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 Rapid 17L Mopping System Review

 Rapid 17L Mopping System Review

 Rapid 17L Mopping System Review

Looking for a mopping system that will enhance operational efficiency while reducing the costs incurred in the process? Do you want units that will speed up your mopping activities and avoid the back pains associated with carrying around heavy pails of water? A product whose construction can withstand the wide range of chemical formulations that are handled- especially those powerful reagents that are required when tackling stubborn stains and scale deposits? The ‘Rapid’ 17L Mopping System is the unit for you. Here is what you can expect from it:

Benefits Of The  Rapid 17L Mopping System 


  • Removable wringer


First, the wringer itself is effective in enabling you to extract the excess water from the mop. That way, you won’t have to use your own hands and gross yourself out. What’s more, with the handle of the ‘Rapid’ 17L Mopping System, you have more control over just how much water gets pushed out of the mop, plus it makes the wringing process easier. You can detach the wringer to load the water into the bucket compartment, and whenever you deem fit during the cleaning process. 


  • Rolling bucket


Here, you won’t need to keep lifting the bucket when you want to move it from one point to another. The ‘Rapid’ 17L Mopping System comes complete with casters at the bottom of the bucket, allowing you to wheel it around the building- which is really beneficial in avoiding the back pains that would have resulted from carrying around the bucket full of soapy water. In addition, with this approach, you get to avoid the spills and drips that are usually witnessed when buckets are carried.  True to its name, the ‘Rapid’ 17L Mopping System speeds up the cleaning process, making it a valuable addition to your cleaning arsenal, from those looking to supply the janitorial team of their commercial establishment, to professional cleaning contractors looking for equipment that enhances the efficiency of their operations. 


  • Partitioned system


With the ‘Rapid’ 17L Mopping System, the dirty water is separated from the clean water through a central partition. This double bucket system means that there will be far fewer water changes- making it ideal for situations where you’re dealing with large rooms and have an expansive floor surface area to cover. Whether you’re looking for a bucket that can handle heavy commercial use, running a catering business or restaurant where you want a system that you can use to clean up between meals- getting rid of the spills and contaminants to keep your kitchen and service areas tidy, or are in charge of a shopping complex that handles high levels of foot traffic, the ‘Rapid’ 17L Mopping System will be up the task of ensuring that you maintain the premises in proper condition. 


  • Available in the 4 hygiene colours


These are blue, red, green and yellow, which are used all across the cleaning industry to colour code the process. The aim here is to prevent cross contamination, as equipment of a specific colour is assigned to its particular location. Mix-ups are avoided. For instance, red can be designated for the equipment used in the washrooms, while green is for the food preparation areas. Yellow can be used for clinical areas, while blue can be restricted to hallways, reception areas, offices and similar locations where the risk of contamination is low. That way, you won’t have a situation where the equipment that is used on the washroom floor being the same as that which is used on the kitchen floor. This brings order to the cleaning process, and also comes in handy when you’re managing your inventory. The particular system observed in your establishment will be based on your particular needs, separating the colours between the high and low risk areas, and training your staff on it as well. Speaking of which, the training process will be easy, given that colours are a visual language, that is understood by all. 


  • Cost-friendly


The competitive pricing of the ‘Rapid’ 17L Mopping System enables you to acquire it without putting undue strain on your building’s cleaning and maintenance budget. What’s more, it has a durable construction- that enables it to meet the demand for frequent cleaning in commercial establishments and for those running cleaning businesses that attend to homes and industries alike. This reduces operational costs, enabling you to protect your profit margins. 

 Rapid 17L Mopping System Review

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