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Quality Cleaning With The Craftex Dry Fibre Compound

Quality Cleaning With The Craftex Dry Fibre Compound

Quality Cleaning With The Craftex Dry Fibre Compound

As you run your business, keeping the carpet clean is probably the last thing you’re worried about. There are so many tasks, from serving the customers and ensuring that your employees are fulfilling their roles, that the carpet tends to take a back-burner. However, it is integral for the normal operations in your commercial establishment. For starters, getting the carpets set up was no doubt a costly endeavour. Selecting the carpeting that matches the decor needs of the establishment and gives your business a professional look took time and resources, and you don’t want to watch it get ruined by dirt and grime. With the heavy traffic handled in commercial establishments, the soiling piles up in the carpets at a fast rate. As people walk about, the particles get ground against the carpet’s fibres, with the abrasive action weakening them. This reduces the life of your unit. The deeper they get ingrained into the material, the faster the rate of deterioration, which is certainly not what you want after spending all that money on the carpet. Proper maintenance is key. The indoor air quality is also on the line. The carpet basically acts like a large air filter, trapping pollutants and allergens. This is not perpetual. As the concentration increases, these substances can easily be released back into the air when the carpet is disturbed- which happens all through the day due to foot traffic. It thus ends up affecting the health of your customers and employees. While routine carpet cleaning is needed, it doesn’t mean that you have to shut down your business in the middle of a busy day due to the wet carpet. That will end up costing you crucial man-hours and result in lost opportunities. Fortunately, you can still retain normal operations, and attend to the carpet’s needs. This is by cleaning it with the Craftex Dry Fibre Compound.

Aesthetics are an important part of the decor. The state of the carpet has a bearing on the rest of the furnishings. You don’t want it to be in a dull and dilapidated state, that fouls your mood the moment you walk through the front door, be it at home or at the workplace. You want an environment that promotes productivity, not one that is dingy. With dirt spots all over the material, it prevents you from focusing on the task at hand. Your employees’ ability to effectively serve the customers also takes a hit. In addition, the customers will form a perception about your business based on the way the condition they find it in- and you want it to be positive. Using the Craftex Dry Fibre Compound will enable you to maintain a clean, healthy and appealing indoor space. This enhances your living and working conditions. Here is a look at what you can expect from this dry cleaning powder:

Fast and effective cleaning

With this approach to carpet care, you get to clean it without applying any moisture to the process. This means that it can be walked on immediately after the process. In fact, with the Craftex Dry Fibre Compound, you can even allow people to walk around as you proceed with the task. This is especially convenient in environments like offices, hotels, entertainment centres, shopping complexes and even government institutions, where you don’t want activities being disrupted due to wet carpets. The Craftex Dry Fibre Compound allows normal traffic flow to continue unabated, and you can also enjoy these benefits with carpet cleaning at home. Working with machine that has a counter-rotating brush system, this impregnating powder can be driven deep into the carpet, removing the dirt that is adhering to the fibres and embedded within the pile. 

The cleaning method is safe, since the Craftex Dry Fibre Compound uses organic agents which are also biodegradable. You won’t have to worry about toxic chemicals that put the persons on the premises at risk. From homes to commercial establishments, this cleaning powder is up to the task, being applicable on carpets, rugs, and different types of upholstery. As a welcome bonus, you get to avoid the risks that come with wet carpet cleaning methods, such as musty odours when the carpet takes too long to dry, shrinkage or delamination, and even discoloration of the material. In fact, since there won’t be fading or colour bleeding– which are attributed to wet cleaning with excessive amounts of water, the carpet gets to retain its beauty and texture for longer, even after multiple cleaning sessions with the Craftex Dry Fibre Compound.

How To Use The Craftex Dry Fibre Compound


  • Preparing the carpet


Start by vacuuming it. This is to remove the loose particles and crumbs. 

Are there any stains on the carpet? Treat them with products such as the general-purpose Craftex Stain Remover Trigger Spray, which can be used on both oil-based and water-based stains, including food and drink spills, grease, animal fats, and even shoe polish, or the Craftex Coffee Stain Remover, which also comes with a trigger spray, and has been developed specifically for the coffee and tannin stains in carpets and fabrics. In case the carpet is really dirty, then apply a pre-spray treatment, especially on the highly trafficked areas. Products like the low-foaming Traffic Lane Cleaner that has a pH of 7, and is used for the white and other light-coloured carpets, or the highly effective Degreaser which also has a neutral pH, come in handy here. 



  • Applying the Craftex Dry Fibre Compound


  1. Sprinkle the product onto the carpet. Here, the application rate that you use depends on the level of soiling involved. Usually, 1kg of the Craftex Dry Fibre Compound will suffice for every 15 – 20m² of surface. 
  2. Use the preferred cleaning machine to scrub the product into the carpet- ideally one that employs a counter-rotating brush operation. 

In case you’re simply removing a spot, you can use a soft-bristled brush to work the Craftex Dry Fibre Compound into the affected area. 

  1. Allow about 30 minutes dwelling time.
  2. Vacuum the carpet. Work with a vacuum cleaner that has a brush attachment. 

No further waiting time is needed. You can resume using the carpet immediately.

Quality Cleaning With The Craftex Dry Fibre Compound

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