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Quick Cleaning With The Dust Pan & Brush Set (Stiff)

Quick Cleaning With The Dust Pan & Brush Set (Stiff)

Quick Cleaning With The Dust Pan & Brush Set (Stiff)

Sweeping floors is part and parcel of any building’s cleaning and maintenance program. It keeps your place tidy, keeps out the pests, and removes that loose debris whose abrasive nature makes it wear down the surface, be it tiled, a natural stone installation or hardwood floor. However, with sweeping, there’s that one step that keeps getting on a person’s nerves: picking up the last pile. After working on the expansive floor with your broom, it gets frustrating when there’s that final pile of debris that remains- especially with the corners and the edges. No one also likes leaving behind a trail of grit. With a dust pan and brush set, you won’t have to- but what unit do you go for? The cheap and basic dust pan and brush sets are more trouble than they are worth. While they will probably lift those large pieces of dirt and debris, they tend to leave behind a line of dirt, hence not adequately addressing the problem they were purchased to resolve. You want whose design has been optimised for the process. Turn to this Dust Pan & Brush Set (Stiff). Here is a review of what to expect from it:

Benefits Of The Dust Pan & Brush Set (Stiff)


  • Easy dirt collection


After you have swept up a pile of dirt on the floor, this Dust Pan & Brush Set (Stiff) enables you to collect it and transport it to the garage can. The serrated end on the dust pan further allows you to remove the soiling that is on the brush quickly. This design is geared to making the dirt collection process a breeze. 


  • Comes with a rubber strip


No one likes those situations where dust and debris get caught under the lip of the dust pan. That line of dirt that is left behind can be exasperating. However, with the Dust Pan & Brush Set (Stiff) you won’t have to worry about that. The bonded rubber strip of the dust pan enables it to conform to the surface of the floor. Thus, you get to ensure that all the pieces of dirt and dander are swept off the surface and onto it. 


  • Works with colour coded cleansing systems


These are set up in both residential and commercial establishments to prevent risks of cross contamination. For instance, in schools, the equipment when cleaning the classrooms is different from that which is used on cafeteria surfaces, which is in turn different from the cleaning arsenal used in the washrooms. At home, you wouldn’t want a situation where the tools that are used to get rid of dirt in the bathroom being the same as those that are used for the kitchen surfaces. While the colour coded systems were initially used in hospitals, nursing homes and other health care establishments where there is emphasis ion hygienic cleaning processes, they are now applied across the board, and even used by the cleaning contractors providing the services to homes and businesses. Here, the different equipment, from the brooms, mops and mop buckets, cloths, brushes and dust pans, are designated to their specific cleaning areas based on their colour. The Dust Pan & Brush Set (Stiff) fits into this structure. It is available in the 4 colours: red, blue, green and yellow. The colour coded system that you use on your premises or for your professional cleaning business will depend on our particular needs. For example, the red tools can be used for an area with high risks of contamination- the likes of the washrooms, while blue can be used for the low-risk zines- ranging from offices, corridors and classrooms to reception areas and lounges. Green can be designated to kitchens, while yellow can be used for the clinical and isolation areas. 


  • Reduced disturbance


There are situations where you want to get rid of the mess without waking up the whole house. Perhaps there was breakfast cereal that got spilled, or it’s a case of food crumbs from that late-night snack. Whichever the case, you want to resolve the issue without having to turn on the vacuum, which would create lots of noise. With the Dust Pan & Brush Set (Stiff), you won’t have to worry about that. It will enable you to quickly – and subtly- attend to the situation. 

Quick Cleaning With The Dust Pan & Brush Set (Stiff)

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