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A Review Of The Optima Proclean 10 Large Sponge Scourers

A Review Of The Optima Proclean 10 Large Sponge Scourers

A Review Of The Optima Proclean 10 Large Sponge Scourers

Being a beehive of activity, the kitchen witnesses some of the highest rate of dirt build up. From the cooking equipment to the dishes, countertops and fixtures, they all get coated in dirt and grime. You need the right cleaning tools to enable you to maintain proper health standards. After all, this is the area where meals are prepared, and you don’t want your food getting contaminated. The grime can also be a magnet for all sorts of insects and rodents, exacerbating the risks. Different tools are used in both home and commercial kitchens. From scrubbers to cloths, they each have a role to play. Scourers to scrub away the sticky grease on the pans, sponges to clean up the dishes- it’s all in a day’s work. Tools like the sponge scourers work by combining the absorbent capabilities of the sponge, with the scrubbing power of the scourer. Here, you want a product that you can trust to deliver on its mandate. Units that you can result on for the daily cleaning needs in your kitchen. You can get that with the Optima Proclean 10 Large Sponge Scourers.

When looking for a sponge scourer, you want to get a quality unit. Its main purpose is removing food and debris. After all, they are used on dishes, pans and utensils, to get rid of the caked-on food and grease residue. However, you also want one that is useful for a wide range of cleaning tasks, like stovetops and BBQs. There are also those who are looking for sponge scourers that can be used to remove the soap and scum that is on bathroom fixtures and tiles- with others even employing them for washing cars. Whichever the case, in order to save on space and resources, getting a sponge scourer that can work on multiple applications will come in handy. This does not mean that you use the same unit for the kitchen cleaning and bathroom cleaning. These are different zones and require their designated cleaning products. 

In the kitchen, getting tools that can be used on both the dishes and cooking equipment will aid in your efforts of keeping a lid on the expenses being incurred. It’s not just about the versatility. The absorbency of the sponge also factors in. Sponges soak up the excess liquid that is left from spills, before proceeding to clean with a solvent. You want a unit that can hold soapy water and also assist in removing the debris. Comfort is also key. The sponge scourers are used daily, and if you are working with a unit takes lots of effort when scrubbing away the food residue, or that fits awkwardly in your hand, you will end up feeling strained. It’s all about effectiveness and convenience. Let’s look at where the Optima Proclean 10 Large Sponge Scourers fit into all this.

Benefits Of The Optima Proclean 10 Large Sponge Scourers


  • High cleaning efficacy


The high absorbency of the sponge part of this unit makes it ideal for soaking up the spills that have formed on the surfaces in the food preparation areas, while the abrasive fibre comes in handy to remove the stains that have formed on the appliances. This sponge/scourer combo means that you get both applications in one single product, switching between the two sides as necessary without hanging to keep pausing in the middle of the cleaning to get different equipment. The Optima Proclean 10 Large Sponge Scourers hold the soap suds well, allowing you to deliver a thorough clean, getting rid of the grime that is on the items being worked on.  These sponge scourers are made in the UK, with the brand having built its name across the cleaning industry due to the effectiveness of its products.


  • Heavy duty cleaning


With the Optima Proclean 10 Large Sponge Scourers, you get to remove the stubborn residue that is coating your dishes and kitchen surfaces. Those pots and pans that are riddled with burnt-on grease residue, stains on the ceramic and stainless steel surfaces- this sponge scourers will be up to the task, scrubbing away the grime with ease. The size, with the units being 14x9cm, means there is more surface area to work with, thus giving you more cleaning power. The Optima Proclean 10 Large Sponge Scourers are popular for both homes and commercial kitchens, enabling the restaurants, catering companies and other food care businesses to meet their cleaning needs. 

A Review Of The Optima Proclean 10 Large Sponge Scourers

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