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Robert Scott 200 GSM Microfiber Cloths

Robert Scott 200 GSM Microfiber Cloths

Robert Scott 200 GSM  Microfiber Cloths


– 40 cm x 40 cm white microfiber , 200 GSM

– suitable for domestic & commercial cleaning

– unique texture, very durable, machine washable

– next day delivery guaranteed anywhere in Ireland


Robert Scott 200 GSM  Microfiber Cloths

This high-performance cloth enables you to remove dirt and grime from the various surfaces in your establishment without the use of any chemicals. In fact, you just need water, or you can proceed to use the cloth dry. This enables you to avoid risks from the chemical sensitivity that would have resulted. The cloths use microfiber technology, which enables them to pick up the microbes, dirt specks and allergens that would have been left behind by cloths of other material such as cotton and nylon. The tiny fibres create forces of attraction that pull up the particles from the surface being worked on. Specifically, they are the van der Waals forces- named after the Nobel-prize winning and Dutch chemist Johannes Diderik van der Waals (1837-1923) who discovered them. The cloths absorb multiple times their own weight in grime, holding it within the material until it is washed off. This enables you to achieve a quality clean each time. Here are more benefits of using the Robert Scott 200 GSM  Microfiber Cloths 40 cm x 40 cm :

Reduce risks of cross contamination
Colour coded cleaning, where the equipment used is designated to certain areas based on the on its colour- from gloves, towels and cloths to the mops, dustpans and brushes, increases hygiene levels by preventing cross contamination. It`s used in both residential and commercial establishments. There are those colours set for public areas such as receptions, lobbies and hallways, others for the high-risk zones like washrooms and toilets, lower risk areas like the cafe lounges and dining areas of restaurants and others specifically for kitchen and food preparation areas. The system used varies from business to business, and the colour is assigned to an area is based on the user’s desire. The Robert Scott 200 GSM  Microfiber Cloths 40 cm x 40 cm – White will fit right into such a system, enabling you to have a structured cleaning program for your enterprise.

There are multiple surfaces in the building that need to be attended to, and the versatility of the Robert Scott 200 GSM  Microfiber Cloths ensures that you can proceed unabated. First, each cloth is warp-knitted, comes with 20% polyamide content, and has been developed using a splitting process that results in a very soft material. This ensures that you carry out the cleaning without any risk of surface damage. You can use the Robert Scott 200 GSM  Microfiber Cloths 40 cm x 40 cm – White on plastic, hard surfaces such as aluminium, wood and laminate, the fragile ceramics and glass, all through to Perspex, paintwork and vinyl.

Tips to get the most out of the Robert Scott 200 GSM  Microfiber Cloths

Launder the cloths after each cleaning session. This can be done over 500 times. The washing will remove the grime that has been absorbed into the material, preparing it for the next cleaning session.
When washing the Robert Scott 200 GSM  Microfiber Cloths 40 cm x 40 cm – White, set the machine to a 40 temperature. This is to help in saving costs. However, you can always crank it up to 95 if needed.
Tumble drying the cloths is recommended, as it opens up the fibres, increasing their effectiveness.
While fabric softeners can be used for laundering these microfiber cloths, it’s not recommended as it will reduce the cloths effectiveness when they are used dry.

Robert Scott 200 GSM  Microfiber Cloths

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