours to fit into your program. There’s the red that can be designated to areas that have the highest risk of contamination, such as toilets and bathroom surfaces, green which can be used for mopping kitchens and other areas where food is handled, yellow for lower risk areas like restaurants and bars, all through to blue for general areas including the living room. There isn’t a set standard that you have to follow. You can assign the different colours according to your particular needs. What’s more, by implementing the colour coded program with the Hygiemix Socket Mops, your towels, cloths and other cleaning equipment, you get to eliminate confusion amongst your staff, and ensure that there is consistency all through. It’s even effective when there is a language barrier- since colours are, for all intents and purposes, a universal language which is recognised by everyone. Robert Scott 300G Hygiemix Socket Mop


  • Renowned brand


This socket mop is a product of Robert Scott & Sons Ltd, which brings nearly a century of experience in the cleaning industry to meet consumer needs today. From its origins way back in 1925, Robert Scott has become an industry leader, best known for quality mops that dominate the UK market, with over half a million mops delivered each week alone. That’s not all they do. The company offers products ranging from floor pads, rental linen, and microfiber cloths, all through to medical cleaning trolleys.  It’s still the same company behind the popular Hi-absorb, Hi-shine, and Mi-cloth range of products. Manufacturing, sourcing, warehousing, market support with catalogues designed to help customers get the most out of the solutions, to consultancy services in case you need personal attention, they have invested in the entire spectrum of the cleaning process, dealing with the various aspects within the industry. With over 2000 products under their belt valued at more than £50m, and thousands of customer orders being processed every week, plus attaining ISO 9001: 2015 and meeting the stringent FSC standards, you can rest assured that you’re dealing with a brand that delivers on its mandate. The same level of quality is maintained with the Hygiemix Socket Mop.

Cleaning the Different Types Of Floors

The various material used to make floors need different approaches when it comes to mopping. Take wood floors for instance. Water is a threat to their structure, and conventional cleaning products can damage the protective treatments that have been applied on it. Here, you should use cleaners that have been specifically formulated for use on wood floors. Avoid all-purpose cleaners, those meant for other surfaces such as tile, and even furniture cleaners. One should also minimise the amount of water used for the process. The first step in this direction is following the instructions on the product label with regards to the dilution ratios to use. Next, spray the cleaning solution directly on to the Hygiemix Socket Mop. You can also pour it in the bucket then soak the mop. However, ensure that you wring it out until it is slightly damp. Proceed to mop as usual. Robert Scott 300G Hygiemix Socket Mop

With tile floors, different products can be used, like all-purpose cleaners, detergents and disinfectants, and DIY home remedies such as acid-based cleaning solutions made with lemon or vinegar. However, steer cleaner of the harsh bleach and ammonia-based solutions, since they can end up tinting the tile, or break down its adhesives. Here, you can be liberal with the amount of water used. Wring and rinse the Hygiemix Socket Mop when you notice the solution being passed over the surface is not clear. Change the solution in the bucket the moment it begins getting darker and the bubbles are less than before. Remember to mop up spills immediately they form, to prevent them from being absorbed by the grout. The sooner you attend to the spills with the Hygiemix Socket Mop, the easier the will be to remove.

Marble and other natural stone floors can easily get stained, and using the wrong products will etch and corrode the material. As such, clean up both liquid and food spills the moment they form to prevent them from setting in, and also use cleaners that have been formulated for use on natural stone. Products like the acidic vinegar and lemon juice will damage the structure. Robert Scott 300G Hygiemix Socket Mop

Remember to vacuum the floor or sweep it before you begin mopping, to get rid of the dust and other loose particles on the surface. This will reduce the rate at which the mop gets dirty, also cutting down the number of times it will need to be wrung out, and the solution in the bucket replaced. Speaking of which, you can also work with two buckets, one holding the cleaning solution, the other holding the water for rinsing out the mop. In addition, when mopping start out that the clean sections- like the farthest corner of the room, and work your way to the dirtiest areas- such as the entrance and hallways. Robert Scott 300G Hygiemix Socket Mop

Caring For Your Hygiemix Socket Mop

For your mop to remain effective, it will also need to be properly maintained. This can be carried out with a few easy measures:

  • First there’s breaking in your new Hygiemix Socket Mop. This is to get it ready for use. You just need to soak it in a warm solution with a mild detergent, for around 10 minutes. Immerse it into the solution and agitate it, to ensure that it has been absorbed by the entire yarn. After the short waiting time, wring it out, dispose the solution, and then prepare a fresh one that is suited to the cleaning task that you intended to carry out.
  • Wash the mop thoroughly after each use. This should be done immediately you’ve finished mopping. You can use a mild detergent, to remove the dirt and grime that was absorbed in the yarn. After all, you don’t want to spread it onto the next surface you’ll be working on. Since the Hygiemix Socket Mop is machine washable, you can toss it into the washing machine- but do not exceed 60°C. Set it at a gentle cycle. Alternatively, you can also hand wash it in a bucket, with a mixture of clean water and the detergent, soaking it for around 15 minutes, and then wringing out the mop. Repeat this a couple of times until the water being used gets completely clear.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals such as bleach when washing the mop head. Mild disinfectants will get the task done without posing a risk to the yarn.
  • Let the Hygiemix Socket Mop dry. Storing it when wet will make it a breeding ground for bacteria, and encourage mildew to grow. These, in turn, will pose health risks. You also don’t want to spread the associated odours that come with them. After washing the mop, wring it out as much as you can. Thereafter, place it out in the sun to dry- like on a clothesline. This will naturally kill the germs and prevent mould growth. You can also stand the Hygiemix Socket Mop in a well-ventilated area. The goal is to set it up in an area that will enable the mop to dry as fast as possible.
  • Store your Hygiemix Socket Mops properly. Ideally, this should be in a cool and dry location. It’s recommended that you hang it, rather than leave it brushing against the floor. It will remain ready for use on the next mopping session.   


Robert Scott 300G Hygiemix Socket Mop

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