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Review Of The 40g Optima Proclean Stainless Steel Scourers

Review Of The 40g Optima Proclean Stainless Steel Scourers

Review Of The 40g Optima Proclean Stainless Steel Scourers

Stainless steel scourers are a core part of the home cleaning kit. These shiny metal scrubbers are reached for when you forget that dish that was cooking, or turned the flame on too high, or too long, burning the meals onto the pots and pans. It’s inevitable. All it takes is a slip of thought- perhaps because you were distracted by a phone call, and ended up leaving the kitchen for long- only to realise it when the smoke odours permeated through to the living room. Even in commercial kitchens, the cases of food getting scorched onto the cookware are all too common. It’s not just about the burnt-on food. The stainless steel scourers serve plenty of other purposes in the household. For instance, when there are spills and stains on the cooktops, which have been hardened by the heat and become difficult to clean, they enable you to scrub away the grime without breaking a sweat. The hard water spots in sinks, turmeric stains and oil gravy that sticks to the surfaces- they can be easily got rid of by squirting a liquid cleaner on the affected spot, then scrubbing away with the stainless steel scourer. The usefulness of these units extends beyond the kitchen. In bathrooms., from the shower walls to the tub. They can be used to remove the hard scum deposits and soap runoff that builds up. Even with the gardening tools, scrubbing them with these units will enable you to revitalise them, protecting them from damage. 

However, not all stainless steel scourers are equal. You want a product that is of high quality, which will deliver on its mandate. Different factors come into consideration. First, there is the durability of the scourer. It comes down to its construction, and whether it can be used for the tough cleaning situations where thorough scrubbing action is required. You want a product that will maintain its structural integrity, that way it can be used for multiple times. A low-quality product will deteriorate fast, increasing the frequency with which it will need to be changed. Then there is the corrosion resistance. During cleaning tasks, the exposure to water and oxygen can cause rusting in metal scourers, hence the insistence on units that have been specially designed to resist this. By nature, stainless steel should achieve this, hence focus shifts to ensuring that you get a product that actually walks the talk.  What’s more, with the cleaning tasks involving exposure to issues like hot water, you want scourers that will be able to withstand these conditions. For quality and effectiveness, turn to the 40g Optima Proclean Stainless Steel Scourers. 

Scrubbing action that you can rely on

These are large units, weighing 40g, and come individually wrapped. Each of the 40g Optima Proclean Stainless Steel Scourers provides long-term usage, and can be sued anywhere from kitchens at home for the heavy duty tasks, to busy commercial food establishments like restaurants, catering businesses, and fast food joints, where you want an efficient product to prevent a bottleneck at the sink. That way those extremely soiled dishes will not accumulate and become a hindrance for normal operations of your establishment. 

With an attractive price tag, and a durable construction that gives these units a long service life, the 40g Optima Proclean Stainless Steel Scourers will reduce the strain on your kitchen cleaning budget. The rust resistance also factors in, since you get to ensure that your cookware is protected from rust contamination, and that the scourer itself will not be deteriorated by corrosion effects, thus retaining its performance during the time it will be in use. 

To enable the 40g Optima Proclean Stainless Steel Scourers to keep delivering on their mandate, proper maintenance will be required. This won’t be rocket science. In fact, simply washing and rinsing the scourers after use will suffice. When they get heavily soiled- like after an intense cleaning session where the cookware was caked in mounds of stubborn debris, you can soak the scourers in warm water, or the standard cleaning liquid. This will loosen up the debris that is within the scourers, after which you can proceed to handwash them, then let them air dry. These simple measures will keep your scourers in top shape for longer.  

Review Of The 40g Optima Proclean Stainless Steel Scourers

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