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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With The Earth2Earth Compostable Sacks 29″ x 39″

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With The Earth2Earth Compostable Sacks 29″ x 39″

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With The Earth2Earth Compostable Sacks 29″ x 39″

When trash is sent to incinerators for burning, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide are produced in the process. The nitrous oxide is a whopping 310 times more potent to the environment than carbon dioxide. Tossing the food waste into landfills is not harmless either. Many believe that as long as it will biodegrade, then there will be no threat to the environment. However, even this process results in greenhouse gas emissions. As the piles of waste build up in the landfills, the buried organic matter gets cut off from oxygen. As such, the paper products and food waste get decomposed anaerobically which leads to the production of methane, which traps about 25 times more heat compared to carbon dioxide. In fact, the landfills are actually the largest direct human source of this greenhouse gas. The aim of an eco-friendly waste management system is to reduce the amount of trash that winds up in these areas. These measures include segregating the waste into recyclables and compostables. The Earth2Earth Compostable Sacks 29″ x 39″ comes in for the latter. 

The importance of composting

Firstly, with composting the generation of methane gas is avoided. Whether it’s backyard composting at home, or the waste that is sent off to industrial composting facilities, the process results in the production of by-products that do not put the environment at risk.

There are also the benefits that it brings to plant life. Here, the biomass that is produced after the composting process can be used in fields, negating the need for the synthetic chemical fertilisers. This also improves the health of the soil, especially in attributes such as the water retention capacity, and promoting organisms like earthworms to thrive. Replenishing the exhausted farm soils with trace minerals encourage healthy plant growth. The root network of the plants also aids in holding together the soil and reducing erosion. By reducing reliance on the chemical fertilisers and pesticides, you also further lower your carbon footprint, since you’ll have avoided the greenhouse gas emissions that are related to the production of the chemicals. 

How the Earth2Earth Compostable Sacks 29″ x 39” helps

The bags are truly compostable, making them suitable for holding the organic waste that will be sent to the composting facilities. As they breakdown, the organic matter that is held within them is also released much sooner, speeding up the process which will result in the biomass being redirected into the soil. The design and logos of the Earth2Earth Compostable Sacks 29″ x 39” particularly come in handy to spread awareness on the importance of sustainable practices during waste management. Here is more that you get from these units: 


  • High strength


Since functionality is a paramount aspect of the compostable sacks, you want to be sure that you can rely on the Earth2Earth Compostable Sacks 29″ x 39″ to actually be effective in holding the waste. Here, the design of these units is beneficial in various ways. Firstly, these units are waterproof, that way you won’t have to worry about leakage. The material can withstand temperatures clocking up to 75°C, making the Earth2Earth Compostable Sacks 29″ x 39″ suitable for even disposing hot foods when handling kitchen waste.  The Earth2Earth Compostable Sacks 29″ x 39″ have been constructed with high strength resins, enabling them to securely hold the trash that is disposed within them. The strength of the material actually rivals the conventional plastic bags without the associated environmental risks. That way cases of the food waste spilling when the sacks are being lifted out of the bin are avoided. After all, no one wants to be in that messy situation, with organic matter covering the floor of your establishment. The 3-layer co-extrusion design enables the units to achieve high strength with less material being used, thus delivering superior performance.  


  • Suitable for large bins


These units have a high capacity, holding in loads of organic waste being disposed of, such as for business in the food and catering industry. Families with larger food bins, landlords with apartments where the waste is segregated before disposal- these also stand to benefit from the voluminous nature of the Earth2Earth Compostable Sacks 29″ x 39″. They can even be used with the council bins that are set up in public spaces for people to toss their food waste into. 

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With The Earth2Earth Compostable Sacks 29″ x 39″

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