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RH-30 Litre Bucket Mopping System

RH-30 Litre Bucket Mopping System

RH-30 Litre Bucket Mopping System


  • Heavy duty mop bucket and wringer suitable for cleaning large floor areas
  • Easy to maneuver and easy to store away, the rubber wheels can be dismantled
  • Fitted with a colour coded wringer, available in 4 distinct colours, light & ergonomic
  • RH-30 Litre Bucket Mopping System is the ideal bucket for schools, garages, etc
  • Manufactured from shock and chemical resistant plastic, dual sided wet floor sign
  • The wringer can be purchased separately on its own, a beautiful elegant style/design


RH-30 Litre Bucket Mopping System – Where to use


If you are cleaning large commercial floor areas, you should have a look at the new RH-30 Litre Bucket Mopping System. This is one of the most widely used and highly recommended buckets and wringers in Ireland. Manufactured from shock resistant and chemical resistant plastic components, light, available in 4 different colours, sold with a heavy duty wringer. Large enough to not require constant refilling but small enough to be easy to maneuver. RH-30 Litre Bucket Mopping System is perfect for schools, bars, restaurants, gyms, public buildings, large offices and others. A well designed and well priced mop bucket.


RH-30 Litre Bucket Mopping System – How to use


You will need a large kentucky mop or a large interchange mop head to use with this mop bucket. Fill the bucket up with warm water and the most appropriate cleaning agent for your particular type of floor & place the mop into it. Allow the mop to absorb whatever amount of cleaning solution it requires, place the mop head in the wringer, press down once to get rid of excess water and start mopping the floor. Repeat the operation as often as needed. If you are cleaning areas with high risk of cross contamination, you should be using a different bucket (different colour) for each area.


RH-30 Litre Bucket Mopping System – Recommendations


Dilute your cleaning product in warm water to increase its cleaning power. Store the bucket away after you are done with it. If some parts break down, you can replace those parts only instead of replacing the whole bucket


RH-30 Litre Bucket Mopping System